What Is My Skin Type And How To Care For It

Many skincare products are labelled for different skin types, such as dry skin or combination skin. But how do you know which skin type is yours?

This can be particularly difficult for you to work out if your skin seems to take on multiple different characters. Understanding the different skin types, and learning how to know your skin type, can help ensure you feel confident selecting the best skincare items for you.

What skin types are there?

Before we help you figure out what your skin type is, you need to have a good understanding of what the different types of skin are.

This helps you to determine which resonates most with you. There is no fixed number of skin types, and sometimes it can be as simple as classifying yourself as oily or dry, but generally we break it down into the following skin types:

  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Oily or acne-prone skin
  • Combination skin
  • Mature skin
  • Normal skin

Knowing where you fit in these categories is the easiest way to ensure you choose the best skincare products and learn how to care for your unique skin.



Dry skin

With dry skin, you’ll probably experience flakiness and your skin could feel slightly rough. To put it simply, your skin will feel dry. Your skin doesn’t have enough of the normal oils or enough hydration in the upper layers to stay supple and plump.

Sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin may often experience soreness, irritation and redness. You are likely to also experience dry or oily areas, but the overriding issue is reactive skin that can flare up easily.

Oily or acne-prone skin

Not all people with oily skin experience acne, but it’s a common association with oily skin. This is because of the overproduction of sebum which, mixed with dead skin cells or dirt from daily life, can cause breakouts. If your skin is shiny in places other than just your nose, your skin type is likely to be oily.

Combination skin

If you experience shiny and oily skin and breakouts on your T-zone, but dryness around your eyes, cheeks or elsewhere, then you’ve probably got combination skin. This can be a tricky skin type to manage, but is very common.

Mature skin

It’s important to recognise mature skin as its own type. As we age, we produce less collagen and our skin naturally becomes less elastic and drier. Products and routines designed for mature skin can be very beneficial.

Normal skin

We prefer the term ‘balanced’, but in skincare circles the common term used is ‘normal’. Indeed, it’s very normal to have any of the skin types listed above. However, normal skin type refers to those with skin that isn’t too dry and isn’t too oily – it’s balanced.

Bear in mind that it’s very common for your skin to change over time with age, but also it will likely fluctuate at different times of your hormone cycle, or according to environmental factors such as the seasons and stressors.

What’s my skin type?

So, how do you know what skin type you are?

If none of the above categories easily resonate with you, wash your face with a simple cleanser and leave it. After 30 minutes, assess your skin.

Those with normal skin will see a small shine to their nose and maybe chin and forehead. If you have much more shininess or oil then your skin type is oily. If it feels taught and maybe red, it is likely either dry or sensitive.

Recommendations for skin types

Once you know which of the skin types is most similar to yours, it’s easier to choose the right skincare products. At Wearth, we stock a complete range of vegan and ethical skincare for all skin types.


Dry skin products

Those with dry skin need to focus on hydration in their skincare. Try using a rich and velvety moisturiser, such as the Nim Cosmetics Organic Rosehip and Shea Rich Cream Moisturiser. This is calming and nourishes dry skin, plus it contains hyaluronic acid and bisabolol to plump and hydrate dry skin.

At the end of your skincare routine, use a hydrating oil such as the Fais Restore It Antioxidant Facial Oil. This Marula and Palmarosa scented oil is rich in antioxidants, protects dry skin, and helps to repair any damage.



Sensitive skin products

You need to choose kind and gentle products that you can trust, such as the Nim Cosmetics Aloe & Hemp Gel Moisturiser. Fragrance free and completely natural and vegan, it is full of zinc, vitamins E, A and C, as well as essential fatty acids. Products like this nourish and soothe sensitive skin.



Oily or acne-prone skin products

An excellent cleansing routine is essential for those with oily skin. We highly rate the Herbowski Organic Quinoa Cleansing Grains. This oil-free product is a cleanser rich in Kaolin Clay to detox the skin. It also contains natural calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Chamomile.


Combination skin products

You may need to experiment with the right balance of products, but try to choose natural ingredients that support your skin’s own ability to become more balanced. A good regular face mask for combination skin is the Blushberry Botanicals Natural Clay Face Mask. Many of our customers with combination skin highly favour the Cleanse & Moisturise Set by Old Faithful.

face mask


Mature skin products

Those with mature skin would do well to choose hydrating products that support the skin’s ability to replenish. The White Witch Organic Skincare Set for Mature Skin is wonderful, and we really recommend a daily serum such as Olofson Skincare Rejuvenating Elixir Face Oil.



Normal skin products

Those with a normal skin type often have their pick of products. Cleanse and moisturise to help your skin stay healthy. A truly ideal moisturiser for those with normal and combination skin is the Olofson Skincare Moisture One Daily Face Cream. Remove makeup daily with a natural remover, such as The Palm of Feronia Ebb & Flow Makeup Remover.

makeup remover

Choosing sustainable, vegan and ethical skincare by skin type is easy once you understand your own skin. Shop our range of vegan skincare to find the perfect products for your skin type.