The World Of Beauty Is Set For Sustainability In 2022

This year beauty is having a make-over. Worth a whopping $603 billion, the global beauty industry continues to expand. From the latest technological advancements, innovative packaging and diversity initiatives, the world of beauty is now more than just the latest mascara. Taking a look at the trends geared up for this year’s beauty contest, it’s clear to see that the industry is changing the game for sustainability.

Within the cosmetic world, there is forever a constant stream of new information, whether it’s the latest celebrity makeup launch or the next must-have lotion, the world of beauty is not slowing down anytime soon.

Although a lot of uncertainty arises from the likes of greenwashing and the pandemic, a new emergence of beauty standards will redefine how we consume cosmetics. Consumers will seek out authenticity and transparency and become aware of their power to promote positive change within the industry.

2022 will be the year that the industry will be held accountable for its diversity and sustainability promises. This trend forecast will focus on how the world of beauty will become a more ethical and conscious space for all.

When less is more

When our bulging beauty cabinets, or ‘shelfies’, were full to bursting with lotions and potions, from the latest serums, cleansers and creams full of status symbol must-haves, it soon became apparent that the planet and our skin had enough. When we excessively swipe on our active-packed cosmetics, not only does it leave a trail of packaging left behind, it can often leave our skin feeling irritated, red and sore.

Now a new trend is in town. There has been a collective movement for beauty lovers throwing out their overflowing beauty bags for a more natural approach. In a world where more is more, the beauty industry coined a new term – skinimalism. This is condensed beauty, where simplicity is at its finest.


Seeking quality over quantity, this new trend is a relief to our skin and the planet. Whether it’s letting your natural skin shine through and finally saying goodbye to the ‘caked on’ beauty looks or reducing the number of serums and creams in your skincare routines. Stripping back from our over-loaded approach to beauty in favour of a more minimalistic routine is a trend set to stay for another year.

Both bank balance friendly and eco-friendly, slow beauty makes conscious consumers out of even the most beauty-obsessed. Reducing the need to consume countless cosmetics and understanding our value lies far beyond how well we contour, taking any measures to reduce our buying habits is good for the health of the planet and our skin.

As 2022 rings in a new era for skinimalism, this year’s cosmetics are working harder than ever to combine a perfect hybrid of beauty and skincare into one beautifully packaged product. Consumers are seeking two-minute routines where they can apply makeup and skincare in one easy swipe, and it’s a marriage set to stay. Brands such as ILIA and their infamous Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF 40 have set the trend for hybrid beauty. This year, it’s better for the skin and the planet when we take it back to basics.

The clean beauty revolution

The beauty boom continues and thankfully into the clean beauty realm. We may be aware that the beauty industry isn’t as glossy as we are led to believe. Mainstream cosmetics can be littered with toxins and synthetics that can harm our health and environment. With the concoction of chemicals undistinguishable to the everyday beauty user, it’s no wonder beauty lovers are contemplating what we truly apply to our skin.

Opting for a more natural approach, this year’s trend is all about detoxing. From bad foods and harmful cosmetics, the focus is on clean living. From paraben-free to plastic-free, this year rings in a new era for eco-conscious beauty.

Although the industry grapples with the lack of description for clean beauty, which can lead to a host of greenwashing, more authentically sustainable beauty brands are coming onto the scene. From eco-friendly lipstick brand HIGHR to All Earth Mineral cosmetics, green beauty is evolving. From the latest mascara to colour-popping eyeshadows, clean beauty in all its glory is here to stay.

All Earth Mineral Makeup

Major brands are following suit, as the UK organic cosmetics market is expected to grow to £339 million by 2025, companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Luxury giant, Chanel has launched its first clean and sustainably sourced makeup and fragrance line. No. 1 De Chanel features 97% naturally derived ingredients and is a big step forward for the industry.

Big brands such as Chanel entering the clean beauty space indicate the positive shift towards a more regulated and safer cosmetics world and can help drive positive change. This year, clean beauty is changing the narrative and will begin to feel more accessible to the everyday beauty consumer. Buzzwords such as toxin-free, organic and vegan are the future of beauty.

The cosmetics world loves a slogan, and the latest edition is ‘cleanical‘. A mix of clinical and clean cosmetics that promise to reduce their impact on the planet while still providing first-class cosmetic care. Skincare brand, Biossance showcases this latest movement. Using lab-grown active ingredients instead of endangering the natural resources of the planet, means you can shop till you drop free of guilt.

This year we are holding brands accountable for their impact on the environment and the health of our skin. Becoming educated consumers and choosing to consciously consume, means we have the power to make a greener beauty space for all.

It’s all about feeling good from the inside

Looking after your health and wellbeing is the latest technique to transform your beauty routine. The world of skincare is not just about the products you swipe on your skin. Inner health is now an important part of this year’s beauty trend forecast. From gut health to meditation, holistic health is the next step for your daily routine.

From supplements, yoga flows and journaling, focusing on our inner health can help promote the much-desired glow. Taking small moments a day to reset can help our skin shine. When stressed, our breathing can become shallower. Taking slow, deep breaths mean we have more oxygen in our body to promote blood flow and keep our skin feeling refreshed.


This new year we set intentions to take care of ourselves. At Wearth, we stock ethical and sustainable supplements that will help you feel great on the inside and out. Beauty starts from within. Wellness is still the hottest mantra of the season and ‘health signalling’ shows no signs of slowing down. Health and wellbeing is the latest concept we all need to get behind.

Beauty has now expanded past the glossy lipstick fads to envelop an overall compass of everyone’s wellbeing, From sexual wellness, CBD infused skincare, eco-friendly sanitary care and non-toxic fragrance. The best trend we can buy into this year is feeling good in all aspects of our life. Feeling abundant in joy and happiness is the latest tonic we can get into this year.

For All

Finally, the beauty world begins to take powerful steps forward to become a more inclusive space for all. Consumers are demanding real authentic action from brands to embrace diversity and inclusivity as their norm. From gender-neutral makeup, the expansion of male grooming to featuring diverse models on advertisements, this year we are celebrating everyone’s unique beauty.

The last few years have raised awareness of the prejudice and discrimination that can be found in the beauty industry. Now as society demands better, the industry is taking strong steps forward in becoming a fairer place for all. This year, embracing diversity is no longer optional for brands to survive.

Subverting the stereotypical norms is in full flow, celebrities such as Harry Styles has released a collection of nail polish and others are following suit. Brands that once had only a handful of skin tones on stands now have a plethora of shades to choose from. This year it’s about pushing past the outdated stereotypes and creating an industry that’s safe and inclusive for all.

It’s time to recycle your makeup

As recycling schemes become more accessible and hit the high street, consumers can recycle their empty products at Maybelline’s recycling points, John Lewis, Superdrug or Boots. Taking the time to properly recycle your newly finished eye cream or foundation will become part of the new sustainable beauty routine.

Innovation and sustainability in packaging is another milestone for the cosmetic industry. Choosing eco-conscious packaging should be a key part of your beauty choices. Look for compostable, refillable or reusable packaged beauty products or even better choose products with zero packaging! Swap plastics for bamboo, glass or aluminium. As companies divert from single-use materials and design for the planet in mind, the latest advancements mean the beauty world can become a more environmentally friendly place.


This year’s beauty trend forecast focuses on brands being held accountable for their impact on the environment and consumers actioning eco-friendly practices into their daily routine. Now more than ever, it’s time to collectively work towards a greener and more ethical industry.

Looking for more? Check out our sustainable beauty department at Wearth for all things eco-conscious.