Sustainable Party Bag Ideas Every Kid Will Love

Party bags are an exciting extra at any event, especially for kids. It’s always thrilling to open them up  not knowing what you’re going to find. Party bags are the perfect product to make kids feel special and they’re sure to make your party a success! It may not come to a surprise to you that sometimes, the party bags you buy are not as sustainable as we would like them to be, or they merely don’t contain the best products for the party guests. Creating your own personalised party bags gives a special touch that will make your party unforgettable and also enables you to choose which products are included. 

We want the best for our children, and it’s great that they can learn how to be more sustainable and kind with the environment while having fun. How about they create a bee house or plant some flowers? This is possible by choosing sustainable and educational  products and avoiding small plastic items that’ll put big smiles on every face  at the party. Still don’t know what to put in yours? Not a problem! Here are some environment-friendly gifts for the little ones perfect for a party at any time of the year.


DIY Cheerio Cookie Cups Baking Kit

Treehouse Bakery knows a tasty sweet is a sure win, especially if it’s homemade. With this baking kit, you can make the best vegan cookies cups to include in each party bag.. A chewy peanut butter cookie, dotted with raisins and topped with favourite breakfast cereal. The perfect flavour to accompany any kind of kids party.

Kids Insulated Water Bottle 350ml – Nougat

Kids use a lot of energy, so it’s important to keep them hydrated. With this stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle and reusable straw, you’ll be sure to keep your little ones hydrated. A perfect bottle to take to school or the park and is leakproof to keep them safe and dry. The insulated water bottle keeps your liquid cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Kids will love the design of this water bottle and will want to carry it with them all the time.


A great idea to get children to start being environmentally aware and caring is to teach them how to plant and care for flowers. This BeeBom contains 18 seeds of locally-sourced British wildflowers perfect for bees to feed on. An eco-conscious gift that will let children play and enjoy nature.

Build a Bug Hotel

The perfect activity to stimulate children’s minds. With this kit, they can create their first bug hotel with natural ingredients made in the UK. Let the little ones get creative and build this hotel with its bed & bug breakfast. A unique gift for children to help them learn more about natural habitats.

Soy Wax Crayons – Dinosaurs

Is there a better combination than crayons and dinosaurs for children?  Kids love to draw and paint as it allows them to be creative. In a variety of colours, these dinosaur-shaped crayons will add extra sparkle to any party bag. Sustainably made in the UK using soy wax, these dinosaur crayons make a great child-friendly gift bag goodie.

Dinosaur Mini Seed Bomb Kit

Following on with the dinosaur theme this handmade messy play ‘Dino Poop’ mini DIY seed bomb kit is perfect for kids that like to get messy. They get to use their hands to create 2 to 3 seed boobs with the wildflower seeds. After creating them, they can go out and look for the best spot to grow the flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Both indoors and outdoors,  It’s a perfect gift and a fun activity for all children.

Wildlife Themed Party Pack

Creating your own bag is great, but sometimes we are too busy and we need a ready party bag. Indeed, there are also some sustainable and plastic-free party bags like this one from Sprinkles Creations UK. This party bag has a   hand printed drawing for children to colour in with the crayons inside so they can customise as they like. This party bag contains:

  • 4 soy wax crayons to colour and customise their bags.
  • Mini DIY bird feeder set.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Unfold your seed envelopes carefully to find the Nature Scavenger Hunt activity sheet.

You can also find other themed party bags here.


Now you have all the ideas to  create  sustainable party bags for the next kids party! We hope you liked these sustainable gifts and that they will help children to become aware of and connect with nature in a fun way. Shop all our gifts for little ones by clicking here.