Meet The Maker: KOHR

One of the key components of sustainability is transparency, as it allows us to understand where the items that we love are coming from. Meet The Maker is one of the ways in which Wearth aims to uphold its commitment to being as transparent and sustainable as possible.

In our most recent Meet The Maker, we had the pleasure of catching up with Amy, the creator of KOHR. A sustainable fashion brand that also believes in the importance of transparency, Kohr is constantly refining its own practices to ensure that they are doing what they can to make fashion kinder to the planet.


What is the meaning behind the brand name ‘Kohr’?

It’s a funny story actually, and a complete accident that gave a personal touch to my business. I came up with the name CORE first and had that meant Conscious (C) Alternative (OR) Essentials (E). Unfortunately, CORE was already taken by another company so I had to go back to the drawing board. I looked for ages and then stumbled across the phonetic spelling of core which is kohr. I was born in Austria (I’m a dual national Austrian and British) and my last name is Kohl which is a very common name in Austria. So, when I found the phonetic spelling, it felt meant to be – it still has the same meaning but adds a personal touch! Conscious Alternative Essentials is now the tagline.

What inspired you to create a sustainable fashion brand?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind as my parents founded their own charity when I was young! But I didn’t think I’d ever follow in their footsteps (at least this early on in my career) so I headed into the Fashion industry. I soon realised that it didn’t have much meaning or substance and I wasn’t really taught how toxic the industry was. However, I still loved fashion itself and wanted to create something that I enjoyed doing, whilst bringing some good into the industry. This was when I first started exploring sustainability. I watched lots of documentaries such as ‘The True Cost’, read books, and researched anything and everything I could find. I finally decided there is a place for me in the industry with my own brand fitting into a gap in the market I discovered.

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How would you describe the KOHR style?

KOHR focuses on creating elevated basics to form a capsule collection that becomes the core (kohr) of your wardrobe! The word I would use to describe KOHR’s style is versatile. It’s a word I always have in the front of my mind when designing. It’s really important when creating a sustainable collection that you think about the several different ways you can wear it, whether it’s trans-seasonal, smart/casual, etc. that way it avoids it being a fad trend that’s worn once and then thrown away.

Please could you explain the process behind how each garment is made?

KOHR is a made-to-order brand, this means that every time we get an order our manufacturing team starts creating your order from scratch! So, every time you order with us you are getting a unique piece. As everything is made to order we also offer some customisations, please get in touch if you would like to find out more. KOHR currently works with freelance seamstresses that work in their home studios in Preston and Lancaster.

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How do you avoid falling into the pitiful of just following fashion trends?

KOHR follows macro trends which are trends that last up to 10 years, and instantly make us stray away from fad fashion trends. We also stick to a neutral colour palette so the pieces don’t easily go out of fashion and it makes it easier to style with pieces that are on trend. As I mentioned before our collections consist of elevated basics that are designed to stand against time.

A lot of KOHR’s clothes are gender-neutral, do you think this is a key element to being sustainable?

Something I am really passionate about is making KOHR as accessible as possible which I think goes hand in hand with sustainability. Being gender-neutral opens KOHR up to a wider market, it also makes it easier to sell KOHR clothing second-hand or giveaway, which extends the life of the garment!

What do you do to try and ensure that KOHR is as sustainable as possible?

I do lots of extensive research on my suppliers (you can see all the information on our website) I also try and form a relationship with them to make sure they are trustworthy. The most important thing is being adaptable because what was sustainable 2 years ago may not be the best I can do now. The main aspect of sustainability I focus on is the end of life of the garment and that’s why the fabric and components I use are biodegradable.

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What is one piece of advice that you would give to someone who is trying to shop more sustainably?

Invest invest invest!!! Stop buying fad trends and low-quality garments as they are inevitably going to be thrown away. Look after your clothes, repair them, wash them correctly and fold them, don’t scrunch!

What is your favourite item out of the collection?

My favourite has to be our Waffle Bermuda Shorts they are the perfect lounge shorts that also look super stylish and the fabric is so comfy to wear! They are my summer staple for sure.

waffle bermuda shirts

Where do you see Kohr in 5 years’ time?

I would love to see a KOHR store/studio space where people can come and see their KOHR garments being made! Something like this would really break the barrier between manufacturing and production. It’s not very often the consumer gets an insight into this aspect of the industry so it’d be my dream to see this to reality!

For a look at all of the simplistically chic clothes that Kohr offer, visit the Wearth website.