The Best Eco-Friendly Workspaces In London

It is fair to say what we deem an “office space” has been revolutionised over these past years. What we once thought of as stuffy rooms filled with adjoining desks and uniformed plastic chairs has been challenged by inventive individuals who have flipped the very concept of an office on its head. Popping up all across London are now open, bright spaces filled with greenery, designed to optimise creative collaboration. Best of all, these hubs of productivity have all been created to be as eco-friendly as possible.

After two long years of using dining room tables, ironing boards, and vanities stacked with paperwork as our own makeshift desks, our desire to restore some normality with face-to-face collaboration has never been stronger.

So, for anyone who wishes to implement a little green in their daily work life, or if you’re just tired of having to answer the doorbell mid-video call, here are our picks for the best eco-friendly workspaces in London.

Situated in the vibrant region of Hackney, just a short walk from London Fields, this nature-bursting community space was refurbished from a 200-year-old warehouse. What was once a seafood wholesaler has been transformed into a multifunctional space filled with offices, podcast studios, and a quiet library space for anyone who’s in need of a little tranquillity to study in.

Workspace in London

Credits – Instagram

In attempts to recreate a homely feel, The Fisheries have decked out their community areas with home furniture found from vintage stores across London. However, vintage furnishings are just the start of their sustainability attempts. The warehouse has been fitted with 72 solar panels for energy-efficient electricity and the bathrooms all use recycled rainwater, to make this an eco-optimising space. To top it all off, if you are looking for some fuel for those busy team meetings, you can always grab a coffee from their locally sourced café which offers a selection of locally sourced goods and treats.
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2. Sustainable Workspaces in SE1

Founded by the largest co-located sustainability business- Sustainable Ventures, Sustainable Workspaces was created in 2015 as a solution for all your eco-business problems. With multiple spaces based around South, East London there is a variety of office styles to suit each individual. Opting for a minimal appearance, the beauty of these working spaces is in their eco-friendly setups and thriving community of like-minded businesses.

office space

Credits – Sustainable Ventures

Offering co-working spaces, private offices, and workshops for climate-conscious start-ups, there is a chance to learn from the experts. Sustainable Workspaces provide support on all matters from bid-writing to project management. Additionally, the chance to be surrounded by so many entrepreneurial companies means inspiration is never too far away.

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3. The Canvas in Brick Lane 

The Canvas, at first glance, could be considered no different from any other Vegan Café in the quirky streets of Shoreditch. With its pineapple yellow framework and summer bunting strung across, the café-cum-community space is as inviting as it is unsuspecting. Once inside, what this little vegan paradise offers is actually an assortment of spaces for social enterprise and collaboration.
Although offering three spaces, the Community Hub is the golden gem of this space as it’s described by The Canvas website as:

“a gift to individuals and organisations wishing to run free events that will improve life for others”.

Canvas Cafe

Credits – Vegan London

For any eco-friendly small businesses wishing to make a change to people’s life through sustainability or any other means, this space is offered up for free. They only ask in return for a small donation to be made to their ‘Pay it Forward Board’ which provides food and drinks to the local homeless community.

Alternatively, if a relaxed space to study or meet with peers and colleagues is more what you’re looking for then their Vegan Café is the choice for you. With a selection of delectable choices, the café sources all ingredients locally and sustainably, and their delicious menu is all made in-house for an eco-friendly win.

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4. Second Home in Spitalfields

It is often the joke that offices become our second home due to the amount of time spent in them. Well, in the case of Second Home in Spitalfields, they have creative a home-away-from-home that you may not want to leave. Originating in Spitalfields, these 60s chic office spaces now have sites at Holland Park, Clerkenwell Green, and London Fields, as well as internationally. Inspired by the architect Rei Otto, these unique spaces feature bubble rooms encapsulated in glass and a green oasis of creativity for co-working.

Open Office work space

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As well as their entrepreneurial attitude towards interior design, Second Home also uses 100% green energy for its buildings. Priding themselves on their biophilic design, the quirky Second Home architecture is as equally a sustainability interest as it is an aesthetics one.

Second Home is currently offering a free 2 months of office space when you sign up for six months.

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5. Fora London

With 12 office sites across London and 2 more on the horizon, Fora is by far one of the largest workspace communities available. Covering the most part of London, these spaces are a short commute for most, which is a relief to the many of us that have grown used to convenience. Founded in 2016, Fora has grown quickly and offers a premium approach to co-working spaces.
Their sleek and elegantly designed rooms with pastel hues and warm lighting, make this a welcoming space to collaborate.

Fora London Workspace

Best of all, Fora have made the pledge towards net zero carbon by 2030. To do this they are taking multiple steps to create a sustainable work environment and achieve their goal. Currently, all Fora buildings use 100% renewable energy, and all of their waste is recycled. They also offer cycling facilities and a discount on bicycle hiring for those who are interested. Although this is only the beginning stages of their net-zero carbon journey, Fora have already been awarded the Planet Mark certificate for their eco-efforts. This is the ultimate sophisticated and stylish solution to sustainable co-working in London.

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