Consciously-Cool Shaped Candles To Accessorise Your Home

From magazine pages to Instagram reels, distinctively shaped candles are the latest interior design trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Lighting up your home in style and flame, candles can help ignite a relaxing and calming space in your home. From the soothing aromas to the warming glow of a flame, finding a moment to relax and unwind, has never been more important, and this season’s candles have gotten an upgrade.

Sculptural candles are changing the game for interior design. Our bookshelves and coffee tables have never looked so stylish. Whether we are visiting a friend’s house or viewing our favourite influencer’s abode, you won’t miss a quirky shaped candle. From renaissance inspired candles to Art Deco shapes, the world of sculptural candle making has never been more adventurous. The most popular form is the body-shaped candle. These architectural shapes are having their day, and finding unique shapes, colours and sizes has never been easier.

The ultimate addition to your décor, your search for funky and quirky shaped candles is over. At Wearth we stock consciously cool candles that are picture-perfect and are also kind to the planet. Using vegan soy wax and carefully blended with eco-conscious aromatic fragrances, these candles smell as good as they look.

Body shaped candles

Venus Candle

Venus candle


Forma Candle Studio specialises in unique vegan candles. If your sculptural candle illustrates a female form, why not choose the goddess of love and beauty. This Venus candle by Forma Candle Studio is the ultimate body shaped candle for those wanting a touch of elegance and sensuality to their décor.

Price: £15

affection candle


In the mood for love? These adorable candles are hand-poured using soy wax and organic cotton wicks. Planet-friendly, these candles add a touch of romance to any room or side table. Available in four different shades to suit your home, this affection candle will spice up your interior design plans.

Price: £36

maxi david candle


This large head bust candle inspired by Michelangelo’s David statue will make a statement in any room of the house. Hand-poured in Cambridge using vegan soy wax, this renaissance inspired sculpture will be the talking point of your home. We recommend holding off lighting this stunning candle so you can admire its beauty for a little while longer.

Price: £30

Aphrodite candle


These voluptuous candles are inspired by the Greek goddess of love and lust. Hand-poured with soy wax, this body candle is a picture-worthy addition to your home. With six different colours to choose from, your Aphrodite candle will make an elegant addition to your home décor.

Price: £11

Candle Sculptures

Shooting Star Candle

shooting star candle


Heavenly scented, this shooting star candle is out of this world. Unwritten aromas have handcrafted this vegan sculptural candle using natural ingredients. This eco-conscious candle is perfect for coffee counters or bedside tables. With twelve different scents, from grounding sandalwood to floral jasmine, you can choose your favourite aroma, perfect for your home.

Price: £24

palm spear candle


This dramatic and dynamic palm-shaped candle is inspired by Art Deco architecture. For those wanting to make an impact on their side tables, this gorgeously fanned candle is instagrammable worthy. Hand-poured in Cambridge using soy wax and organic cotton wicks, this cruelty-free candle is a stylish and sustainable addition to your home accessory collection.

Price: £28.00

Forget me knot candle


This deliciously romantic knotted candle will add a touch of elegance to any room in the house. Handmade in the UK, this candle is gorgeously scented with black oud, sandalwood and jasmine for the perfect sensual aroma. This knotted candle makes a great addition to the bookshelf or coffee table.

Price: £20

Senses candle


Gorgeously unique, this candle adds an element of artistic flair to your home and will make a bold statement on your side table. Place on top of picture-worthy coffee-table books and enjoy the aromatic fragrance of this candle sculpture. Handmade in Cambridgeshire, Forma Candle Studio offers one-of-a-kind artisanal products with the planet in mind.

Price: £36

puffa candle


This vegan-friendly candle is a stylish and minimalistic addition to your home. From a restorative sage and sea-salt blend or refreshing linen aroma, this chic candle will complement any room in the house.

Price: £13

yin yang candle


Handmade in Hampshire, this yin yang candle will refresh any coffee table or bookshelf. Blended with peach, papaya and orange fragrances, this deliciously aromatic candle is one to admire.

Price: £20

Check out our full range of eco-conscious and vegan candles here at Wearth.