Everything You Need In Your Plastic Free Beach Bag

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the beach! When the sun is out, there’s no better place to enjoy being outside with friends and family. As the beach season is here, it’s time to ensure our seaside fun is as sustainable and conscious as possible. We’ve created a plastic-free beach bag edit with everything you need for a perfect eco-friendly day out in the sun without harming the planet.

Going to the beach is one of the top activities to do in the summer. Not only do you get a lovely glow in the sun and have a refreshing swim in the sea, but there are also plenty of health benefits to having a day by the seaside. A couple of hours at the beach can help de-stress and relax your body and the boost of Vitamin D can help fight infections and pain.

Unfortunately, some people generate a lot of waste that they leave there. Plastics can move throughout the world rivers and oceans, accumulating on beaches and in ocean gyres. This waste damages physical habitats, carries chemical pollutants, threatens aquatic life and interferes with human use of rivers, riverines, marine, and coastal environments. For these reasons, it is very important to clean everything up after use and bring recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly options that reduce or avoid waste completely.

This plastic-free July we are sharing our favourite eco-friendly products for the beach so you can enjoy this summer without generating extra waste for the environment and the sea animals. Living plastic-free is not easy these days, but it is possible. It just takes consideration to make those changes that will benefit our planet.

Not sure how to make the perfect sustainable beach bag? Check out these products to get you started on your plastic-free journey:

Ellyla – Mona Organic Cotton Tote Bag


Indeed, the first thing we need is our beach bag. Ellyla’s vegan and cruelty-free, organic cotton tote bag offers the ultimate design with handcrafted black stripes and fray details. Thanks to its dimensions, it can fit plenty of items so you won’t have to leave anything behind. Think towel, sun hat, water bottle, lunch – this bag can fit it all. Casual and functional, this bag upgrades your sustainable summer look.

Leave No Trace – Vegan Leather Cutlery Pouch


An easy way of reducing waste and being environmentally conscious is bringing reusable cutlery with you to the beach. This handmade vegan leather cutlery pouch is a great plastic-free option and comes with a bamboo knife, spoon and fork. Not only for the beach but this stylish set can also be reused at work or in picnics, keep it in your bag for those cutlery emergencies.

Scence – After Sun Body Balm


One of the most important things to do when we are exposed to the sun is to take care of our skin. Apart from sunscreen, it is also important to properly hydrate after being exposed to the sun, and this plastic-free after sun balm from Scene is a great option. Handmade in Cornwall, the balm is available in eight different scents but we feel the cool aftersun is the perfect option for a beach day bag. Formulated with jojoba oil and mango butter, keep your skin glowing and soothed.

8.7 Living – Insulated Bottle


Water is essential every day, but even more so on hot days at the beach. This is why keeping hydrated and having access to water in your beach bag is so important. Bringing your own water also helps avoid the need and temptation to buy plastic drink bottles from nearby shops. 8.7 Living provides a range of sleek insulated bottles, made from stainless steel. They are cool to touch and keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, so you can chill out in the sunshine, reusing it for years to come.

Tikauo – Floral Throw Blanket


Another beach essential is the trusty beach towel so you can lay down on the sand. Tikauo offers this floral blanket made of 100% recycled cotton. It is big enough to fit a few people so you won’t have to carry multiple towels in your bag. In addition, it is also a perfect fit for your living room in winter while you watch a movie from the comfort of your sofa. Multiple functional and plastic-free, what’s not to love?

Battle Green – Natural Deodorant Balm


The unfortunate truth is the sun makes us sweaty, but there are plastic-free deodorants that can help you stay protected! With this natural deodorant balm, you can easily remove bad odours and scent your underarms with just a swipe of this cardboard tube. Free from harmful ingredients this award-winning zero-waste deodorant comes in five different scents and will keep you well protected this summer.

Helen Round – Linen Honey Bee Coin Purse


Coins, headphones, credit cards, pens… Whatever small item you’re afraid to lose you can place it in this cute bee purse. Helen Round made this purse from eco-soft-washed linen and features a velvet interior and ribbon zipper. Helen uses traditional artisan silk screen techniques to create the delicate bee print design.  Crafted in Cornwall using 100% plastic-free and sustainable materials this is a handy,  must-have product to add to your beach bag.

Waves – Natural Rubber Flip Flops


Flip-flops can often be a plastic culprit at the beach but this doesn’t mean we want you to e burn your feet walking on hot sand. There are in fact completely plastic-free flip-flop options out there! Introducing Waves, who make a range of rubber and biodegradable flip-flops in a selection of styles and colours. If you’re looking for sustainable, plastic-free footwear options for summer, Waves are the ones for you.

Pure Cosmetics – Scented Hand Sanitiser Gel


If you’re doing a day trip to the beach, there is usually going to be some kind of eating involved and it’s always great to know you have some sanitiser available to make sure your hands are clean before you eat. This plastic-free fruity hand sanitiser protects against 99% of bacteria while keeping your hands soft and hydrated. With three fruity scents to choose from, you can feel safe, smell fresh and know that this aluminium packaging is fully recyclable.

Tabitha Eve – Plastic Free Hair Ties


We know at the beach you just want to sweep your hair away from the sand and sea, and with these plastic-free hair ties, you can still be environmentally friendly while tying your hair up. Tabitha Eve offers biodegradable and plastic-free hair ties made from natural cotton and rubber. Great for all hair types, you won’t go wrong with a set of these hair ties popped in your bag.

Helen Round – A5 Notebook


Spending the day on the beach can be a great time to meditate and connect with your inner world. Whether it is to write or draw –  this Helen Round notebook is the perfect plain white paper to do so. Made of sustainable materials and with a floral strong card cover, this notebook will be your ally while looking out over the waves on a sunny day.

Battle Green – Natural Lip Balm


The salt from the sea is great for our skin. However, along with the sun, it can make our lips dry. It is super important to keep our lips hydrated to avoid cracking and peeling, and this Battle Green Lip Balm is great for that. It is a plant-based balm made in the UK. Of course, it is cruelty-free and plastic-free, so you’ll be gentle to your skin while being kind to the world. Choose between mandarin and peppermint and shine with perfect lips this summer season.

WAKEcup – Stainless Steel Lunchbox


Last but not least, is this stainless steel lunchbox. WAKEcup created this plastic-free stainless steel lunchbox with two compartments so you have the option to bring different types of food with you. Carrots and hummus? Yes, please. It is leak-free and is perfect for keeping tasty snacks in your bag or taking lunch with you on the go with no plastic wrapping needed.

Creating this amazing plastic-free beach bag will guarantee that you have a great time and stay conscious of the environment. This summer, let’s create fun memories at the beach without generating more waste and avoiding plastic where we can!  We would love to see your plastic-free beach bag essentials – tag us on Instagram @wearthlondon!

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