Sustainability Events This Month In London – March

With the start of summer beginning today, we are all excited for warmer days to come. As days finally start to get a little longer and the planet begins to flourish again under the warm blanket of sunlight, there is plenty to do and see in London.

Getting out to connect with the world and learn all about how we can keep it safe is a great way to make the most of spring. From sustainable fashion talks to parent and child workshops for Mother’s Day fun, we have got you covered for this month’s sustainability events in London.

Here are Wearth’s top picks for sustainability events in London this month:

fashion 1-0-1

If you have a free weekend next Saturday, why not take the time to learn more about slow fashion and why it’s important for the improvement of global warming. Cynthia Ko the co-founder of Slow Fashion Movement shares her knowledge on eco-friendly fashion and how we can all do our part to shop in a sustainable way.

The event will feature a broad discussion on how slowing down our shopping habits can help make a huge difference. Cynthia Ko has channelled her experience in behavioural science and Diversity & Inclusion, to be a powerful force of change for sustainable fashion and help create a platform where individuals can work together to better the future of fashion.

Where – Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LS

Women are more susceptible to the effects of climate change than men, particularly in developing countries. As a minority in the decision making of environmental movements and with lower social-economic status as a whole, particularly in countries where women are seen as caregivers and mothers, climate change comes as an extra stressor in life. Gender equality and environmental wellbeing are now seen as being linked through studies. Countries with lower levels of equality are seen to have higher deforestation and air pollution.

On International Women’s Day, key speakers will be coming together in a discussion panel at Imperial College London to highlight these important topics and the work that is being done by experts to resolve this issue.

Where- Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College Rd, London SW7 2AZ


Get your shoppers at the ready because We Are Second Life Fashion is holding a second-life vintage kilo sale that you do not want to miss. The sustainable fashion pop-up visits all-round the country, giving people the chance to buy beautiful pre-loved clothing at a much more affordable price.

Organisations such as these are a great way to make green fashion more accessible to everyone. The day is spread out over a period of time slots so that everyone doesn’t arrive in one go, and clothes are restocked all throughout the day so that everyone gets an equal chance of getting something great!

Where- All Saints’ Church, Notting Hill, Clydesdale Road, London, W11 1JE

For anyone interested in the future of technology and sustainability, this is a talk that will enlighten your minds. On Friday 18th March Dr. Billy Wu will be holding a seminar at the Royal Institution about the development of new battery technologies.

The seminar is for young adults and families to learn about the importance of developing new battery technologies for the sake of our planet. Topics of climate change, sustainable jobs, and energy supplies are all covered in this educational talk. The discussion aims to inspire a young generation into future careers in sustainability.

Where- The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S W1S


This Mother’s Day bring together the women in your life for a hands-on experience of a sustainable sewing workshop. Open to all ages (6+) and abilities, this is a chance to learn new skills and bond together over an entertaining day of sewing and chatting.

At the end of the session, each participant will walk away with their own beautiful creation, confidence with a sewing machine, and most importantly a wonderful memory with the people that you love.

Where- The Fashion School London, 224a King’s Road, London, SW3 5UB

From bettering our inner-city green spaces to using renewable energy for public transport, if you have a question that you would like to put forward to our current parliament then this is the chance. For an hour on the 29th of March, panellists from parliament and representatives from local councils will be discussing how environmental action can be taken to help England recover from Covid-19.

During the webinar, there will be a chance for discussions and questions to be raised to the panel regarding what they have been discussing. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what our current government is doing regarding creating a more sustainable future.

Where- online through Zoom.