The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Keeping our homes clean and tidy has never been more important. But while our homes may sparkle, our cleaning habits have a dirty secret. From disposable plastic bottles to harsh chemicals, it’s time to invest in environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Finding the perfect product to remove those pesky stains or stubborn streaks means our cupboards are fit to bursting with plastic bottles. Our household cleaning habits are contributing to the worlds over-flowing pile of plastic waste.

While our homes are overrun by excessive packaging, it’s time to rethink the worlds cleaning carbon footprint. Choose refillable and eco-friendly products to help do your part for the planet.

Stock up on Wearth’s top picks for eco-friendly and refillable cleaning products so you can keep your home and the planet clean and tidy.

In The Kitchen

Disinfecting surfaces, removing grease and stains mean our kitchens can be full of chemicals and plastic waste. Detox from plastic and choose these eco alternatives to create a more zero-waste kitchen.

Clean Living: kitchen cleaner and degreaser starter pack – £8.99


Gentle on the environment while effective in removing grease and stains, this refillable kitchen cleaner is eco-friendly and natural.

Spruce: Multipurpose Starter Kit – £12.00


This refillable cleaner removes dirt, spills and grease from your kitchen and countertops without harming the environment.

Fill: Washing Up Liquid – £7.08


Tough on dishes but gentle on skin. This washing up liquid comes in a glass bottle and is natural, non-toxic and includes biodegradable ingredients.

Elmkind: Natural Kitchen Cleaner – £8.99


Handmade in the UK using organic ingredients, this refillable kitchen cleaner is a great eco-conscious alternative.

Miniml: Anti-Bac Surface Cleaner – £2.00


This antibacterial spray is made with natural ingredients. Tough on stains but gentle on the planet.

In the Bathroom

Cleaning bathrooms isn’t always the most glamourous job. To achieve maximum sparkle with minimum damage to the planet, use these eco-friendly swaps.

Clean Living: Biological Bathroom Cleaner Starter Pack – £8.99


This bathroom cleaner has a natural formula to help you cut through soap residue and grime.

Elmkind: Natural Bathroom Cleaner – £8.99


This refillable grapefruit and palmarosa scented cleaner is made from natural ingredients. Tough on dirt and grime but kind to the planet.

Spruce: Bathroom Starter Kit – £12.00


Plastic-free and refillable, this bathroom starter kit is best used for limescale, glass, soap scum and dirt. A great eco swap to bring into your cleaning routine.

Fill: Bulk Bathroom Cleaning Liquid – £32.10


Made in the UK with non-toxic and natural ingredients, this refillable bathroom liquid helps remove limescale.

Miniml: Toilet Cleaner – £11.99


Handmade and eco-friendly, this non-toxic gel toilet cleaner removes tough stains without harming the planet.

Cleaning Bundles

Feeling a little overwhelmed? These starter bundles are a great way to start your eco journey. Leave the fuss behind and transport your cleaning routine into an environmentally friendly habit that will last a lifetime.

Clean Living: Complete Cleaning Caddy – £43.99


This cleaning kit provides you with everything you need to help make your home clean and tidy. Containing refillable and eco-friendly products, this cleaning caddy is a great place to begin.

Mix Clean Green: Mix Kit – £40.00


This sustainable cleaning kit contains six eco-friendly and toxin-free products to kick start your new and improved cleaning routine.

Tabitha Eve: Zero Waste Cleaning Set – £13.85


This plastic-free cleaning set includes reusable sponges and cotton cloths to make sure your cleaning routine is as waste-free as possible. Ethically made in the UK, this cleaning set is a must have addition to your cleaning supply.

Help make the planet healthier with your new and improved cleaning routine. At Wearth we clean up the eco way.

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Check out our entire list of cleaning essentials here. All our products are vegan and environmentally friendly. From natural ingredients to refillable packaging, we have everything you need for your sustainable journey.