Recycled Fashion: Our Favourite Trends, Brands And Accessories

When it comes to recycled fashion, you may think we’re talking about diving into your local charity shops and coming out looking ready for a seventies disco. Whilst second-hand has its place, the biggest of the recycled fashion trends is choosing brands that use recycled materials to create their fashion items sustainably and ethically. Here we’ll share with you some pieces from our favourite recycled fashion brands, including clothing and accessories.

The 2019 State of Fashion Report highlighted how consumers are pushing harder than ever for transparency and social responsibility from the retailers and producers of fashion. Recycled fashion, much of which gives a new life to thrown away plastic, is a huge way in which the fashion industry can make a change.

But recycled fashion trends are in their infancy. So finding the best brands can be tough. Let’s show you that it’s not impossible, and that you have real choice.

Recycled fashion tops

Recycled tops are one of the fastest growing recycled fashion trends. For recycled fashion brands aiming to build traction, many choose tops as their flagship items.

The Nyssa Top by Hide The Label, with its gorgeous floral print, is an excellent example of how you can choose items made from recycled materials, without compromising style. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it’s comfortable, hard-wearing and looks great.

Wrap Top


Hide The Label is one of our favourite recycled fashion brands. Based in London, they’ve become known for their bold prints without shirking their commitment to conscious fashion. They aim to design pieces that work around the year, ensuring fast moving fashion trends don’t become a sustainability-nightmare. You can see with this top that you can pair it with jeans, or make it more formal with a skirt, and it can be worn in winter or summer.

A classic example of recycled fashion with a flagship top is the Organic & Recycled Sweater in black by Morcant. You can’t get much more iconic in the casual fashion stakes than with a relaxed sweatshirt; perfect for pairing with shorts or jeans, for both guys and girls.

Morcant jumper lifestyle image


Morcant have created this eco-conscious jumper using organic cotton and recycled polyester which itself is made using recycled plastic bottles. It’s comfortable, it’s fashionable and it will become your favourite grab-and-go jumper. Another UK brand, Morcant was founded in Sheffield and focuses on sustainability. The jumpers are ethically manufactured in Bangladesh.

Recycled fashion dresses

For recycled fashion brands that are beyond their infancy and starting to make waves in the industry, many are now turning their attention to statement items, often in the form of dresses.

blue mid-length dress lifestyle image


We adore this Hemp Shirt Dress by Zola Amour. It’s made using recycled hemp from textile production which would otherwise become waste, combined with organic cotton. It is a wonderful casual item which can be paired with layers in the winter, or stand alone in summer. Zola Amour really ticks the ethical and sustainable boxes. Founded in 2016, 80% of their fabrics are knitted in the UK.

printed maxi dress


For a striking and very different dress, consider the Thalia Dress in an abstract floral print from Hide The Label. Looking at home on a regular cat walk, there’s nothing about this midi dress that shouts out its differences. It meets fashion expectations and ethical standards. It’s made from 100% recycled polyester and will catch your eye for its bold print, as well as its origins.

Recycled swimwear

When it comes to swim wear, you’re well-catered for in the recycled fashion department.

For the gents, we can’t rate these Watermelon Recycled Swim Shorts highly enough. Made by Mangata London they look striking and fun, whilst being comfortable, hard-wearing and ethical. Made from recycled bottles, this is one way we don’t mind plastic bottles entering the ocean! Despite what you may think, with recycled bottles as the primary material, they are incredibly soft, allowing for summer lazing in style.

watermelon swim shorts


Mangata is one of the recycled fashion brands working hard to keep plastic bottles out of the ocean and out of landfill. They have plenty of other swim short designs including The Shoshins in mint green with a pineapple pattern, and The Geo Jones geometric pattern using orange, light blue, beige and white.

For the ladies, we recommend the Seasoon Capri Reversible Swimsuit. Wear the striking red to make an entrance or stylish black for classic poolside chic. It’s perfect for minimal packing! These swimsuits are handmade in Italy, and again are made using recycled plastic, and their tie design means that one size fits all.

Red Capri swimsuit


Another swimsuit option for the gals is The Hope Recycled Swimsuit by Stidston Studio. In classic English gingham, they are handmade in Devon. The story behind this swimsuit is again remarkable. It’s made using Econyl. This is a regenerated material which takes old fishing nets (known for their environmental danger in our oceans) and creates durable quick drying fabrics, great for swimwear.

Recycled fashion accessories

Some of the best recycled fashion items are the accessories. Many lend themselves to being made using recycled materials.

One of the brands to keep your eye on is CHPO. They make recycled sunglasses, such as their Vik design. We also like the Amy and Copenhagen designs.

sunglass lifestyle image


CHPO sunglasses are unisex and they make the frames using 100% recycled plastic. Even their protective bag is made using recycled plastics! With UV 400 rating, you aren’t compromising on style or eye health. Made in Sweden, they donate 100% of their profits to various charities.

Other recycled fashion accessories include jewellery such as this Recycled Gold Nugget Ring by Toke and bags like the Mini Ju Bucket Bag by From Belo, made using recycled seatbelts and bottles.

black bucket style mini backpack


Also, don’t forget to consider if your item itself can be recycled. For example, Waves Flip Flops can themselves be.

Recycled fashion is on trend

Recycled fashion symbolises fashionable and classic items which are bang on trend, without falling victim to the dangers of fast fashion. By using recycled materials, you can have new wardrobe pieces which don’t cost the earth. Browse our sustainable fashion department for more style inspiration.