Pinterest Predicts these will be the biggest trends of 2022… Let’s make them sustainable!

Year after year, social media’s ability to know us gets spookier and spookier…And one platform that’s well and truly flexing its psychic abilities at the moment is Pinterest!

Through their yearly roundup, Pinterest Predicts, they lay out what they expect the biggest lifestyle, fashion and home trends of the next 365 days to be. Based on their oh-so-clever algorithms and heaps of search data, they’ve been able to figure out what’s likely to be making us tick in 2022.

From “dopamine dressing” to “barkitecture”, there are a whole host of crazes set to sweep the globe this year and it’s got us thinking: What do these trends mean for the world of sustainability? What happens if we look at what’s hot through the lens of an eco warrior?

Be Jewelled:

Pinterest’s first prediction for 2022 is about all things dazzling! According to them, Gen Z are “getting creative and accessorising the whole body, from tooth gems to crystal eye embellishments”. Essentially, the basic necklace is oh-so-out and the blinged out body is oh-so-in.

Searches for “tooth gem”, “pedicure with rhinestones” and “crystal eye make-up” all significantly increased last year and are only expected to keep growing.

The problem? The vast majority of rhinestones are made from either acrylic or resin. So…Plastic! Whilst some are made from glass, this natural material costs much more to produce and is therefore more expensive for the consumer and so less common.

When considering whether to buy something plastic on your journey to sustainability, it can be helpful to think about whether it will be single-use. The more you use something, the more eco it becomes! And, unfortunately, gems on toenails and teeth are unlikely to have a huge amount of longevity.

If you want to get in on all of the sparkle, minus the middle finger to Mother Earth, why not opt for biodegradable glitter like the ones in this set?

Dopamine Dressing:

“Dressing loud is the new dressing down.”

Whether it’s thanks to two years of being periodically stuck inside or not, searches are pointing towards brighter, more extravagant dressing in 2022.

We love seeing people expressing themselves in a way that feels authentic and fun to them. However, focusing on fashion trends instead of personal style can be super damaging to the planet.

In fact, despite the financial implications of the recent pandemic, the UK’s clothing marketing barely saw a change in 2020. Instead, it continued down its harmful path, leading to 92 million tons of clothes-related waste and half a million tons of microplastics.

The short-lived trend cycles that punctuate our shopping habits are a huge part of this issue. That’s why it’s so important to only buy things that you believe you will wear for years to come. This doesn’t have to mean minimal designs without a splash of colour in sight. But it does mean getting mindful about items that will serve a steady place in your wardrobe rotation.

Another brilliant way to make dopamine dressing more eco is to shop secondhand or to support slow fashion brands. Here at Wearth, we’ve got some brilliantly sustainable items that fit the fun-filled bill!

Curve appeal:

Round-edged interiors are also on the up! Whether it’s sofas and soft furnishings or mirrors and vases, soft corners and flowing designs are apparently set to take the homewear world by storm.

Much like fast fashion, joining in on interior trends can be great, but only if you see the items serving a purpose within your space for a long time.

The rules are the same: Just. Be. Mindful. Will something have a long-term place in your home or will you want it out of your house quicker than you can say “Pinterest ” in 2023? If you love this style, again try to buy secondhand or from eco-conscious brands.

We love this deliciously curvy pegboard which is made in the UK from sustainable materials.

Hot Horology:

Checking the time on your phone? So 2021! It’s time to get serious about your timekeeping with a gorgeous watch or an oversized clock. According to Pinterest, anyway.

“Trendy watches” received 6X the search volume in 2021, but we encourage you to think of your horological pieces as staples within your wardrobe. They’re the kind of item that can truly last a lifetime if you’re able to invest.

To take it one step further towards sustainability, we have some great choices on offer. Votch are totally vegan and Ksana makes a statement and offers a recycling scheme.

Batter Up:

It’s not just clothing (and watches…and interiors…) that are getting more extreme this year. Cakes are too! Pinterest says that we should see an explosion in colourful, tiered and out-there concepts, that make eating desert as sweet for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds.

Now that’s a trend we can get behind!

For an eco edge on your very own Bake Off, go vegan with your sweet treats if you can! Check out our Vegan Food Gifts for delicious treats because not only is eating plant-based better for the animals (of course), but it reduces your carbon footprint too. We love the Minimalist Baker when we’re lacking inspiration.

Biophilic design:

We were also beyond excited to see that we’re set to bring the outside in this year! From plant walls to interior gardens, we’re never going to say “no” to more plants in our life.

This is perhaps the most sustainable of all the Pinterest Predicts themes, allowing people to add flare to their interiors in a way that is totally natural.

So, go on, get your home jungle started!

Alt Bashes:

“Empty nest? Party. Adoption went through? Party. Bad break-up? Here’s a cake.”

Whilst we love the idea of celebrating more than just the traditional holidays, there’s no denying that most of us aren’t putting the planet first whilst partying: Disposable plates. Plastic cups. Food platters that only end up half eaten. It’s the stuff of environmental nightmares!

Consider eco alternatives for your alternative bashes. We’re thinking bamboo plates and cutlery, DIY decor and doggy bags for guests to take home all of the remaining food.

Mindful menstruation:

Mindfulness and sustainability go hand in hand, so we’re also very excited to see this trend lined up for the year. Pinterest says that things like cycle tracking, understanding menstrual phases and getting conscious about all things periods is a growing movement online and off.

We hope that this also means people will get more conscious with the products they’re choosing too.

There are a whole host of options for a more sustainable period that is also better for your body. Menstrual cups, reusable pads and biodegradable tampons to just name a few! If you want to get more mindful, browse our brilliant range of sustainable period products here.

And there you have it! Whilst there’s no telling whether Pinterest have hit the nail on the head again, we’re relieved to see that a lot of their predictions can be given a more eco-conscious twist to keep trend-lovers and Mother Earth happy in 2022.

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