Plastic-Free Brands We Are Loving This July

At Wearth, we champion every small step to help reduce our impact on the planet. This July, the plastic-free initiative helps inspire people to get involved and reduce their plastic footprint. This global movement helps millions of people across the planet clean up their plastic act.

Annually we produce around 400 million tonnes of plastic waste. This waste gets lost to the environment or dumped or burned in landfills, polluting the surrounding environment and eco-systems that live within. From local river banks to the deepest depths of the Arctic sea, plastic waste is clogging up our planet. It’s estimated between 75 to 199 million tonnes of plastic waste are found in the oceans.

These shocking facts mean it has never been more important to take a stand and reduce our plastic waste. Luckily for us, brands with a conscience are emerging and are going plastic-free. Shopping for products that are kind to the planet has never been easier. Supporting these independent brands is a great way to kick-start your plastic-free journey and help champion local businesses and the community.

Welcome to Wearth’s plastic-free brand spotlight. For the ultimate round-up of our favourite plastic-free brands and products. From zero-waste beauty to recycled jewellery and vegan treats – we have everything you need for a fabulous Plastic-Free July.


Sustainably made and designed in a London studio, this beautifully minimalistic and high-quality clothing brand is plastic-free and made from 100% organic cotton. These stylish oversized tees with hand-embroidered designs make the ultimate staple for your sustainable wardrobe.


Lovingly handmade in Brighton, April March Jewellery crafts beautiful and elegant jewellery with a conscience. Using the finest ethically and responsibly sourced materials, these recycled silver and gold accessories add a touch of conscious glamour for any occasion. Designed to be cherished forever, these minimalistic jewels will never go out of style. Plastic-free and Fair mined, this gorgeous jewellery is irresistible.


Designed to leave no trace on the planet, as the name suggests, Leave No Trace is a conscious and ethical brand that’s kind to the planet. From everything you need to start your eco-friendly journey, this plastic-free brand is lovingly handmade in the UK. From reusable kitchen rolls, sophisticated vegan leather lunch bags and must-have gift sets, Leave No Trace is pioneering the way for a plastic-free existence.


Handcrafted in the UK by ceramist Faye Twinn, this conscious and ethical pottery brand sources ethical materials from the UK and incorporates mindful and eco-friendly practices. From candle holders to mugs and vases, these gorgeous ceramics feature Twinn’s signature speckled stoneware. 100% plastic-free, this brand fills your home with one-of-a-kind, conscious ceramics to treasure.


This gorgeous skincare brand is wrapped in plastic-free and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Natural and vegan, Scence is handmade in Cornwall by founder Krista Taylor. This award-winning brand champions organic ingredients and offers everything you need for a plastic-free journey. From soothing lip balms to natural deodorants and body balms.


Creating gorgeously healing and holistic skincare for the mind, body and soul, Veil of Gaia handcrafts skincare with a conscience. Made with the planet in mind, this plastic-free brand combines healing affirmations with natural and sustainable ingredients. From nourishing face masks to soothing bath salts and aromatherapy oils, this eco-conscious brand focuses on self-care rituals for all.


Deliciously moreish, these vegan-friendly bakes are handmade in a sustainable bakery in the UK. Free from gluten, dairy, soya and palm oil, these eco-conscious treats make a fabulous gift for your sweet-toothed loved ones and are wrapped in plastic-free packaging.


Made in Kent, Kleen soaps offers luxuriously handmade soaps to cleanse and nourish the skin. Plastic-free and natural, this rejuvenating soap on a rope is kind to the skin and the planet. Infused with essential oils and moisturising butter, these soaps are irresistible.


Lovingly handmade to order using recycled and sustainable sourced materials, this Brighton-based jewellery brand uses traditional goldsmithing techniques and prides itself on being as sustainable as possible. From beautiful huggie hoops to statement gold rings, this brand is irresistibly charming.


Consciously designed with 100% cotton, this stylish and sustainable fashion brand is handmade in London. Free from plastic, this slow fashion brand features unique and beautiful pieces that are made to last. Standing the test of time, these gorgeous creations are crafted by British-designed Elisa Jaycott and make a great addition to your sustainable wardrobe.


Swapping plastic for paper, Cascayde redesigns gift wrapping. With fun and illustrative designs, these paper tapes are designed to help make your wrapping plastic-free and kind to the planet. Made in the UK, this family-run business is dedicated to reducing plastic when it comes to packaging. From protective wrap to beautiful paper tape, the brand designs everything you need to pack your products free from plastic.


Founded in Cardiff, this ethical and sustainable lifestyle brand offers plastic-free homeware and self-care products to help kickstart your plastic-free journey. Beautifully handmade using natural ingredients, Authentic House makes plastic-free shopping a joy.


Gorgeously stylish, this nature-inspired jewellery brand brings to life mindfully sourced sea glass and recycled silver to create timeless pieces that will be cherished forever. This eco-friendly and plastic-free brand is handmade in Herefordshire and crafts unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery.


Beautiful and conscious, this plastic-free brand is on a mission to reduce waste from everyday life. Handmade in South Wales, Tabitha Eve handcrafts a zero-waste lifestyle with stylishly sustainable products. From reusable bamboo pads to dishcloths and sandwich wraps, Tabitha Eve provides everything you need to make your life as plastic-free as possible.


Plastic-free and cruelty-free, this beautiful skincare brand champions organic, vegan and natural ingredients to revolutionise skincare. Wrapped in plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging, this brand offers beautiful skincare products from facial scrubs to cleansers and body butter.


Crafting skin and haircare, Wild & Sage are a small family-run company dedicated to bringing natural and lovingly handmade products to your front door. Minimalistic and plastic-free these gorgeously effective products are a great eco-swap. From nourishing clay masks to healing herbal balms, this brand is a must-have addition to your beauty bag.


These plastic-free flip-flops make a great eco-friendly swap when it comes to the summer footwear edit. Made from Natural FSC Rubber, these fun and vibrant flip-flops upgrade your summer essentials. Ethically and environmentally conscious, this UK-based brand offers comfortable and stylish shoes.


Founded in 2018, Battle Green designs plastic-free, handmade cosmetics or lifestyle products with a conscience. Wrapped in FSC-certified packaging from responsibly sourced forests, Battle green ensures its practices are as eco-friendly as possible. From bathroom gift sets to natural deodorant this brand has plastic-free shopping covered.

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