The Best Sustainable Swimwear: UK Based Brands Designing with the Planet in Mind

Looking to make the move to more sustainable swimwear? Look no further. Here is our roundup of 16 UK designed sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical swimwear brands that have something for everyone. Support local, save the oceans, and look cute doing so!


Tiktok: @beniniuk

About:  Coined, Luxe Slow Fashion, designed and handmade in the UK by owner Issi, these trendy suits are perfect for girls’ trips to the Continent – think cocktails in hand, and sustainable glamour.

Sustainable Practice: ‘We aim to be a sustainable fashion choice, by being made-to-order – reducing fabric wastage, sourcing materials from other small businesses within the UK, and from 2021, where possible using recycled fabric made from waste materials which would otherwise be destined for landfills.’

Instagram: @pursuitswimwear

Tiktok: @pursuitswimwear

About: Designed by founders Annabel and Hannah, with body inclusivity and celebratory at the forefront, these stylish and striking suits are incredibly flattering for any figure, and beautifully constructed.

Sustainable Practice: ‘Pursuit The Label is a London-born, sustainable swimwear brand that uses the highest quality recycled fabrics to create each individual piece. All of our swimwear is designed and produced in London, created with ECONYL®.’

Instagram: @sundaylondon

Tiktok: @sundaylondon

About: With vibrant, colourful geometric and watercolour prints, Sunday London swimwear is just a joy to look at. Created by designer Fallanne, they have swimsuit cuts to suit every figure and preference- from square necklines to fun cutouts, you’re sorted. The beautiful models demonstrate everybody has a beach body (stocking up to a UK size 20) and they look fantastic doing so.

Sustainable Practice:

  1. ‘Our swimwear is created from a mix of Recycled Polyester, Polyester and Elastane.
  2. Our prints are printed using OEKO-TEX Eco passport certified inks.
  3. What makes us unique is that all swim is reversible and all prints are exclusively designed by us.
  4. We are a sustainable brand that produces virtually zero waste.
  5. We sell the majority of our swimwear styles on a made to order basis to avoid overproduction and waste creation, whilst our clothing and accessories are produced in limited quantities.’

Instagram: @goldesseswimwear

Tiktok: @goldesseswimwear

About: Founded and handmade by Aimee, these timeless, classical suits are complementary to every curve on your body, elevating your beach look in subdued colours and flattering cuts. Handmade in the UK to order, care is taken to avoid fabric waste and ensure the best quality.

Sustainable Practice:

  1. ‘ To ensure low impact I have a zero plastic packaging policy as well as focusing on sustainable fabrics wherever possible.
  2. Our boxes are made from 90% recycled content and are fully recyclable.
  3. Our swing tags, stickers and compliment cards are FSC certified and made with 100% post consumer waste.
  4. Our swim fabric and lining used to create our recycled styles is made using ECONYL®  yarn.
  5. Our collections are currently handmade in the UK. As I look to the future I’ll only seek out factories that are WRAP, SEDEX AND BSCI certified.’

Instagram: @fandwild_london

Tiktok: @fwildlondon

About: Elegance and timelessly classic design come to mind perusing F and Wild’s collection. Hand made in Greenwich London, the swimwear primarily employs a navy, white and terracotta colour pallet, with fun pops of pink and red. Break out the sunhat, the Mediterranean is calling for these suits.

Sustainable Practice: ‘We believe that sustainability should not stop at just the fabric used but applied throughout our entire business model and supply chain.

  1. Made from ECONYL® fabric.
  2. We are committed in promoting fair living wages and ethical working standards, and by working with a small studio means that we can monitor and ensure that their ethos are aligned with ours.
  3. We believe in slow fashion and that is why we will not be running/introducing a new collection every season. Instead we have made the swimwear pieces to last for many seasons.’

Instagram: @azarlaswim

Tiktok: @azarlaswim

About: Brought to you by Sophie & Hannah, this gorgeous affordable swimwear shows even students and people on a budget can indulge in sustainable new bikinis and suits! With an array of styles, in bold and fun prints and colours, these are must-adds to your collection.

Sustainable Practice:

  1. ‘Every item from Azarla SWIM is designed and pattern cut in house and we use a UK manufacturer, so we can guarantee the pieces we sell are 100% ethical.
  2. Our manufacturer is a husband and wife team only a ten-minute drive away from our HQ. 
  3. At Azarla SWIM we believe sustainability has to be a priority, therefore, we created a recycled collection, which is made using ECONYL® fabric.
  4. Our swimwear will be delivered to you in packaging that is completely recyclable. The bespoke Azarla SWIM boxes are made in the UK and the cardboard is sourced from sustainable tree farms.’

Instagram: @incapriswim

Tiktok: @incapriswim

About: This Resort Wear will have you swooning and feeling like a million bucks. With tasteful cut-outs and elegant ties, Isabelle Alexander has perfected sustainable luxury, so why not invest in one or two of these pieces and wear them for years to come.

Sustainable Practice: ‘We proudly make all of our swimwear from premium Italian sustainable fabrics. These fabrics are made from ECONYL® yarns. 

OUR TRIMS- Our gold trims are made from an alloy called Zamak which creates a highly-resistant material that is 100% infinitely recyclable. All labels that are featured on In Capri products are made from recycled cotton or satin. Further to this, all internal trims, such as rubber, side bones and cups, are sustainably sourced, fully recyclable and low-waste. 

OUR PACKAGING- All of our hang-tags and packaging are FCS certified and printed using soy based inks. This means that they are fully compostable at home or recyclable. Our hygiene liners are made using tree pulp, making them biodegradable and compostable.’

Instagram: @mitrathelabel

Tiktok: @mitrathelabel

About: Comfortable, reversible, and oh-so-cute, Emily, founder and designer, has made the perfect swimwear staples for everyone’s wardrobe. With a wide range of styles, in fun bold colours, there is sure to be something for everyone. And props to her for the diversity of her models! Visible disabilities in swimwear campaigns are hard to find, and all these ladies just look fantastic.

Sustainable Practice: ‘Our Production- ​We are proud to design and hand make our pieces here in the UK, Bristol. Packaging and Distribution- As well as our sustainable fabric, our hang tags and packaging are recycled and recyclable. We are currently in talks with a supplier to produce biodegradable hygiene liners, which we hope to release in the next couple of months.

Our Ethos- We want to encourage our customers to buy less and buy better quality and ethical clothing. We also try to make our pieces as versatile as possible, so you can get more than one style out of an item. 

The Goal- Alongside using ECONYL® yarn and biodegradable packaging, we are working towards a circular production system. Our current goal is to able to take back your used and love Mitra The Label pieces and regenerate them back into ECONYL® yarn and turn them into new pieces.’

Instagram: @musaswimuk

Tiktok: @musaswimuk

About: Simple, flattering, and comfortable these swimwear pieces are perfect for the adventurers among us. You needn’t fear jumping from a cliffy outcrop into the water without a nip-slip, or hiking mountains in the sun, without any support, as these designs are as comfortable as they are cute. Resistant to sun cream and oil, UV protection, pilling resistant, ultra chlorine-resistant and many more qualities, keep these babies safe.

Sustainable Practice: ‘Our Fabric- Each piece is made 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon and 22% elastane, which is double lined for both comfort and support.

Our Packaging- All MUSA Swim™ packaging uses recycled or recyclable materials. Our boxes and tags are made from recyclable card, each tag is hand tied using recycled twine, and every MUSA Swim™ piece is lined with a biodegradable hygiene sticker.’

Instagram: @swim.bytlc

Tiktok: @swim.bytlc

About: Affordable, fun and stinkin cute, Founder Tasha, uses lots of floral and retro prints in fashionable styles and warm colours;  all of which are reversible, making them great for mixing and matching.

Sustainable Practice: ‘The majority of my garments are produced using deadstock fabrics from local shops and all of my swimwear is made using ECONYL®. Everything is handmade in Leeds by myself; from the designing, pattern cutting, manufacturing, packing and posting – all from my studio.’

Instagram: @tuccaswim

Tiktok: @tuccaswim

About: Sisters Helaina and Chloe, photography and textile design graduates, have worked seamlessly together to create versatile, multi-way bikinis, employing the photography technique (rather fittingly) of sun printing. This is where found objects from nature are placed upon light-sensitive paper, creating totally one-of-a-kind prints; which are then transferred over to the fabric used to make swimsuits. So the swimwear is totally in line with the eco-friendly ideals of the company.

Sustainable Practice: ‘We are proud partners with Econyl® 

The Factory- At present, all swimwear is made close to home in London and we are proud to support our economy. Our manufacturers are small and have an ethical approach and focus on working with brands who have quality products which will last. 

The Packaging- All packaging is recyclable or re-usable. We launched the Tucca Tote to give you a re-usable bag which is gifted with every order instead of having a throwaway bag.’

Instagram: @lannistudios

Tiktok: @lannistudio

About: Run from her studio in Yorkshire, designer Katrina, creates these adorable suits that are sexy, fun and flirty, in a wide range of colours and prints, all reversible. She also offers a zero-waste bikini drop sometimes, made from the offcuts/ scraps from the hand made suits, so watch out for that on the Instagram page if you want to catch one of those further sustainable pieces!

Sustainable Practice: ‘FABRICS- I create everything myself from my studio and make everything to order to prevent overproduction and waste.  My swimwear is crafted using Italian ECONYL® regenerated nylon for my plain colour fabrics. My print fabrics are made from Vita PL, by Carvico, made from pre and post consumer material like plastic bottles, destined for a life in the landfill. 

PACKAGING- All orders are sent in a fully recyclable mailer manufactured using a plant based biopolymer made from sugarcane. My thank you notes and swing tags are printed onto 100% recycled card. I sent larger orders in recycled boxes which can be recycled again.’

Instagram: @instantswim

Tiktok: @instantswim

About: For swimmers, by swimmers, these suits are made for fitness and competitive swimming. There are very few sustainable options on the market for this need, so Instant Swim perfectly fills that space. Supportive, durable, and undeniably flattering, there will be no turning back from these guys as aesthetics are not compromised in the least for functionality.

Sustainable Practice: ‘Our Fabrics- Our ECONYL® fabric is created from regenerated ocean plastic, such as abandoned fishing nets and industrial plastic. Not only does this help to remove waste from the oceans, but it also reduces the amount of new materials produced.

Our Factories- Our swimwear is manufactured in factories that value sustainability as much as we do. Our products will only ever be made in the most ethical manner, with fair trade always being the priority over speed and cost. We have built great relationships with our suppliers so you can be sure your products are made with the utmost care. 

Our Packaging- Our packaging is made from biodegradable materials such as corn starch, and can be composted. Our Donations- We support Ocean Generation by donating 3% of every sale to their charity.’

Instagram: @junkldn

Tiktok: @junkldn

About: With a style of suit to suit every body, “​​I create for real women with real bodies. Wobbly bits are more than welcome here” from a supportive, underwire top, to skimpier cheeky bikinis, you’re sorted for the summer with Junk London from Celia Harper. Release your inner child with prints straight from the memory box, and relax by the pool knowing that you look that good while helping the environment.

Sustainable Practice:

  1. ‘Our swimwear designs are made from either ECONYL or REPREVE.
  2. Our seasonless, trendless pieces are created in small runs to avoid excess waste, but that also just makes them special and limited edition-y too.
  3. It’s made in the best factory ever- our swimwear is manufactured in the kindest factory in all of Bali. (Seminyak Beach to be precise). They’re not only lovely to their workers and pay them three times the national average, but they also provide free health care and a cooked lunch every day. Plus each worker also receives double wages for any overtime they do.
  4. It’s zero-waste- The factory we work with has a zero-waste policy and they use biodegradable bags to ship the swimwear to me in the UK. Any fabric scraps are donated to local charity-based groups and they make monthly donations to Bali Streets Mums, a charity devoted to the welfare of women and children in Bali who make their living scavenging rubbish dumps.
  5. It’s recyclable (mostly-  Our packaging is plastic free and most of it is made from either recycled paper or t-shirt offcuts. Even our hygiene liners are biodegradable (which is pretty bloody impressive!).

It’s easy to wash your junk- we always recommend hand washing our swimwear, to avoid releasing any unnecessary microfibres in the water system.’

Instagram: @awaythatday

Tiktok: @awaythatday

About: Founder & Creative Director, Ingemae has created striking and elegant suites in a wide variety of colours up to an XXL. These are well worth saving up for – having well made, quality garments that don’t cost the earth, instead of buying a few cheap suits every season- what is more sustainable than that?

Sustainable Practice:

  1. ‘Our Fabrics- we use a revolutionary fabric that’s kinder to the planet.- Econyl®
  2. Our Packaging.- The power of corn – not only is every Away That Day swimsuit packaged in a little compostable & biodegradable bag made from corn starch, all of our mailers are also made from recycled paper.
  3. All of our swing tags and labels are made from recycled materials and ordered from our trusted suppliers that not only supports global reforestation, but share certification. We also request certification throughout our entire supply chain to ensure standards are always met.
  4. Our practices- every piece is lovingly and ethically made by our small manufacturer in the heart of London where the workers are paid above minimum wage. Manufacturing closer to home means we have lowered our C02 emissions and are now able to visit our factory regularly. We love their no-waste approach when it comes to everything they do, including energy-saving machinery and solely using recycled packaging.
  5. Canopy Planet.- we are delighted to be partnered with Canopy to reduce our risk of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.’

Instagram: @seasoonswim

Tiktok: @seasoonswimwear

About: Sexy and sporty, Seasoon’s contemporary swimwear collection is designed in London and made ethically in Europe using Italian fabrics. Their unique eco-friendly swimsuits are handmade by skilled seamstresses using an innovative material made from recycled plastic and they are fully recyclable.

Sustainable Practice: Designed in London, Italian fabrics, European production, highly skilled seamstresses, ethically made using sustainable materials.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and invest in some of these gorgeous pieces, and help keep more plastic and petroleum out of the ocean!