Meet The Maker: Tabitha Eve

Celebrating our amazing brands and their passion for sustainability is something we love sharing with you here at Wearth, and Tabitha Eve is the latest brand on our Meet The Maker series. Crafting reusable alternatives to daily essentials, Tabitha Eve is on a mission to reduce single-use waste from everyday life. From beauty to homeware, this brand makes gorgeously ethical products in their South Wales studio.


We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Deb, founder of sustainable lifestyle brand Tabitha Eve. After diving off the coast of Borneo, Deb saw the extent and impact that plastic pollution had on the planet. This was the driving force that began Deb’s fight against plastic pollution. What started as a hobby soon turned into a successful brand that redefines single-use items into stylishly sustainable products that last a lifetime.

Crafting a zero-waste lifestyle, Tabitha Eve designs organic and sustainable products that range from beautifully hand-sewn menstrual pads to produce bags and everything you may need for your daily essentials. The brand’s reusable cotton makeup rounds have even been spotted with eco-activist and actress Emma Watson in an interview for Vogue.

What inspired you to start Tabitha Eve?

As a scuba diver, I’d come into direct contact with the plastic pollution in our oceans and was always very conscious of the need to make a difference. I was on maternity leave from a career in finance and took up sewing as a hobby. I started making items designed to replace single-use or plastic products in my home. The ‘None Sponge’ – a plastic-free, washable dish sponge was the first of these and I gradually introduced others as I saw a need. Friends and family began asking me to make the same for them and encouraged me to open an online shop. It took off in ways I could never have expected and I took the decision to pursue the business full time…the rest is history.

Can you talk us through an average day at your brand?

There’s never an “average” day in a small business. I have an amazing team of sewists who work from our studio in Pontypridd and make the majority of our items. For me and the rest of my team, it can be anything from packing orders to looking for new business opportunities, updating the website, coming up with new product ideas, creating content and planning social media or chatting with our stockists – no day is ever the same.

Why is incorporating sustainability important to you and how do you do it?

Tabitha Eve’s whole ethos is about encouraging people to live more sustainably because we can see the damage over-consumption is doing to our planet (and our minds!). All of our products are designed to replace plastic or single-use items with reusable alternatives. We use ethically sourced fabrics and only natural fibres like cotton and bamboo wherever possible. Our products are designed based on fabric widths to minimise waste, and we offer our “imperfect” products (that’s those we might have sewn a little wonky) for sale rather than sending them to landfills.

Can you give us some insight into the making process of your products?

We hand sew the vast majority of our products in our studio in South Wales. Everything is cut, sewn, packaged and shipped by me and my gorgeous team.

If you could give one piece of advice about zero-waste living, what would it be?

Ditch single-use items. So much energy goes into producing them that, even if they are biodegradable (which many are not – I’m looking at you, cling film), it’s still such a waste!

What do you feel were the biggest highlights for your brand in 2021?

The launch of our new plant-based None Sponges was a particular highlight last year. We updated them to include a plant-based, compressed core that expands in water into a gorgeously squishy sponge, perfect for doing the dishes. The None Sponge was the first product I made, so it will always have a special place in my heart and this update has made such a difference. They’re totally plastic-free, machine washable, reusable, biodegradable, and compressed in transit for a lower carbon footprint, plus they’re really effective. I feel very proud of them.

What’s next for Tabitha Eve? Is there anything coming up in the future that we should keep an eye out for?

The last couple of years have been tough for us, as for so many other small businesses, so we’re downsizing our premises and hoping to weather the storm and really appreciate our Wearth customers sticking by us. We’re also making the most of being allowed out and about again and hope to attend lots of trade and retail shows to meet our customers in person.

Please keep supporting smaller, local businesses. We need you now more than ever!


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