Plastic Free Toiletries Guide – Ditch The Plastic In Your Bathroom With These UK Zero Waste Alternatives

From toothpaste to shampoo, bathrooms have become inundated with plastic packaged products, most of which ends up in landfill or worse into our oceans. Fortunately, recently there has been a wide range of plastic free toiletries launching in the UK, making it easier to find zero waste alternatives for the bathroom. Here we highlight some of our most popular eco-friendly bathroom products, all of which are plastic-free & biodegradable including the delivery packaging! Like all of our offering on Wearth, all of these products are also vegan-friendly & cruelty-free.

Natural Toothpaste, from £6.90

plastic free toothpaste


This plastic-free toothpaste is made with organic coconut oil and natural minerals, offering an effective natural way to clean your teeth. Zero Waste toothpaste in the UK is hard to come by and this is one of the most popular ones available. There are a range of flavours including English Peppermint, Tea Tree, Pure Coconut and the best-selling activated whitening charcoal made with coconut shells and peppermint essential oil.

Product packaging – Glass jar, metal lid with biodegradable cellulose seal.

fulfilled refill


Refillable shampoo offers a great plastic-free alternative to conventional shampoo. This product has been specially formulated with natural ingredients and is enriched with coconut oil.

Product packaging – Aluminium bottle.

zero waste shaving kit


Ditch the disposable plastic razors and poor quality shaving with our naked razor shaving kit which includes plastic free safety razor, shaving soap with essential oils and 5 pack of replacement blades for the complete set.

Product packaging – Recycled cardboard.

bamboo toothbrush


No zero waste bathroom products guide would be complete without the trusty biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Billions of plastic toothbrushes are sold each year and this non-plastic toothbrush is a great alternative, it is made from FSC certified sustainably grown and naturally antibacterial bamboo.

Product packaging – Box made from recycled card and inner protection bag made from recycled paper.

reusable face cleansing pads


These reusable face cleansing pads are perfect for removing makeup or taking off skincare products without the need for wipes. They are hand crocheted in the UK and are machine washable. A set of 5 pads are included in the set.

Product packaging – Paper Wrap.

zero waste deodorant


We have been on the lookout for a plastic-free deodorant for a long time now as there are some great brands out there in glass jars but they have plastic lids. This zero waste deodorant is handcrafted in Bristol using all natural & simple ingredients which work to keep you odour free no matter what your day throws at you.

This is not an anti-antiperspirant and will not keep you from sweating. Instead it works with your body naturally to absorb moisture and keep bacteria from producing undesirable body odour.

Product packaging – Cardboard Kraft tubes.

Body Scrub Bar, £5.90

body scrub


This lavender & ylang ylang scrub bar is a great package free alternative to body wash when showering or in the bath. It is completely natural and handmade in the UK with pure essential oils and cocoa butter for added nourishment. To use, scrub the bar over wet skin and you exfoliate the skin with the mixture and then rinse for clean and smooth skin.

Product packaging – Paper box with paper label.

dental floss


Floss which is natural, zero waste and vegan-friendly, has been hard to come by until the recent launch of these refillable dental floss. The floss is infused with charcoal which is naturally anti-bacterial & enhances blood circulation, helping to improve overall oral health.

Product packaging – Glass jar with metal dispenser lid.

handmade soap


This soap on the rope makes for a great bathroom companion with waxed cotton rope which can be hung on the shower or bath. It is handmade in Devon in small batches with moisturising and organic ingredients which nourish your skin and body. It can also be used as a bar soap as a plastic-free alternative to hand soap.

There a wide range of scents to choose from, the one we have featured is the Oatmylk, which has gentle ingredients which are suitable for sensitive skin.

Product Packaging – Greaseproof paper and cotton rope.

Oil Pulling Mouthwash, from £6.90

tea-tree mouthwash


Natural mouthwash handmade in West Sussex with carefully formulated blend of pure essential oils, sourced from certified organic farms. Like with the toothpaste, this mouthwash is completely plastic-free and there are a range of flavours to choose from. The one we have featured here is the Tea Tea flavour made with essential oil from tea tree leaves, this is known to have powerful healing qualities.

Product packaging – Glass bottle and metal lid.

If you are looking for more sustainable & plastic-free toiletries for your bathroom, check out our toiletries department here.