Why Refillable Makeup Is The Future Of The Beauty Industry

In a short amount of time, sustainability has gone from being the latest trend to a revolutionary change for industries with the goal to reduce consumption and this has been prominent in the beauty industry. Many cosmetics brands have been working  towards creating more sustainable makeup  products  by using organic and vegan formulas in their products. Not only are brands making lasting changes, but they are also innovating new designs and developments to help reduce waste. As consumers, we can make a difference with how we spend our money and help reduce our environmental impact by choosing refillable cosmetics.

The beauty industry generates millions of pounds due to its consumerism becoming indispensable in our day-to-day life. Many mainstream beauty products that we use daily  generate a lot of waste and therefore, are harmful to the environment. Some companies are becoming more aware of the negative impact that the beauty industry has on our planet and have already started to launch reusable or refillable products that allow us to use them more than once. This is where our work as consumers comes in, to take responsibility of being mindful and generating as little waste as possible.

If you aren’t too familiar with refillable cosmetic products, don’t worry. At Wearth we try to use the best products for the environment  and inform you of all their benefits. As the article title suggests, refillable products are gaining popularity as they can be used over and over again.


Refillable packaging is a good way to avoid the overproduction of waste, especially plastic. Annually, the global beauty industry produces more than 120 billion single-use packages. That figure may seem overwhelming but one way you can start to help is by committing to using products that put the planet first. Below is some of our favourite products stocked in our refillable makeup range:


Nicmac Beauty Refillable Eyeshadow Palette

What’s better than having a vegan and cruelty-free palette where you get to choose your favourite shades too? Create a palette that will last forever with Nicmac Beauty’s refillable eyeshadow palette This innovative design has a magnetic base so you can simply attach the metal eyeshadow trays and use them over and over again, prolonging its life and reducing waste. Plus, it is also completely recyclable and plastic-free!

You can buy the palette with 6 pre-selected shades from the brand,  completely organic and with a variety of tones. The palette also includes a high-quality mirror so you can check your gorgeous face on the go!


Honeypie Minerals – Natural Mineral Foundation 

A good foundation is a must in every makeup routine, and if it can be refillable and eco-friendly, what else can we ask for? Honeypie Minerals is a vegan makeup brand that promotes refillable cosmetics options. Purchase their standard mineral foundation product just once and then in future you will just have to buy the refill sachets and pour them into the sifter jar. The foundation refills come packaged in paper pouches making them recyclable and you can dispose of it in your compost bin where it will biodegrade.

Choose between 15 shades to get your perfect eco-conscious makeup match. This brand also plants a tree for every product you buy!


All Earth Mineral Cosmetics – Mineral Concealer

Everything exists in the refillable makeup world, even vegan and cruelty-free concealers. This powder concealer can be used dry or mixed into a paste with serums or moisturiser, concealing and colour correcting all in one. We love that brands provide refill pots made from recycled fishing nets! Super sustainable.


Nicmac Beauty – Into Space Highlighter Palette

We definitely need a highlighter to shine and glow wherever we go. With this Nicmac palette, you can choose between six shades that are made in the UK and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The biggest benefit is that if you finish your favourite shade you can easily replace it with their refillable single powder trays. Hyperpigmented with a velvety finish, this is a must-have for any eco-friendly makeup routine.


Honeypie Minerals – Corrector Refills

Not only you can get your infinite foundation, but your corrector too! Available in yellow or green, Honeypie Minerals’ eco-friendly and cruelty-free correctors refills will allow you to cover any imperfections in your daily life. It is perfect for all skin types, including acne-prone, oily, and mature skin. A great benefit is that it is also ultra-lightweight, which allows your pores to breathe while being gentle on your skin.

Want to have your corrector forever? You will just have to buy these refills and it will never end.


All Earth Mineral Cosmetics – Mineral Blush

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics is a makeup brand that creates natural products which are gentle for your skin and generate flawless results. This mineral radiant blush is available in two shades, and you can try them with a sample if you are not sure which one suits you best.


Honeypie Minerals – Mineral Blusher & Bronzer

Of course, we need our blusher & bronzer for an impeccable makeup look. For the blusher, you can choose between 5 different shades, all providing a satin matte finish with a natural luminosity for beautifully glowing skin. These products also have added protection against UV-light exposure, making them perfect for summer.

The bronzer contains no shimmer and glitter particles, but it gives that sun-kissing effect. It is ideal for all skin types and it offers long-lasting wear to shine the whole day.


All Earth Mineral Cosmetics – Mineral Finishing Powder

We don’t spend our time doing our makeup to then go out and ruin it. You won’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to this stunning natural finishing powder. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics translucent matt finishing powder creates an invisible finish, which is free of colour making it suitable for all skin types. It offers a natural and gentle finish and it is also a great product to help control sweat.

There you have it, some of our favourite refillable makeup options that are sustainable, vegan and ethically made. Using these types of products will allow you to reduce your impact on the planet and become more eco-friendly. Switch to refillable products and join those trying to make a better world with less waste.

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