Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

The best gifts are those that come from the heart, and when they are sustainable and eco-friendly, they also show Mother Nature love. You’ll find more romance in this ethically conscious approach, regardless of which route you take to keep things a little greener this Valentine’s Day.

Credits - Polina Takilevitch via Pexels

Consider spending Valentine’s Day in a more sustainable way this year by focusing the day around experiences rather than gifts. You could heat things up in the kitchen by making their favorite meal or in the bedroom with a relaxing massage. However, if you do opt for gifts ensure  they’re as kind to the environment as they are to your partner. Here’s some inspiration…

1) I Love You… Long Thyme Recycled Card

Rose + Daff’s eco-friendly card is cute and punny – what more could you want? Sustainable? Check! A lovely, illustrative design printed on recycled blank card, making it ideal for romantic occasions or simply to express your love.

This 100% Nuts Card is another lovely design by Rose + Daff. Their cards are plastic-free and made entirely of recycled post-consumer waste.

2) Have a sweet tooth?

Brownies, blondies and cheesecakes, must we say more! This baked to order delicious box of handmade decadent mini brownies and blondies are the perfect gift for you…and your loved one. The box also includes 2 salted caramel & chocolate cheesecakes and if you’re not feeling that, there are 2 delicious raspberry cheesecakes to choose from. Vegan-friendly and ethical, these desserts by Positive Bakes make the ultimate gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

Shipped in a beautiful, recycled and 100% compostable gift box!

3) Alcohol that you can feel good about

If a romantic getaway isn’t on the cards this year, transport your senses to warmer shores with Lost Years Rum’s award-winning signature blend. A unique, vegan-friendly, and aromatic blend of world-class single estate Caribbean rum made from two base ingredients: molasses and fresh sugar cane juice.

This mix of three barrel-aged rums from the Caribbean combines flavours of tropical fruits with a warm smokiness.

What allows this alcohol to make you feel good, other than its fruity, smoky taste? For each bottle sold, Lost Years Rum saves up to ten baby sea turtles through Ocean Conservation! Not only that but it’s 100% vegan and zero sugar or colouring added post distillation.

4) Did someone say chocolate

Nummy’s Salted Caramel Brownie Cakes are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your vegan and environmentally conscious loved ones. These brownie cakes are delicious, with a gooey brownie base covered in salted caramel and dark chocolate. Decorated with raspberries and rose petals, this dish is simply decadent.

The gift box contains six delectable heart shaped brownies in one box, ideal for sharing with others or enjoying all by yourself!

5) Our hearts are fizzing away… no literally 

This plastic-free and vegan heart bath bomb by Authentic House is lovingly handmade in the UK and contains essential oils to create the ultimate relaxing haven. This eco-friendly bath bomb, infused with sweet orange and soothing lavender is the luxurious and pampering treat we all need. Indulge alone or with your partner (we’re not judging).

6) Keep it clean

Does your partner keep hoards of plastic bottles in the bathroom? Then maybe gifting them a  more environmentally friendly showering routine could be what they really need? This zero-waste set includes a beautiful, refillable aluminium bottle with a bronzed metal pump and a sachet of each of the Shea Tree and Passion Fruit Shower Crèmes.

It’s delicately fragranced and contains99 percent natural ingredients, leaving skin smooth and clean. Free of allergens, palm oil, parabens, and SLS, this product is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

When the bottle is empty, simply refill it and say goodbye to plastic bottles cluttering up your bathroom!

7) Work those knots out

Okay you’re all clean, you’ve been dined and wined with brownies and alcohol. What better than a massage? Due to the luxurious sweet almond and castor oils, these organic massage oils are very gentle and nourishing for the skin. They’re a great natural and vegan-friendly alternative to body lotion as they don’t leave a heavy, sticky residue but instead are completely absorbed by the skin.

There are three scents available:

Recovery: Aids in the recovery process after physical activity.

Relax: Ideal for unwinding blissfully.

Vitalise: Aids in the re-energisation of the body.

8) Cash or Card 

How about both and more, this trifold (yes you heard that right, trifold) cruelty-free wallet is made from eco-friendly vegan leather and has an eyelet for attaching a key chain. Features include a compact trifold design, 9 card pockets, 1 full length pocket for notes and discrete pockets under the notes sections. You can even personalise this wallet with  up to four initials, embossed and placed in the bottom right-hand corner. A thoughtful and individual gift for someone special.

9) A girl’s best friend are rubies now

Did you hear, diamonds are so last year, everyone’s loving rubies now. These elegant red ruby stud earrings are handcrafted in London and are an elegant accessory for any occasion. Sourced sustainably from Sri Lanka and set in a solid 9ct yellow gold halo setting, these earrings from Lily Flo are a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

10) Category is… Beard

Beard maintenance is a tough job, let’s help your partner out with some conditioning beard oil . Handcrafted in Wales with high quality pure essential oils, there are two opulent scents to choose from:

Blue Mountain: A scent of cedar and neroli with a base of tobacco and sandalwood.

Oriental Citrus: Oriental spice combined with a fresh floral citrus scent.

11) Serving Lips, Cheeks and Eyes

Literally, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. These three-in-one natural tints will add a pop of colour to your partners lips, cheeks and eyes. They’re made by hand and are cruelty-free, palm oil-free, vegan-friendly and come  in 6 wonderful shades!

These ethical tints are buildable and long-lasting, and they also contain Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Lavender to moisturise and heal.

12) “I love that scent you are wearing? What is it?”

Gifting your loved one perfume can also be a treat for you! Imagine your special someone smelling of fresh green foliage, smooth spice florals and even a hint of citrus. Well, Elementary Scents have made this possible by creating their natural Lazy Sage unisex perfume. Handmade in the UK with key notes of clary sage, cannabis, ho wood, rose, vetiver, geranium, bergamot, camomile, and lavender.

13) You just have such a glow about you

Is your partner beauty obsessed? Then consider making them glow with this hyper-pigmented, vegan highlighter palette. Each of the 6 shades has a velvety finish and can also be used as an eyeshadow, did someone say two in one! The palette is also refillable so you can gift them more shades once they’ve run out. That’s an idea for their Birthday and Christmas too.

14) “Have you got the time?”

“I sure do.” This stylish Votch watch is a combination of nautical design and minimalist elements. The cruelty-free Aalto watch is the perfect accessory for any date night. With a vegan-friendly brown leather strap and brushed silver case, this watch was created with both fashion and the environment in mind.

This lovely timepiece will be delivered to you in its own eco-friendly pouch and box, saving on that last minute gift wrapping.

15) “Can I call you back, I’m kind of busy right now.”

Yeah “totally busy”, deciding on a face mask for our date night. These face masks are handmade in the UK and come in sachets with all provided ingredients to pamper yourself.    They’re all natural and come as a dry powder that you easily mix together to make various fresh clay masks with cruelty-free ingredients.

There are a variety of face masks available, each designed for a different skin type.

We hope that you and your loved one enjoy Valentine’s day and if you’re looking for more sustainable gift ideas then discover our Valentine’s category by clicking here.