Positive Eco News June: Food Freebies, Fuel & Future-Proofing

Summer is on the horizon and we’ve certainly had our fair share of warm weather here in the UK. However, if you’re anything like us, these hot hot hot temperatures probably have you thinking less about the beach and more about one thing: Climate change!

When you’re an eco warrior, it can be hard to forget the scary stats and frightening figures about global warming that you’ve heard. We’re definitely not suggesting that you should, either.

However, remaining positive is absolutely crucial if we want to have a real impact on the environment, instead of slipping into a doom spiral. That’s why we’re back again with our Positive Eco News series, to remind you that all is not lost! Change is possible and you can make a difference.

Uber is driving towards sustainability

Uber completed a whopping 6.3 billion rides in 2021! And whilst hopping in one is certainly more sustainable than us all having our own vehicles, that’s still a lot of emissions to think about.

Amazingly though, the company is making some exciting commitments in the world of sustainability.

Uber has said that they will be completely electric and zero emissions by 2030 in Europe, Canada and the United States. This means that all of their rides will either take place in vehicles which don’t produce emissions, on public transit or via micro-mobility (this means options like e-scooters).

According to ​​Thibaud Simphal, Global Head of Sustainability at Uber, “Research shows that when rideshare drivers switch to EVs, they can deliver three to four times the emissions savings compared to the average car owner.” Impressive stuff!

Spain is backing “doggy bags”

Spain has drafted a new law, focused on reducing food waste. This comes after the country is said to have wasted 1.36 million tonnes of food and drink each year. Or the equivalent of €250 euros per person!

The new law could mean that restaurants must offer free “doggy bags” to customers if they have any leftover food. Shops will also be required to discount products reaching their best before date and products that are no longer fit for consumption would be used to feed animals, produce fertilisers and make biofuels.

This is hugely exciting, for so many reasons. However, we’re particularly happy to think about the positive impacts this could have on climate change: When food is wasted, it often ends up in landfill, rotting and producing methane. This greenhouse gas then contributes to global warming. So, food in tummies instead of landfills sounds like a win to us!

Combustion engines are so 2022

More news in the world of transport with this one.

The European Parliament is in agreement to phase out combustion engines by 2035. This move has been made in the hopes to negate the negative climate impact of fossil fuel cars, as well as improving air quality and making electric vehicles more accessible.

Even more excitingly, they also rejected a potential loophole which would allow for the use of synthetic fuels in cars. These “E-fuels” are straight up greenwashing as far as we’re concerned, reducing the CO2 emissions of a car by just 5% through its lifetime.

Wild bears are making a comeback (and bison too!)

Adequate laws against hunting save the day yet again.

Wild brown bears and European bison are making a comeback, after hunting and destruction of habitats saw their numbers in decline. In fact, whilst they had been steadily dropping for many decades, we witnessed the most drastic decline over the last 500 years. However,  Since 1960, bison numbers have increased by 30 times, whilst brown bear populations have doubled.

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