Sustainable Christmas Gifts For Little Ones

Christmas is a magical time for children, and so it should be. Counting down the days till Santa makes that miraculous appearance, leaving them with gifts that will turn into life-long memories, it’s a fairy-tale time we can all remember. So, when finding the right gift to give to those little ones, why not provide them with their first steps into a life of sustainability?

Out of all the gifts that we receive as children, what we really remember the most are the ones that came with meaning, presents that offer a story and a moment shared with the people that we love most. For all the plastic dolls and factory-made toys that break within a week, there are also dozens of thoughtful, sustainable gifts that children will not only love but learn from. Presenting sustainability in a fun way for children to enjoy lays the foundations to creating eco-conscious adults.

So, why not bring a little green enchantment into a child’s life that you love this Christmas? Here is our pick of sustainable gifts for little ones, to show them just how special caring for our planet can be.

teddy bear

A special keepsake for the littlest of friends, this Memory Baby Bear is the perfect first-Christmas gift. As we know babies grow almost overnight, and this can mean that loads of their clothes only get worn a few times before being too small. That’s why this lovely bear is made up of your baby’s old clothes. Needing only 5 items from sleepsuits, vests, and t-shirts, these clothes are transformed into a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime. You can also include any items that hold significant value to you personally to add an extra sentiment. The bears can also be engraved with a name for a personal touch.

Price: £40

bug hotel

The Build a Bug Hotel is the perfect starter kit for children to discover the marvellous creatures on their very own doorstep. Teaching children the importance of looking after all creatures big and small, is an incredibly important lesson. What better way to do it than through their own imagination? All that is needed to bring this Bug Hotel to life is a clean jar, and an inquisitive mind, and the rest is all provided. Best of all, the hotel scene is drawn up on seed paper, which means when the fun is done, the paper can be planted to grow wildflowers.

Price: £7.50

Please note this product is not suitable for children under 3.

dino bag

For the brave little explorer who needs somewhere to store their adventure essentials, the Dinosaur Themed Cotton Bag is a must have. Alternatively, fill it with your small friends’ favourite treats, for a little Christmas hamper of joy. This 100% cotton bag is handprinted with a dinosaur pattern, which comes with an assortment of soy wax candles, so each child can colour to suit their favourite design.

Price: £3.50

Please note this product is not suitable for children under 3.


Cutting their first teeth can be a serious ordeal for babies. The one thing that has guaranteed to work its magic for generations are teethers. This simply beautiful designed wooden teether is made to help soothe away the pains with its easy to hold peace sign shape. Handcrafted from beechwood; the durable material will last your baby the whole way through their teething period. The teether is also left uncoated, unpolished, and is 100% certified non-toxic so that you can rest assured no nasty chemicals are being transferred to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Price: £9.99

plastic free jigsaw

If you’re looking for a gift that is both educational and that will keep your little one occupied for hours, then look no further. The Go Plastic Free Jigsaw Puzzle is a great way to get those little minds tuned in to the many ways in which we can go plastic free to help the planet. Not only does this puzzle help improve focus and problem-solving skills but also opens up questions about sustainability. The 1000-piece puzzle comes with a handy organic cotton bag to keep all the little pieces safe and is packaged in a recycled box. Unlike most puzzles, this one is also vegan friendly making it the perfect eco-friendly gift.

lunch bag

These waterproof-lined reusable lunch bags are exactly what every child needs in school. Created from thick cotton canvas, this adjustable bag can easily slip inside any school bag and the removable waterproof lining makes it extremely easy to wash out and re-use every day. The bags come in a range of colours to choose from, catering to personal preferences. The waterproof inner-lining also means that the bag can hold anything from pasta to left-over rice or veg dinners, perfect for the colder months when little ones need some warming from within.

Price: £34


A “bee bomb” is the best gift both for little ones and for our environment. This bomb of goodness is filled with a mixture of 18 locally sourced British wildflower seeds, that your children can watch blossom into beautiful wildflowers, as they grow themselves. The wildflowers are also perfect for bees to feed from and help sustain our ecosystem through pollination. Taking the time to share with your little loved ones the importance of planting flowers and wildlife will help them grow as eco-aware individuals. Moments like these will be a memory that they can not only learn from but keep forever.

Price: £7.94