Sustainable Fashion At The Met Gala 2021

The annual Met Gala is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable nights of the year. As celebrities clang together to out-sparkle one another in an array of bespoke couture, some use the night as an opportunity for good. As well as making sure to look extravagant, some of the Hollywood A-listers aim to spark conversation on current political and social climates, through the means of fashion. The result of this- a momentary insight into the designers and celebrities aspiring to make a more sustainable approach to luxury fashion.

At Wearth, we thought it only fair to share our top sustainable looks for the Met Gala 2021 in hopes to see if red carpet events such as these can be an instrument in positive change. From borrowed vintage to recycled fabric, these stars show the array of ways in which sustainability and fashion go hand in hand.

1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Brother Vellies

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Credits – CNN

Starting with potentially the most controversial of looks, it was the unmissable Brother Vellies gown, worn by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The off-the-shoulder white structured dress appeared from the front as every other red-carpet look did- beautiful. However, emblazoned across the back in a crimson red was the powerful statement “tax the rich”. Created by Brooklyn-based designer Aurora James, the dress was handcrafted from sustainable fabrics. Something as simple as opting for sustainable fabrics means that up to 71% of water could be saved in comparison to conventional fabrics like cotton. AOC also stated that the dress was borrowed for the event, making it overall a relatively eco-conscious choice.

2. Natalie Bryant in Connor Ives

Natalia Byrant

Credits – PopSugar

Natalie Bryant took recycling to a whole new level with a dress made entirely out of recycled PET plastics. Created by emerging talent Connor Ives, the ensemble was intended as part of the Met Galas exhibit. However, being substituted out for an alternative option last-minute gave Ives the perfect opportunity to see a part of his collection on the red carpet. As very well known, plastics are now one of the largest contributors to landfill and ocean pollution, which are aiding a climate crisis that is growing. PET plastics are what constitute up to 70% of bottles used for soft drinks that often find their way into these landfills, despite being recyclable. By reviving the plastics into a gown, it offers a second life to fabrics that would’ve otherwise been disposed of and destroyed. An example of fashion innovation at its best.

3. Adam Mosseri in Bode

Adam Mosseri and wife Monica

Credits – Vanity Fair

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, alternatively displayed the art of upcycling in a Bode suit. Both Adam and Monica Mosseri opted for more sustainable fashion options with Monica débuting a gown by Kamperett which sources their materials from dead stock. Environmental efforts were made by New York label Bode as they carefully crafting Mosseri’s graphic suit from repurposed, vintage fabric. With Instagram as the Met Gala sponsors for 2021, it seemed fitting that its head representative set the tone for the direction in which the event should be heading.

4. Daniel Levy in Loewe

Dan Levy Met Gala Look

Credits – The Independent

Last but certainly not least was Daniel Levy’s iconic Loewe look. Adorned in patchwork perfection of a queer couple, the look designed by JW Anderson paid homage to American Aids activist and artist David Wojnarowicz. As well as their celebration for the LGBQT+, Levy’s look also made it into our selection due to JW Anderson’s commitment to reducing Loewe’s carbon footprint by 20%, across all aspects of the brand. With the fashion industry being responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, it makes it one of the most damaging industries globally. Although not a complete reduction in its carbon footprint, Loewe’s effort is an example that all positive changes matter, no matter how small. If we all do our bit, big or small, the world will become a greener space for all.

Final Thoughts

Of course, this was just a handful of those who chose to walk the red carpet on Monday in an outfit that was more sustainable than the average. Some celebrities even took the option of re-wearing past red carpet gowns, shattering the once absurd belief that being seen in a repeated outfit is somehow tragic. In an array of colourful ways, the innovation of this year’s Met Gala designers inspired us with their many examples of how sustainability can be utilised in fashion.

Overall, what we saw at this Met Gala was a start. There is still an extremely long way to go before the occasion itself could ever be considered sustainable. However, celebrities using the renowned Met Gala platform to spotlight designers that are paving the way for a more eco-aware fashion industry means that some good can come from it all.