Sustainability Events This Month In London – November

November so far has been an energetic month in the world of Sustainability. With COP26 unveiled at the start of the month, climate talks and sustainability awareness has been at the forefront of many minds. With such a push for action, there has never been a more vital time to learn all the ways in which we as individuals can help the planet. Here in London, there is endless opportunity to grow our understanding of what we can do to be more sustainable individuals.

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With a lot of eco-anxiety and concern for our future already prevalent this month due to the mountains of news surrounding climate change, we wanted to offer our top picks of fun eco-events to bring back some enjoyment into our sustainability journeys.

Here are our top eco-friendly events taking place this November in London:

Following suit with COP26, this Saturday Westminster will be hosting a climate action community day for anyone who wishes to learn a little bit about how to reduce their carbon footprint. Talks from COP26 have yet again brought to our attention how human-released carbon emissions are the greatest contributing factor to global warming.

The event aims to generate greater awareness and understanding of the impact we each have on our planet, and what we can do to help minimise that impact. There will be a series of activities for attendees to participate in, along with showcasing community projects for those within the local area. The event also offers advice on tasks such as growing food at home, cooking and eating sustainably, and ways in which we can all save energy around the house.

After all that learning, if you happen to have built up a slight appetite there are also a wide range of vegan snacks on offer from SPIS Vegan Deli, which provides a Nordic-inspired selection of plant-based meats and cheese to tuck into.

Tickets are not required for this event.

For more information visit:

Where: W.E.C.H. Community Centre, 36A Elgin Avenue, London, United Kingdom

tottenham market

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday strolling round local farmers markets, trying out all the delectable treats that they have on offer? We think not. Well, this Sunday Tottenham are hosting their very own green market. Celebrating local ingredients, organic produce and vegan delights along with vegan wines and craft beers.

The wide selection of cuisines and fresh produce means that this is a market catered to everyone. For those who are trying out vegan alternatives for the first time or are trying to convince a loved one into transitioning into veganism, the market also offers a fantastic introduction into vegan cooking. Shopping local and organic is also a great way to help reduce our carbon footprint and gives you a much greater understanding of where your food is coming from and how it is being grown.

This Sunday the market will be open from 11-4pm and has 35 stalls to choose from, along with a seated area and music to enjoy.

For more information visit-

Where: Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham Green, London, N15 4RY

Something a little different for those who are looking for love or maybe just someone to share tasty vegan meals with on a cosy winter evening. Speed dating has had a revamp, as Original Dating bring you vegan and vegetarian speed dating. For the plant-based foodies of the world (or at least London) this speed dating night offers the chance to connect with like-minded people who share a similar passion for veggie cooking. As food is such a large part of all our everyday lives, dating as a vegan or vegetarian can sometimes be restrictive, especially when choosing locations for dinner dates.
Also, as the choice for veganism or being vegetarian often has ethical reasoning behind it, whether that be to help the planet or something else, dating someone who shares that same mindset is often preferred.

Luckily, with vegan and vegetarian dating you can rest assure that those around you already know about your dietary preferences. Most of all this night is about connecting and having fun with fellow plant-based food lovers. If nothing else, you may come away with some great new veggie recipes.
For more information visit:

Where: Perini & Perini, 5 – 7 John Princes Street, W1G 0JN

For those of us that love clothes but hate the impact that fast fashion has on our planet, this series of workshops will show you the incredible techniques you can use to make clothes first-hand. Over the next few weeks, The Lab E20 has collaborated with The Sustainable Angle to bring you classes, talks, and even a film screening, to develop our understanding of the current innovation within the fashion industry and its material production.

Starting on Saturday 13th November, there will be a weaving workshop where attendees are asked to bring old, unwanted t-shirts to be created into a beautiful weave. Then on Wednesday 24th, and Thursday 25th industry specialists will talk with The Sustainable Angle about the importance of circular products and host a panel discussion for all to enjoy. Finally, on Friday 26th, Groundtruth’s new film which had its premiere at COP26 will show a private screening to finish off the week.

The creative workshop week will offer a deep insight into the world of circular design and garment production, as well as coming away with new skills and textile techniques to last a lifetime.

For more information visit:

Where: The Lab E20, E Park Walk, East Village, London, E20 1JB


design museum

Coming this winter to the Design Museum is an encapsulating exhibition on low waste. Within today’s society, waste is a huge issue for the environment, and ways to reduce our waste are often a topic of discussion between eco-individuals.

In a new age of design, waste is being transformed into artwork, fashion, and electronics. The ‘Waste Age: What Can Design Do?’, is bringing the public face to face with their waste disposal and forcing us all to address the issues that come with it. However, these carefully curated designs also aim to get us to rethink how we visualise our waste. By evolving its lifecycle from a piece of discarded rubbish to something to be admired in an exhibition, this thought-provoking exhibition will have you questioning everything that was once believed about waste.

The exhibition features work from designers such as Stella McCartney, Bethany Williams, and many more who challenge the very definition of waste. Recycling and finding the value in what would once have been discarded, is becoming ever more essential for the survival of our planet. Why not learn how to do that from the people who are experts?

For more information visit:

Where: 224-238 Kensington High St, London W8 6AG