Meet The Maker: Holistic London

Inspiring us to slow down and finding us a mindful moment, Holistic London reimagines candles and home fragrances in a conscious and restorative space. We had the pleasure of catching up with husband and wife duo Jules and Adrian, who built this deliciously fragrant brand designed to transform the wellness industry. Strong ethics and consciously sourced natural ingredients, Holistic London is making the world of home fragrance a better place, one sustainably scented candle at a time.

Beginning their journey in 2019, Jules and Adrian crafted their first line of natural and clean candles. Sourcing ingredients responsibly and ethically, the brand is on its way to being B-Corp certified. Redesigning self-care, these vegan candles are made with the planet and people in mind.

Jules & Adrian

What inspired you to start Holistic London?

Adrian and I started this business in our kitchen, creating clean, natural candles that would be safe to light at home – avoiding toxins and nasty ingredients. We had already been making swaps to be more sustainable and natural with our food, beauty and home products, and we felt we could create really nice candles in this space too. People are often worried about pollution but don’t tend to think about the pollution that can be created at home with some of the products they use! Paraffin in candles for example is one to avoid.

Can you talk us through an average day at Holistic London?

We have a small team but a very busy studio in West London! Carol hand pours all our candles and will also be busy preparing and packing orders. Carol’s role can be so therapeutic and satisfying, but also the most hectic at the same time! Adrian will be reaching out to customers, suppliers and managing all logistics. Nabila will be looking after all things brand and content, and I’m always looking for inspiration for the innovation to come.

Why is incorporating sustainability important to you and how do you do it?

Often sustainability equals utility and brands often seek out cheaper alternatives to cut costs. However, it is also at the cost of our health and wellbeing. We believe that it is possible to create aspirational luxury goods that can be good for you and good for the planet too.

My background in FMCG has allowed me to visit farms in Indonesia, and I’ve seen first-hand where our raw materials come from and the conditions that farmers work and live in. It’s not something brands or consumers think about, but I feel very strongly that by sharing the stories of the farmers and workers who grow our beautiful ingredients and by being uncompromising in responsible sourcing, we are striving for a sustainable future for both people and the planet.

Can you give us some insight into the making process of your products?

Inspiration for our products can come from anywhere. From customer feedback, trends and also from other categories like beauty or even food!
When we’ve decided on a certain new product, we look into how we can create it in the most responsible and sustainable way – sometimes it’s not possible because of lack of sustainable materials like no alternatives to single-use plastic or non-vegan ingredients, so we go back to the drawing board and move onto the next big idea!

candle making

If you could give one piece of advice about health & wellbeing, what would it be?

Slow down. There are so many things to think about, particularly in the digital age we live in, and life can sometimes feel like it’s going at 100 mph. When things feel like they’re getting overwhelming it’s important to take a step back, take a break and take things one step at a time. Make time to truly relax and remember to be kind to yourself.

What do you feel were the biggest highlights for your brand in 2021?

In 2021 we opened the doors to our studio, welcomed team members, got B Corp pending status, and went through an amazing rebrand! Although it was another far from the normal year, we’re so proud of our many great achievements.

What’s next for Holistic London? Is there anything coming up in the future that we should keep an eye out for?

We are a Pending B Corp but on track to get certified in July, which will be extremely exciting to solidify our mission of Making Fragrance Better for All. We’ve got some exciting new launches coming up this year that we can’t wait to share, from moving into the refillable space as well as a new scent to help aid concentration – which seems to be much needed these days!

We’re very excited to keep building and growing the brand and finding new ways to bring wellbeing to people and the planet.