The Magical Benefits of Sea Moss: All You Need To Know

Whether it’s been chucked in smoothies or put in a facemask, sea moss is the big wellness and beauty hype that we just can’t get enough of. 

What is sea moss?

If you are on any form of social media right now, you will have heard about the beauty craze to sweep the nation- sea moss. A completely natural substance that has been around for much longer than any of us, sea moss is an edible seaweed found growing in coastal regions of the Atlantic. Therefore, it makes this superfood completely vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and packed with nutrients, which is why it has taken the internet by such a storm over the past few weeks.

sea moss smoothie

With 92 minerals (of the 102 in our bodies) all packed into sea moss, there are said to be a huge amount of health benefits that are a result of consuming this plant. The top 10 benefits, as told by Holland & Barrett are as follows:

1. Supporting digestive function

Filled with good bacteria, this natural probiotic is great for gut health and digestion.

2. Supporting thyroid function

As sea moss is rich in iodine, it is great for supporting your thyroid and potentially aiding in weight loss.

3. More energy

Sea moss contains iron, which is a great way to support your energy levels. If you lack iron you will often feel tired.

4. Skin nourishment

Sea moss contains magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids that hydrate and supports healthy skin cell function. If put into a facemask it can help reduce signs of aging or skin conditions such as acne.

5. Improved immune function

Sea moss has about two times more potassium than an average-sized banana. which is beneficial for your immune system. If you often find yourself run down, sea moss could be extremely helpful.

6. Supporting mood

Potassium is also a very important mineral to aid in contributing to good mental and emotional health.

7. Heart health

As sea moss is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, they are great for people who are struggling with cardiovascular or heart health. Studies have suggested that sea moss helps balance cholesterol levels and thin blood.

8. Blood sugar management

One study into seaweed found the compound fucoxanthin, which is thought to normalise high blood sugar levels.

9. Aphrodisiac

Caribbean natives have been using sea moss as a natural aphrodisiac for many years. Its high zinc content is thought to increase sex hormones that play a key role in libido levels. Zinc has also been seen to improve metabolism function.

10. Supports overall health and wellness

Sea moss is a powerful superfood that contains almost the same number of minerals as the human body, meaning that it can help provide support in almost any aspect of health that we each individually lack.

However, the amount of each mineral found within sea moss is not directly equivalent to that of our bodies so it is important to remember that it will not necessarily be enough to eradicate health problems.

Ways of Including sea moss into your life

There are a number of ways that you can introduce sea moss into your diet depending on the benefits that you would like to receive from it. One of the most popular ways that people have found works, is by including it in smoothies. A sea-moss vegan smoothie is a delicious and highly nutritious way to consume sea moss. As sea moss and bananas are rich in Potassium, this is great for those looking to boost their mood and contribute to a strong immune system through these colder months.

Another great way to consume sea moss is to include it in cakes or bakes. By adding just a cup of sea moss into cake or oatmeal bakes, you are able to add extra nutrients to your favourite sweet treats. Alternatively, if you are looking to use sea moss purely for beauty purposes for your skin, then a DIY sea moss face mask can provide your skin with all the goodness it needs whilst avoiding physical consumption.

sea moss farming

How do I know what’s the right one to get?

Like anything that becomes a trend, it hasn’t taken long for commercial markets to catch on to the money that can be made from selling sea moss. That means that whilst there is a lot of good products out there, there is also an equal measure copycat or disparate versions of sea moss on the market. Sea moss that has been manufactured inside controlled environments, unfortunately, will not contain the same amount of minerals as what is organically grown in open seawater, nor can it be guaranteed to be grown or sourced sustainably.

However, it has also been argued that wildcrafting, which is farming natural sea moss that is growing within oceans already, is also not sustainable. This is because it is disrupting an environment where sea moss is needed, hence why it is already there. This can be resolved by ensuring that farmers are following guidelines to ensure that the plant is not cut below its regrowth point and not over farmed.

Some argue, however, the most resourceful in both health benefits and environmental benefits, is to find sea moss that has been grown through open ocean farming. As this isn’t always clear at first glance, it is always important to do your research before purchasing any item.

There are three main ways that sea moss can be bought; in its raw form, as a gel, and in tablets. The most popular form that sea moss is being sold in is currently gel, which works best if you are looking to use it both orally and topically.

the moss

The UK’s largest sea moss seller, The Moss Way strives to supply the highest quality of Irish sea moss products. The sea moss is sold as a gel, in glass bottles that can be recycled and only source Irish moss in order to lower their carbon footprint. As a company that has been going for over 100 years, they too ensure that all their sea moss is handpicked and follows ethical guidelines that ensure the plant can regenerate for years to come.

cornish seaswed

Cornish Seaweed sells Irish Moss (one form of sea moss), dried in its natural form. As one of the UK’s first seaweed businesses’ in the UK, Cornish Seaweed Company wanted to ensure that their harvesting process was sustainable and ethical to their environment, which is why they came up with a code of conduct for farming. This ensures that the sea moss is only ever hand-picked and cannot be cut below regrowth level. They also harvest during active growth seasons to allow for quicker recovery.


This company pride itself on selling sea moss that has been ethically sourced and being 100% vegan and organic. They offer a range of versions of gel, including combining it with other natural ingredients to elevate its properties. However, as this moss is harvested on the coasts of St Lucia, it arguably has high levels of travel pollution, which could damage its sustainability benefits.