Top 10 Sustainability Documentaries To Watch In 2022

Having discussions on sustainability and climate change has never been more important. Our world is changing, and it is our responsibility to be as informed as possible and act accordingly. Whether you’re looking to expand your own knowledge, or inform friends and family, watching a documentary is a fantastic way to acquire knowledge and information. Here is our round-up of top 10 documentaries on sustainability to watch at home.

Watching documentaries connects you with the world. It is a powerful source that not only improves your knowledge but thanks to the visuals, makes you more empathic and helps you take in more information. Cultivate your compassion while connecting with a common issue with the global community: pollution and climate change.

Our world is facing many issues, and with the rise of misinformation and fake news, it has never been more important to read or watch trustworthy sources. Not every problem can be solved at once, but we can help contribute to a more compassionate and informed society.

At Wearth, we are always advocating for a better world. That is why we have put together a selection of 10 sustainability documentaries that will help you to better understand our current issues facing this planet:

Our Planet – Netflix


Our Planet is a series of eight episodes that will leave you speechless. With incredible videography and aesthetics, this documentary helps you understand the infinite and interconnected relationships between the natural environment, animals and ourselves. Narrated by the iconic Sir David Attenborough, Our Planet calls on viewers to become part of the solution and help save the planet while there is still time.

With exceptional production , this Netflix documentary reminds us it is human’s footprint that are destroying the planet, and it is we who are called upon to save it and protect life on Earth.

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There’s Something In The Water – Netflix


Although based in Canada, this Netflix documentary series discusses topics such as environmental racism and climate poverty that is happening across the globe. For example, chemical pollutants are being filtered into poverty-stricken areas, causing a rise in cancer and other diseases.

Based on the book of the same name by Ingrid Waldron, ‘There’s Something In The Water’ talks about a silent problem that is affecting many people. Industrial waste ruins water resources and spikes cancer rates, which is highlighted in this documentary. Personal statements reflect how this problem is affecting people in their routine lives.

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The Year Earth Changed – Apple TV


The global situation of COVID-19 not only affected humans. While we were all in lockdown, animals were enjoying their human-free space. Produced by BBC Studio’s Natural History Unit, ‘The Year Earth Changed’ shows incredible images and photography of how animals in different environments were using space during the pandemic while people were staying at home. Whales didn’t have to fight with boat noises and began to use new sounds to express themselves; swans and ducks could swim again in places like Venice without tourists and pollution.

The Year Earth Changed is a magnificent documentary to showcase what we do to nature.. Species keep evolving and living their lives without our presence and pollution.

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One Strange Rock – Disney Plus


A science documentary narrated by the famous actor Will Smith offers a different perspective of our planet. ​​The series takes us from one side of the planet earth to the other (up to 45 different countries). Through marvellous images, this documentary explores the secrets and mechanisms that make our planet the perfect home. Will Smith explores the good and the bad and how the planet needs balance.

Thanks to its explanations, this documentary is great for all audiences and ages. A great option to watch with the family and learn about different cultures and the needs of our planet.

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David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet – Netflix


‘A Life On Our Planet’ goes through the 93 years of the life of David Attenborough and the changes the planet has undergone. It presents us with the importance of nature, biodiversity and marine ecosystems. Oceans, jungles and forests, deserts, the Arctic, rain, water and atmospheric phenomena are a united and perfect whole on the planet. David Attenborough explores how healing these ecosystems together can help recover the planet.

‘A Life On Our Planet’ is a great documentary that shows us the problems our planet is facing, and what would happen if we don’t start changing.

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Ice On Fire – HBO Max


The previous documentary explores what’s going on with our planet and ‘Ice On Fire’ looks at the solutions. Produced and narrated by the popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘Ice On Fire’ shows that we have the creativity, ingenuity and vision to reverse climate change. This documentary gives voice to all the scientists and researchers that are fighting against climate change. It offers a realistic, but optimistic vision that hopes for enthusiasm to find solutions all together as a worldwide community.

As DiCaprio said in a statement. “This film shows how, with the help of scientists, we can all fight back. I hope audiences will be inspired to take action to protect our planet”.

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Seaspiracy – Netflix


Pollution has a strong impact on the food we eat. There’s been a lot of information through the years about red meat but not so much about seafood. Seaspiracy shows the environmental impact of fishing. The documentary deals with increasingly complex issues such as plastic waste, ghost nets, overfishing, dolphin and whale hunting, and slavery within the fishing business.

A documentary that engages and informs you from beginning to end.

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2040 – Amazon Prime


2040 is a futuristic documentary, not only because it discusses topics that we will face in the future, but it shows us with visual effects. Thanks to technology, it allows for realistic scenes of what a green, clean, communal, regenerated world would be like. This documentary aims to turn viewers into empowered, active citizens and agents of change.

Written and directed by Damon Gameau, an Australian director, who shows his daughter Velvet what life could be like in 2040 if every citizen did their bit to regenerate the planet. An enjoyable documentary to reflect on what we can do to help the environment.

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The True Cost – Netflix


The fashion industry is very present in our lives, but it also has a dark side that we usually don’t see. ‘The True Cost’ is a critique of Fast Fashion and shows us how we can reduce the pollution and impact of this industry. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after the oil industry, so it’s very important to know about it and change some habits to help the environment.

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Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things – Netflix


More 0s in the bank, more clothes, more cars… We live in a society of fast consumerism where everyone wants more. However, this documentary shows us how this lifestyle isn’t sustainable. The documentary features several individuals who have encountered the minimalist practice and have decided to apply it in their lives. The film explains how human beings  get bored quickly with what they have, causing the need to expand their possessions despite the actual use they will make of them.

A great opportunity to rethink the way we live our lives and the products we consume.

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Choose your favourite documentary from the list and cosy up on the sofa. Get ready to see the world from the comfort of your home and take notes on what you can do to help reduce your impact on the planet.