Positive Eco News From August: Turtles, Three-Wheelers and More!

Autumn is very nearly upon us and change is in the air!

Not just in terms of the weather though… The last month has seen some huge steps towards a brighter, environmental future. We’ve seen amazing news stories throughout August that have lifted our spirits and reminded us that our mission to save the planet isn’t a fruitless one. 

From legal action, to nature fighting back, we couldn’t be happier to witness some hugely positive changes across the world.

Of course, we want to share them with you…

This U.S. Law could be a game changer

Experts are claiming that U.S. citizens could soon be getting cut energy costs and reduced carbon emissions thanks to a new law. The Inflation Reduction Act is a huge shift in the world of energy, including an unprecedented $370 billion in funding to tackle climate change!

Excitingly for eco-warriors, experts are suggesting that this will bring America’s greenhouse gas emissions down to about 40% below their levels as of 2005. The best part? This could all happen by 2030.

And it really is a win-win. Not only will this new law keep Mother Earth happy, but consumers are expected to save more than $200 billion over the next decade. This is in part thanks to the policy encouraging the widespread use of clean energy, meaning that customers will be protected from the rise and fall of natural gas costs.

The world’s most endangered turtles could be making a comeback

The Kemp’s ridley sea turtle isn’t just the world’s smallest turtle, it’s its most endangered too.

Numbers of these little cuties have dropped significantly in recent years and previous nesting grounds had been written off as habitats for the species. However, whilst surveying birds, one clever crew identified exciting tracks along the Chandeleur Islands, in Louisiana.

This discovery led them to finding nests of Kemp ridley sea turtles, a huge moment in the world of conservation! Thanks to their brilliant work, efforts are now being made to protect and preserve the surrounding areas, so that the turtles will hopefully flourish.

Scotland’s butterflies are loving the heat

Whilst the unseasonably hot weather we’ve had lately may not be a sign of good things, there have at least been some positive implications for the environment…

Over in Scotland, a whopping 9 butterfly species have seen a rapid increase in numbers. This is thought to be down to hotter summer weather. Species include the speckled wood, small health and the pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies, all of which play important roles in maintaining the country’s ecosystems.

The Scottish Biodiversity Indicator was also published in August and had some exciting findings: Between 1979 and 2021 there has been a 43% increase across all butterfly species!

Simon Foster from NatureScot said, “It’s wonderful to see many local authorities and individuals using wildflower seed mixes, which will make a big difference in local areas.”

H&M has been sued for greenwashing

You probably don’t need us to tell you that fast fashion frequently overstates the eco credentials of their products! Known as greenwashing, this practice is used as a way to lure in unsuspecting customers who want to do good by the planet, whilst also allowing shops to continue their environment-harming activities.

However, things could be about to change.

A lawsuit was filed against H&M – fast fashion giants – in New York Federal Court. Brought forward by Chelsea Commodore, she claims that she overpaid for an item of clothing which was marketed as being “conscious”. However, whilst several items in the collection were said to use less water in the production process, they actually used more.

This lawsuit may not seem like a massive deal, but it could pave the way for similar legal action, signalling a change in the way that fast fashion conducts itself.

A vehicle that charges faster than your laptop has hit the market!

Whilst a three-wheel vehicle may not be the trendiest out there (yet!), a new EV could be the answer to greener commuting. And a happier planet in turn…

The Nimbus (described by the company as a “three-wheel chariot”) is aiming to solve traffic congestion, bringing together the benefits of a scooter and a car in one place. Unlike previous examples, you get 93 miles to a charge with this little beauty.

On top of this, the EV uses only one-third of the carbon of the Tesla Model 3. And one-tenth of that of a traditional car. Impressive stuff, right?

One of its biggest selling points is its quick charging power: With a level 2 charger it can be full within 1.2 hours. That’s faster than a lot of laptops!

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