Sustainability Events This Month In London – June 2022

As summer in London takes full swing, June often has a buzz in the air of positivity and optimism for what’s to come. Why not channel that positivity into positive change for the planet?

During summer we instantly become more communal as a country. Pubs squeeze hordes of individuals into benches all gathered for an ‘al fresco’ pub lunch, parks and beaches become hotspots for those wishing to catch a glimpse of the glorious British sun, and even Londoners become a little friendlier to their fellow commuters. This month in particular community spirit feels at an all-time high, as we witness the queen’s Jubilee and a multitude of race days, bringing together people from all over the country. The camaraderie doesn’t end there either as eco-professionals seize this spirit in a chance to bring together people for some environmental good.

Over the course of June, we see a range of sustainability events, touching on topics from sustainable materials to feminist climate justice. With a wide variety on offer, take a pick from our Sustainability Events This Month In London:

natural histroy

Starting from now all the way through till late summer 2022, The Natural History Museum will be hosting a free display, which explores how humans have impacted our planet over the years and what can be done to help. Museum scientists have chosen over 40 objects to display this universal transformation that humans have made and split the objects into 3 main categories – Eating The Earth, Nature For Sale, and Climate Emergency.

Tickets are not required for this exhibition but can be booked in advance if you desire.

morley college

As part of Morley College’s Sustainability Week 2022, they will be holding a book swap for those who wish to share their favourite stories with others and in return gain a new library to read. The day is set out so that everyone who wishes to donate their books, can drop them off first, to which the books will be organised, and set up ready to be transferred to a new home. For each book you bring, you will receive a token for a new book, so collect all that you can for donation because there will be plenty to choose from.

The event is free, but tickets must be pre-booked here.

Following similar suit to the book swap, Morley College is also offering a clothes swap during their Sustainability Week. A chance for fashion lovers and sustainable individuals to combine their passions and connect over a chance to gain beautiful new clothes completely for free. All that you have to do is bring your own unwanted clothing, and for each item of clothing you bring, you could gain a new wardrobe staple to revamp your wardrobe.


Join Stemwell Workshop for an invigorating opportunity to create elegant and organic prints from sustainable resources. Using fresh and dried flowers, along with leaves botanical extracts and kitchen waste you will learn how to create pattern and print on fabric through binding and steaming. Ideal for the crafty individual who would love to learn how to transform a simple piece of fabric into artwork that can be worn or admired on furnishings.

There’s an intimate class size of 6, so book in fast whilst you can!

The University of East London join forces with Grimshaw to bring to the public a chance to learn about sustainable fabrics and the innovative new carbon-neutral fabrics that could help change the world. The hands-on workshop will be held at the prestigious heart of the Royal Docks. A day of insightful lectures and interactive collaboration will not only help you gain insight into agricultural materials but also how to calculate the carbon production levels of said materials. An eye-opening and important experience for all who are interested in fashion or interior design.


For young adults that want to be the change that they wish to see in the world, Surrey Wildlife Trust has got the perfect event. This inspiring day will help young people feel empowered to speak out about the environmental issues that concern them and inform them on what they can do to change them. Talks on biodiversity, the climate crisis, and nature-based solutions will all be included in the Youth Action For Nature. There will also be multiple workshops and the opportunity for attendees to speak with leading experts within the field.

The event is available to book now for free!


Ever wondered how feminism and climate change solutions are linked? Well, if so this is an event for you. This insightful day is put together by WEN (Women’s Environmental Network) and the Women’s Budget Group, as they explore the complex intertwining’s of female injustice and the climate crisis we face. They will unpick how by resolving one issue, we can also help combat the other. Two extremely prominent and difficult problems that we face today could be one another’s solutions, and WEN want to show us how.

Tickets for the events and discussions can be found here.