The Best Biodegradable Phone Cases

Smart phones seem almost an essential part of life these days. They not only help us with day-to-day admin, but also keep us connected to the world. However, these nifty pocket-sized computers are notoriously demanding on the earth. These days there are plenty of schemes for recycling phones themselves. But this is not the case for many of the accessories necessary for phones – from the plastic and metal chargers and headphones to the plastic cases which cover them. With this in mind, it is always great to find ways to mitigate this demand on the earth as much as possible. 

One great and easy way to do this is to find biodegradable phone cases that are made from alternative materials such as wood, cork or fibers. The best of these eco-friendly phone case alternatives are those which biodegrade. This is because they not only reduce the use of plastic but also give back to the earth and soil after you have used them.

Here are some of our favourite eco phone cases and covers available on Wearth:

Wild Case (£12.50) – eco-friendly phone cases

The design

Wild Case produces affordable eco-friendly iPhone cases for a number of different generations. The phone cases all come in an off-white speckled design, giving your phone a smooth, stylish but natural look. Each biodegradable phone case has raised rims and the phone sits comfortably and securely within.

Wild phone case

How is it biodegradable?

The eco phone cases are made from PLA Bioplastic and sustainable Bamboo Fibre. The former is made from polylactic acid which is generated through corn and other natural fibers. The latter through Bamboo materials. When sent to commercial composting plants, these materials can biodegrade. It is important to note that these cases need special conditions to biodegrade so they cannot be simply put in your back-garden compost bin, but rather need to go to larger, centralised composting facilities.

How much is each eco phone case?

Each Wild phone case comes at just £12.50, cheaper than many of the most popular plastic phone cases. What is more, if bought through the Wearth website, you can get free delivery on these cases.

5% of each sale goes to the Ocean Cleanup, an organisation that is developing technologies to help tackle plastic pollution.

Uunique London (£19.99-£25.00) – biodegradable phone cases

The design

Uunique phone cases cater for the latest iPhone and Samsung models. The eco cases come in a very wide range of colours and designs, from the natural-looking speckled cases to faux-marble and a number of bold colours.

phone case


Unnique biodegradable phone cases come in plastic-free packaging. Each case is designed with raised rims to ensure your phone is as drop-proof as possible. In addition, each case is wireless charging compatible without having to remove the case.

How is it biodegradable?

Like Wild, Unnique’s eco phone cases are made from a variety of natural materials which can be composted in the right conditions in large composting plants. The phone cases with patterns or marble-look designs are made by using natural bio-inks which also decompose.

phone case

How much is each eco phone cover?

Each biodegradable phone case is priced between £19.99-£25 plus post and packaging. 1% of all sales from the Uunique cases are contributed to supporting local eco-charities.

Wavecase (£12.00-£15.00) – eco phone covers

The design

Wavecase was started by three friends who saw first-hand the devastating effects that plastic pollution is having on their small seaside town in NE England. They want to encourage change in the world, one biodegradable phone case at a time.

red phone case


Wavecase have developed a range of stylish eco-friendly phone cases and tech accessories made from wheat straw and bamboo fibre. They are designed with a slightly matte texture, which provides an excellent grip to protect your device and makes it comfortable to hold.

How is it biodegradable?

Like Wild and Unnique, Wavecase’s phone cases are made of natural materials, such as wheat straw and bamboo fibre. These can be effectively composted in the right conditions.

How much is each case?

Each case is priced between £12.00-£15 plus post and packaging.

So, there we have it, our efforts to protect the planet need not come at the expense of our phones.