We love working closely with independent UK brands who fit our goal of promoting environmentally-friendly shopping and have the planet at the core of their ethos. Being able to help these companies thrive is a core mission for us at Wearth and our articles give exciting insight in to each of these brands stories. Find out more about what inspires our makers, how products are created and their goals for the future.

stidston1 Meet The Maker: Stidston Studio
Meet The Maker: Tabitha Eve
before july Meet The Maker: Before July
Elmkind Meet The Maker: Elmkind

At Wearth we like to make it easy for you to buy direct from British makers with around 70% of our products made here in the UK.

Veil of Gaia Meet The Maker: Veil Of Gaia
Jules & Adrian Meet The Maker: Holistic London
Greg & Carly - Cascayde Meet The Maker: Cascayde
Emilie O'Connor Meet The Maker: Emilie O'Connor

The pandemic has caused a big shift in consumer behaviour, with more than a third of Brits saying that they’re buying products from companies with strong environmental credentials.

Kavita Basi Meet The Maker: Ration.L & ReflexOne
Ruth Lea from Bluebell Lane Meet The Maker: Bluebell Lane Jewellery
Josefina - ATypical Thing Meet The Maker: Atypical Thing
Khushi Khatri Meet The Maker: The Living Tee - Founder's Story

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

Meet The Maker II: White Witch – The Irish Organic and Ethical Skincare Meet The Maker: White Witch – The Irish Organic and Ethical Skincare
Meet The Maker III: Smoke and Ash - Handmade Jewellery With A Nautical Twist Meet The Maker: Smoke And Ash - Handmade Jewellery With A Nautical Twist
Cork yoga mat Meet The Maker: Cork Yogis – The Socially Minded Yoga Company