The Vegan Revolution: How Veganuary Has Made A Change

recent statistic has shown that 83% of Veganuary participants plan to make permanent changes to their diet for the future.

Just over two months ago Veganuary commenced for its 9th year in a row. With over 600,000 participants in 228 countries, the uptake was a clear statement that all over the world people wanted to make a positive change. There was a multitude of reasons why people took up the scheme in the first place, with almost half (44%) of people saying that they wanted to help animals, whilst also being concerned for the environment.


Whatever the reason to join, what this astounding number shows is that Veganuary is much more than a fad trial that people are dipping in and out of. With such a growing concern for the way meat production occurs and the impact that it has on our planet. The use of cows, pigs, and animal products contributes to 57% of all food production emissions which makes it a huge stressor on global warming. As so many of us are now beginning to understand, we cannot carry on at the level of consumption that we currently are at sustainably, without having a significant impact on the environment.

With initiatives like Veganuary making huge strides to boost publicity and enthusiasm towards a vegan (friendly) diet, this is a positive step for us all-vegan or otherwise, as it is helping to save the planet. Not only that but it is also saving the lives of millions (2.6 million) of animals, in just the space of 31 days. On top of saving the lives of animals, participants also found that it improved their own lives, with roughly half seeing some form of health improvement during that time as well.

However, one of the most reassuring positives to take away from the survey is that 20% of people stated that their reason for continuing Veganuary was because it was actually easier than they expected. A preconception of vegan living is often that it is extremely difficult to fit into a normal lifestyle. However, with vegan restaurants on nearly every corner of London and an abundance of vegan-friendly items on offer, it is much easier than it first appears to make the adjustments.

For anyone who is looking to make the transition into a vegan lifestyle, whether it be completely or just partially, January is not the only time to give it a try. Whenever and however you choose to start, at Wearth we have plenty of vegan-friendly products to help, that are of the highest quality and also environmentally friendly. With so much on offer, we have decided to pick our favourite starter items for any vegan newcomer



When beginning a vegan lifestyle, finding fun recipes for new meals every day can be the most difficult part. The Teaspoon Club wants to make that a little easier for everyone by providing a spice kit, with the spices and recipes to create 5 delicious and super easy vegan meals. With fantastic plant-based options to get you started, you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time.



Clean, vegan beauty is a great gem to find. As foundation is often the base of most makeup, it seems a good place to start when changing over your beauty products. All Earth Mineral Foundation is a highly pigmented loose powder foundation, which can be mixed with creams or water to transform and adapt to fit your individual skin type.


Washing up unfortunately is an essential part of everyday life for most of us. What you may not know is that the majority of household cleaning products such as dishwasher powder aren’t actually vegan. This eco-friendly dishwasher comes in bulk, providing you with approximately 250 loads. Fill also give the option of two scents- unscented and aloe vera.



Shoreline Shaving has helped to transform the way in which we shave by creating a more sustainable and vegan kit, with a stylish finish. The razor kits come in a variety of colour options, featuring a stainless-steel razor with texture grip and a weighted handle. The kit also features an orange and lavender shaving soap made with 100% natural ingredients and 10 replacement razor blades.

soy wax candle

Fill your home with calm and warming scents of cinnamon and orange, with Ollie & Co’s vegan soy wax candle. As candles can sometimes be made with beeswax, this then makes them a by-product of animals and so aren’t so vegan friendly. A soy candle is a brilliant vegan and sustainable swap, and the gentle aromas will have you relaxed and ready to wind down.

All our products at Wearth are completely vegan-friendly as well as being sustainable. So, from vegan jewellery to dental brushes, we have you covered. Just as the Veganuary statistics have proven, there are so many great reasons to try out a vegan lifestyle, you just have to find the way that works for you.