The Best Vegan Fish & Chips In London

Have you been vegan for a while and still craving a good old chippy?? If you made the slow transition from Pescetarian, Vegetarian to Vegan, undoubtedly you learnt to lean on fish and develop a love for it as a protein source, and despite yourself, you might still miss it. I know I certainly do after 9 years and I’m happy to admit it! So have your fish and eat it. Just without any of the guilt and mercury that comes with the real-deal. Fish and chips is the classic British staple that isn’t going anywhere, so why not support the places that have embraced the vegan revolution and now offer it as a staple menu option. And for those omnis that are looking to incorporate more plant-based foods in their diet for health or environmental reasons, go ahead and check these out too! Just keep an open mind, don’t go in with any expectations, and give these vegan chippys a whirl.

If you’re looking for more vegan options to tantalise your taste buds then checkout our selection of the best vegan pizza in London.

Best Fish & Chips London

☆ = Vegan restaurant

The Canvas Cafe, Shoreditch, E1 5JL ☆

Chip shop options offered: Fish and chips – A tofu or banana blossom-based fish alternative with the usual trimmings.

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Sutton & Sons, Stoke Newington, Islington and Hackney, N16 0PH

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Chip shop options offered: Banana blossom fish and chips, Banana blossom fish cake, Vegan prawn cocktail, Vegan calamari, Battered or grilled vegan sausage and chips, Fish burger, Vegan seitan doner, Scampi and chips, Onion rings


The Dovetail, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4JP

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Chip shop options offered: Nori wrapped Tofu in a Zot Blonde Batter with Chips, Minted Peas and Home made Tartare Sauce, Flemish Stew ‘a la Vegan, Sausage and Mash


Mooshies, Spitalfields, E1 6RL ☆

Options offered are not your traditional fish and chips, but a fish burger instead – Panko Fried Aubergine, Tartare Sauce, Nori Seaweed, Vegan Cheese & Lettuce

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Unity Diner, Spitalfields, E1 7AL ☆

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Chip shop options offered: Popcorn prawns, Vegan calamari rings, Tofish & chips, Vegan lobster roll & all the trimmings, Tofish stack


Brockley’s Rock, Brockley, SE4 2QZ

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Chip shop options offers: Vegan Fish Steak, Vegan Fish Fingers, Vegan Sausages (x2 , Vegan Cake


Vegan Express, Tooting and Croyden, CRO 1LD ☆

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Chip shop options offered: Tofish and chips


Codfellas, Peckham, SE15 4QY

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Chip shop options offered: Tofish, Vegan Calamari, Banana blossom, Naked glory burger, Vegan nuggets, Vegan chicken nuggets, Vegan sausage, Vegan steak and onion pie, Vegan mushroom and chicken pie


Golden Union, Soho, W1F 7LY

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Chip shop options offered: Vegan fish and chips, Battered ‘prawns ‘ and chips, Vegan chicken’ katsu curry pie and chips, Mushroom stroganoff pie and chips, Vegan steak and ale pie and chips, Battered vegan sausage and chips, Vegan sausage and chips, Vegan saveloy and chips


Clean Kitchen Club Camden, NW1 8QP

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Chip shop options offered: Fishless fish finger burger


The Kingfisher, Hackney, E9 6AS

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Chip shop options offered: Vegan sausages, Vegan fish and chips, Vegan pie, Many others


Hungry Horse, multiple locations

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Chip shop options offered: Vegan fish-free fillets & chips

So there we have it. There are plenty of vegan fish in the sea of chippies, so why not head to your local and throw it back to the classic. Munch happily on these dishes knowing that you are doing the planet and your body a world of good.

If you’re looking for other vegan options when eating out then take a look at our 50 best vegan restaurants guide for more inspo. Make sure to tag us if you try any out from these list! @wearthlondon.