Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

The festive season is nearly upon us and with it a growing sense of over-indulgence and excess. It’s easy to lose the sense of our own values amidst the heady delights of a consumer-driven season. But gifts can be thoughtful and reflect the values of the giver and the recipient. We have an abundance of sustainable Christmas gift ideas which are sure to deliver the feel good factor in terms of ethics and values.

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas

When it comes to choosing gifts this Christmas, make sure they match your own principles and those of the recipient. Better yet, ensure they deliver a smile and an ongoing sense of joy!

1. For the pal you’re missing coffee with

We adore the WAKEcup Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup and we’re sure that your friends will too. With its striking good looks, it doesn’t compromise on ethics.

What’s more, 10% of WAKEcup profits go to eco charities, The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans, so your Christmas consumer pound is doing good things in more ways than one.

bamboo cup


2. For the vegan with the sweet tooth

Who says vegans don’t want to indulge in a sweet treat now and then, especially at Christmas? Win over your vegan friends with one of the best vegan gift ideas there is: a box of Nummy Vegan Baked Dark and White Chocolate Doughnuts.

Everyone else gets to enjoy a sweet treat at Christmas, now vegans can too.


3. For the teen lad in your life

No excuses, the teen boys are often the hardest to buy for. You won’t go wrong with the Cariki Men’s Climber Long Sleeve White T-Shirt.

It’ll tick the ‘cool’ box in terms of style and ethics. Made from organic sustainable cotton, it’s a streetwear brand that your teens are sure to love.


4. For the distinguished gent who has everything

Yes, we know the much-loved men in your life are tricky customers when it comes to gift buying. However, they will be pleasantly happy not to receive yet more socks when you give them the Naked Necessities Naked Shave Razor Kit.

Being plastic free and zero waste, it’s one of our favourite eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.


5. For the vegan foodie who loves to cook

A vegan Christmas gift guide wouldn’t be complete without some foodie favourites. This Vegan Recipes Gift Box by The Tea Spoon Club is perfect for the budding chefs and home cooks amongst your friends and family.

Who knows, you may well be invited over to enjoy one of the five fabulous recipes they cook up!


6. For the stressed individuals on your radar

2020 has definitely brought more than its fair share of stress for most of us. Show your loved ones that you really care by giving them The Calm Gift Box by Alice & Peg.

This box is bursting with treats such as Himalayan bath salts, handmade natural soaps, organic teas and plant wax tea lights. It is a hug in a box!


7. For an eco-friendly stocking filler

Don’t you just love all those little stocking stuffers? But they can be terrible for the environment. We therefore adore this Christmas Cracker Face Mask Gift by Fruits of the Nut Tree.

It’s organic, vegan and can be personalised. What’s not to love?


8. For the young girls setting their principles

It’s tough for the tweens and teens that are starting to put down their ethical roots whilst still trying to fit in. Show them it can be done by treating them this Christmas to a Biodegradable Glitter Kit.

Sure to be one of the top eco-friendly gift ideas in 2020, these glitters can be applied as body art. There’s a Christmas Biodegradable Glitter set too.

Biodegradable glitter

9. For the tough to buy for

We’ve all got at least one on our list, or even just the need to have a stock gift that’s suitable for anyone. Something we’d all enjoy receiving is the London Bathers Hand Wash and Hand Lotion Set.

So from the mother-in-law who’s got everything to the teacher who has had their hardest year ever, this is the perfect universal gift.

10. For the vegan girl’s stocking

Ok, that stocking needs stuffing and that can be tough when it comes to vegan Christmas gift ideas.

Pop in a Vegan Lip Care Duo Set and watch those pampered lips beam in a smile.


11. For the conscientious beauty fan

Beauty needn’t come with compromise. Choose the Wearth Beauty Gift Box which has been curated by Alice & Peg.

It’s jam-packed with natural and eco-friendly beauty items. With a Frankincense natural soap bar, it couldn’t be more Christmassy.


12. For the love of your life

For that extra special gift for the most special person in your life, the Smoke and Ash Personalised Interlinking Rings Necklace takes pole position in our sustainable Christmas gift guide.

With beautiful interlinked rings, and a uniquely personal message, there are few gifts which say ‘I love you’ quite like this.


13. For the style icon

You won’t go wrong by gifting even the most fashion conscious individual the Kula Fairfield Vegan Backpack. It pairs with just about anything whilst also being comfortable, ethical and practical.

It’s made using Texon Vogue which is a washable material made from sustainable paper – how cool is that?


14. For the cute little ones

Give a Christmas gift that will be special for an entire childhood with the 2 Green Monkeys Recycled Fabric Baby Memory Bear.

Whether you’re Mummy and Daddy, or Granny or favourite Uncle, round up some of the outgrown clothes of babyhood and see them transformed into this incredible keepsake.


15. For the super tricky

If you’re really stuck on what to buy then don’t despair. The Wearth London Personalised e-Gift Voucher will save the day.

From £5 upwards, you determine how much your gift recipient receives and they can then choose eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable items that will really float their boat. No mistakes!


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