Sustainable Gift Sets You Can’t-Miss For Any Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers… There are many occasions to celebrate giving a gift to our loved ones. It feels great to gift the perfect present and see the happy faces of our friends and family. However, sometimes it can be difficult to select the right gift that is also eco-friendly and plastic-free. That is why we give you the right guide to select the best sustainable gift set for any occasion!


In the spirit of giving, there’s no space for eco-anxiety. Giving sustainable gifts is supporting local consumption. If the gesture of giving implies love, why not give things made with the care that the people who receive them deserve? Through our purchases, we support all the work that goes behind it, as well as helping to preserve the environment.

Gifting involves improving and strengthening relationships between people. Generate joy and tell them that they are important to you. That’s why giving sustainable plastic-free gifts, made by artisans, and changing the way you consume by supporting the work behind these gifts has never been so important. Here you have the best plastic-free gifts set to make your life easier and more sustainable:


Personalised Make Your Own Face Mask Trio & Body Scrub Kit ‘It’s Time To Treat Yourself’ Gift – Fruits of the Nut Tree


Doesn’t it feel nice an evening of a skin treatment at home? Self-care, spend time with yourself and spoil yourself with some creams and masks. Imagine if you can make your own first! This set by Fruits of the Nut Tree allows you to make your face mask and body scrub, completely personalised for yourself. There are different options available and you can personalise it even more with a personal message in the box. All are made with natural and organic ingredients to nurture and pamper your skin adding that extra fun and creativity to the creation process. It also fits in the letterbox, so it’s ideal for a surprise gift.

Vegan Banana and Coconut Fudge Muffin & Tea Baking Gift Kit – Mix & Rise


Everybody enjoys food! This gift is perfect for the ones who love cooking or just a perfect excuse to make something different with someone. Make delicious vegan banana and coconut fudge muffins with this kit. Enjoy this vegan snack at any time of the year and cook it with someone special to spend a nice quality time.


Zero Waste Gift Set – WAKEcup


If you are looking for a sustainable gift set with some style, this is the right one. The sustainable brand WAKEcup has designed this cool gift set with a backpack, a water bottle, and two bamboo straws. All the products are vegan-friendly and made from sustainable materials. The backpack is a great side since it can fit even a laptop, it is also waterproof, and it contains various compartments with a secret pocket to keep your valuables safely. Also, don’t forget that by buying any product of this brand you will be supporting The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans.

Honeypie Makeup Kit Gift Set – Honeypie Minerals


Rather for makeup lovers or the ones who are just initiating into makeup, this Honeypie Minerals set it’s great for them. All the products are natural and vegan, it contains eleven pieces to create an unforgettable look. It includes foundation which you can choose between 15 shades, a blusher and a blusher brush, two eyeshadows with eye makeup brushes, two shadows correctors and a powder brush. It is also suitable for all skin types and contains natural protection against everyday UV-light exposure.


Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set – Made Eco


We said we have sustainable gift sets for all occasions and it is true. Even if it’s for a newborn, there are eco-friendly options and this natural letterbox baby gift set by Made Eco is the one. All the items are handmade with natural materials and plastic-free. Everything comes packed completely in a letter box to make it easier to gift ethically. The kit includes a cloud teether made from natural beechwood, a reversible cotton bib, two mini muslin cloths, and a natural pacifier chain and clip. Every baby will feel comfortable with this cute and original set.

New Baby Gift Set – Tabitha Eve


It’s very important to take care of the skin of babies, and this kit has everything you need for that. Tabitha Eve has created this wonderful sustainable kit that contains a konjac bath sponge, one set of reusable breast pads, one small muslin cloth, and a set of five reusable bamboo baby wipes. Rather you are a new mom or an experienced one, you will have everything you need for your baby with eco-friendly and organic products kind for you and the planet.

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set – The Singing Leaf


The perfect gift for tea lovers. The Singing Leaf offers this set of two organic loose leaf teas with tea tools to make the perfect cuppa. Choose your favourite flavours between Floral Brew, Clarity Tea, Herb Garden Tea, Citrus Spice Tea, and Dream Time Tea. Plus, all the tools are completely plastic-free since they are made of bamboo and cotton. A safe and complete choice for those who enjoy drinking their tea nicely.

Organic Sleep Gift Set – La Aquarelle


Sleeping well is one of the most important healthy habits. La Aquarelle has created this kit to make that possible. The kit includes a soft eye mask made of natural plant dyes, a calming lavender herbal sachet, and a cotton drawstring storage bag. Place the sachet under your pillow or hang it close to the bed, put on the sleep mask and sleep tight with the sweetest dreams while helping the planet at the same time with no effort.

Deluxe Travel Gift Set – Leave No Trace


Do you know anyone that takes their food to work? Then you’ve found the perfect gift for them. Leave No Trace has this deluxe travel kit ideal for taking your food to work, a trip to the mountains or a picnic on the beach. The kit includes a bamboo cutlery travel set, a vegan leather sandwich or lunch bag, a wipe-clean food wrap, and an organic cotton shopping bag. A very complete set vegan, sustainable and plastic-free. All you need for a perfect meal outside the home!


Plenty of gift sets to choose from. All of them are sustainable for an ethical present to give with plenty of love. Be an environmentally-friendly queen or king with the best gifts for your beloved ones.