Our Top Picks of Vegan and Eco-friendly Dog Products

This is Wolfie. A country girl who likes to swim, dance and prance through cereal fields, mud and woodlands. Her life revolves around when the next stick is being thrown and when her next meal is being provided. She inevitably ends up covered head to toe in mud, a smiling labradoodle-turned-brown bear, wild seeds embedded in her whiskers, and sandpaper-like toe pads. I like to treat her to only the most sustainable pamper products and snacks; in the evenings, an odour-eliminating candle never goes a miss, as does something to soothe my tired hands and feet. 

Owning a dog doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your own morals! Whether you have a vegan dog or just want the best natural ingredients for your pup, here at Wearth, we have you covered. From treats, to balms, and even something for you to soothe those hands and feet, check out our customer and pup-loved products below.

Sustainable Pamper Products for Dogs

Our pups are often our best friends, so why settle for subpar ingredients and gimmicky packing? Our brands, Ollie & Co and Flawless have quality products that are entirely sustainable – they contain natural, organic ingredients, in recyclable packaging.


Are your pooches teeth looking a tad yellow? Give them a good brush with this all-natural tooth powder. It contains three simple ingredients and comes in a recyclable glass jar with a recyclable plastic lid, so make them sparkle with a sparkling clean eco-footprint.


Dogs’ paw pads are extremely susceptible to changing weather conditions and can get dried and cracked fairly easily. To prevent this damage, and soothe dry pads in an instance use this lick-safe, nourishing balm. Made with natural almond, calendula, olive oil and shea butter to heal dryness and cracks; along with a blend of essential oils, this vegan, eco-friendly balm is quite the salve-ier.


Looking to move your pup’s shampoo to a plastic-free solid bar too? Just like your shampoo bar, this organic dog shampoo bar is zero waste, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free; and formulated for dogs with bran as an ingredient, to help lift ground in dirt, keeping fur tangle-free and beautiful.


This balm is formulated to reduce skin fold inflammation, treat it, and support healing. With all-natural ingredients, it is gentle enough to use on sensitive areas on the face and eye folds and is infused with essential oils chosen to refresh and soothe. Perfect for breeds prone to skin fold dermatitis.


Made to nourish and soothe those oh-so kissable snoots, this balm keeps noses soft and moisturised, helping recovery from harsh sun, sea, or freezing wintery air. It is fabulously eco-friendly too! Handmade, Made in the UK, Natural Ingredients, Plastic Free, Recycled Materials, Sustainable Materials, Vegan Friendly.

Vegan Dog Treats

All these treats from YOKO are completely natural and healthy to boot, with only locally sourced organic ingredients, free from additives and nasty chemicals. Further still, they are completely vegan, and nutritionally complete, so there is no need to sacrifice your personal morals with these ethical treats.

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For Dog Owners

Being a pup parent is no easy job! Running around after these little rascals can be quite exhausting at times, so make sure you look after yourself too. Luckily we have a selection of gorgeous smelling care products to help you relax and unwind.


Does your pup demand to have sticks and balls thrown almost constantly on walks? Cold and wet bedraggled sticks have nearly ruined my hands in the past, with knicks, cuts and stinging nettle stings on particularly treacherous adventures. Hand cream is essential for recovery and feeling like a normal human again. I couldn’t recommend this one enough, with the mix of soothing organic ingredients and delicious smelling essential oils.

For even further indulgence, check out the Dog Walkers Hand Care Kit, Dog Walkers Foot Care Kit, and Dog Walkers Survival Gift Box.


Long walks got your feet all achy and blistered up? Well give them a good soak in a bubble bath, and liberally apply some of this liquid gold. Mixed with essential oils, and organic ingredients, you’ll be moisturised and relaxed to the max, ready for your next adventure tomorrow.


Sick of your home smelling like wet dog and eggy farts from we-know-who? Banish that smell immediately with these gorgeously aromatic candles. Hand poured in the UK with natural plant wax and scented with pure essential oils, this candle is healthy for you, your pup and the planet – also great for eliminating pet odour! It comes in two scent combinations- Lavender & Lemongrass, and Cinnamon & Orange.


Though so much fun, walks, especially with naughty dogs, can be quite exhausting. If your voice is hoarse from calling back your strong-minded pup, and your legs and arms ache from pulling back an eager-to-run or easily distracted bigger dog, this might be the candle for you while you master recall and lead training. So run a bath, put on some smooth jazz, and light up this candle for maximum relaxation. Soy wax, scented with rosemary and orange essential oils, this will be sure to revive you or will make the perfect gift for the dog walker in your life.



– The Relaxing Scented Votive Candle 9cl.

– Lemongrass & Ginger Calm Balm.

– Organic Base Mint Choc Lip Balm 10ml.

– Handmade Coconut & Neem Cream

Why not treat a loved one to only the most relaxing sustainable, vegan self-care products. They’ll be sure to be beyond grateful. Dog owner or otherwise, you can’t go amiss with these.

So that concludes our list! Let us know if you or your pup try any of these products by leaving us a review and tagging us on Instagram, at @wearthlondon. We’d love to hear what you think! Shop our full range of sustainable dog products by clicking here.