Sustainable Ways To Spend This Black Friday Weekend

Whether you want to bag a bargain from the latest tech gadgets to fashion and everything in between, Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Unfortunately, this also brings a lot of unnecessary waste and overconsumption, not only costing your credit card but the planet too.

Falling on Friday 26th November this year, this bonanza weekend gears consumers up for the holiday shopping spree. This American tradition has hopped over from across the pond and has rooted itself in the autumn calendar. With massive discounts and vast volumes of shoppers racing to grab the best of the sales, this shopping weekend only gets bigger and better.

But while people become more aware of their carbon footprint, they are waking up to the realisation that this shopping holiday is not as kind to the planet as it is to their bank accounts. Taking a step back from the sales and changing the attitude towards this shopping extravaganza is a powerful move to becoming more eco-friendly. Supporting charities, buying sustainable and ethical products and reducing your overall consumption is a great way to make your Black Friday as green as can be.

This year let’s spend our money wisely and support eco-conscious brands who are ditching the discounts for donations. So, cards at the ready and be sure to shop sustainably this Black Friday weekend.

Here is our roundup of sustainable and charitable ways to spend the shopping holidays.

Shop Smart

Choose brands and companies supporting ethical and eco-positive initiatives this weekend.


Welcome to our Green (or Blue) Friday! At Wearth, we champion sustainability and ethics at every corner, so this is why we are choosing to swap Black Friday for a more charitable occasion. We will be donating 25% of revenue to either the Forest Nation or Surfers Against Sewage. This Friday, help us support these charities enacting positive climate action across the planet, from cleaning up the British beaches to planting trees in Tanzania. And our customers get to choose. With every purchase, customers can vote Green for Forest Nation or Blue for Surfers Against Sewage. Visit Wearth on Friday to find out more.

On Cyber Monday, we are hosting a Conscious Gifts Monday with a 10% discount code. With our wide variety of independent UK brands selling eco-friendly and sustainable products, why not head to Wearth for the ultimate guilt-free Black Friday shopping spree.

Wearth Fashion


Founded by Jessica Kruger, Luxtra design beautiful and sophisticated vegan leather accessories, combining style and sustainability in one beautiful package. And now, the Certified B Corp accessory brand has launched its very own Black Friday campaign. With 100% of profits from sales made during the Black Friday weekend donated to the Orangutan Project, your latest vegan handbag has never been more ethical.

This Orangutan charity protects these endangered species by conserving habitats, providing care centres and offering rehabilitation programmes. These great apes are critically endangered by poaching, deforestation and palm oil plantations. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for someone special, when purchasing your next accessory, make sure it’s a charitable one and support Luxtra in helping the Orangutans. You can shop Luxtra products here at Wearth.

Luxtra lifestyle image

Shop Small

Supporting our local and independent high-street has never been more important. The pandemic has left lasting impacts on our beloved independent brands, so this weekend opt-out of buying from big retailers and shop small. Whether you decide to buy from the local gift shops, florists or market stalls, you can discover beautiful and unique gems you wouldn’t find elsewhere while supporting a great cause. Keeping the high-street alive with unique boutiques is a great way to discredit this sale weekend extravaganza.

Of course, if you can’t make it to your local high-street this weekend, here at Wearth, we stock over 250 eco-friendly, vegan and ethical independent brands so you can shop with a clear conscience.

Buy Second-hand

Black Friday often sees retailers dropping to worryingly low prices. Fast-fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided can sell clothes for as little as £1. These drastic drops in prices add further pressure on the Earth’s resources by increasing unnecessary waste. These unethical practices also promote unsafe and unfair working conditions for garment workers.

This year make one small swap this Black Friday and shop second-hand. With the UK discarding around 11 million items of clothing into landfills every week, your decision to buy second-hand is a strong move in ensuring this weekend is as eco-friendly as possible. Resale companies such as Ebloggers, Vesitaire Collective and Vinted are all great places to shop for pre-loved, on-trend excess fashion. Ebloggers is even participating in Black Friday, so you can shop till you drop without harming the planet.


Sit the sales out

We understand some purchases can only happen when products are discounted, but this shouldn’t be the reason to over consume. If you don’t need anything this weekend, why not join the anti-Black-Friday campaign and boycott the sales for good. In protest of big retailers such as Amazon and ASOS overtaking the high-street, independent brands are changing the game and going blackout for Black Friday. The British Independent Retailers Association has reported around 85% of independent retailers will not participate in Black Friday. A lot of brands are simply ignoring the siren call of the sales. A sustainable underwear brand, Pantee, are even shutting their website down. This year join the movement and sit the sales out.

Take a stand

Another great initiative to participate in is joining the #MakeAmazonPay campaign. This Black Friday stand in solidarity with garment workers who have had their wages stolen from brands such as Amazon. The #MakeAmazonPay coalition, led by UNI Global Union, is staging protests across the globe. On Friday 26th November, activists and workers are demanding that Amazon pay their garment workers fair living wages and provide safe working conditions. So let’s take a stand and join this campaign to protect workers rights.


So, whether you are buying consciously from charitable brands or boycotting the sales for good, each step we make will ensure a kinder and more sustainable weekend. Happy shopping!