07 Jun Top UK Sustainable Living Bloggers & Influencers Worth Following

Green living isn’t easy, it involves a lot of learning, making mistakes and it can be easy to lose motivation. Fortunately, there are now a lot of sustainability blogs as well as eco influencers who chart their journey towards living in a more conscious way. This something worth noting, the obvious downsides of the internet and social media is that our lives can seem perfect and everything is easy. In this blog we highlight some of the best eco-friendly and zero waste bloggers and influences who not only provide create great content but do so in an honest and transparent way.

Curiously Conscious

If you’re looking for an insight into the ethical fashion world then Curiously Conscious is the blog for you. The content is created by Londoner, Besma, who started the site in 2014 where she discover the benefits of slow living whilst living in Paris at the time.

In the fashion part of the blog there’s a range of articles highlighting up and coming sustainable clothing brands as well as Besma’s own journey towards a more conscious wardrobe. Alongside fashion there Curiously Conscious is also a great resource around green beauty as well as general lifestyle tips towards moving towards living more zero waste.

Immy Lucas a.k.a Sustainably Vegan

Another leading light and one of the UK’s top sustainability influencers is Immy Lucas. Immy has been posting inspiring content around low waste and vegan living on her Instagram and Youtube for many years now and has gained a large following over this time due to her open and honest take on living consciously.

We talked about how transparency and how being ‘real’ is important with social media and Immy’s approach has always been to promote this ethos that all you can do is try your best within your means and you shouldn’t feel guilty or bad for not being able to do everything. This led to Imogen recently founding The Low Impact Movement which is aimed at  educating people on how we can reduce waste alongside other ways we can help our planet. 

Moral Fibres

One of the most established sustainable living blogs is Moral Fibres which was started by Wendy whose saying is living in a more environmentally-friendly way should be ‘hip, not hippie’. As the Moral Fibres blog has been running for a number of years now, there is a wide range of topic including health and beauty, plastic-free lifestyle hacks as well as green parenting tips.

An aspect of the blog we particularly like is the food & drink section which provides lots of great tips on how to reduce food waste which are easy to implement whilst being effective. For example, there is lots of advice on how to make fresh food last longer, saving money and reducing packaging waste at the same time.

Ethical Unicorn

The Ethical Unicorn blog is another brilliant place online to find tips on how to love in more planet-friendly and ethical way. It is run by blogger aficionado Francesca Willow and one of the focuses of the content is social justice and there’s a lot of thought discussions around how we can create a society which is fairer for everyone.

Madeleine Olivia

If you are looking for healthy yet yummy vegan recipes than Madeleine’s site and Instagram feed is the place to go. One of the great things about her recipes is that she tries to make them as affordable as possible and has lots of money-saving tips on how to eat well for less.

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta – Click here to discover the recipe.

Alongside her plant-based cooking, Maddie also lives a minimal and low waste lifestyle which you can get weekly updates on her Youtube channel.


Trying to raise a family in a green way isn’t always easy and Karen from the n4mummy blog provides some great advice on how to make it possible. This includes best eco friendly fashion for children (and mums!) as well as a range of articles on how to create a more plastic-free home.

N4mummy also has a whole beauty section exploring the best environmentally-friendly and natural products available as well practical beauty tips.

Blue Ollis

Blue has been created content around health and wellbeing for years including how to live more sustainably and cruelty-free. Blue has a wide range of channels including her blog, Instagram page and Youtube channel where she has a range of vlogs from thrifted outfit hauls to green beauty tips.

The Woodland Wife

As the name of her blog would suggest, The Woodland Wife is the creative outlet of Jessica who lives in the middle of the woods with her Oak farmer husband and family. Inspired by her surroundings, Jessica’s content promotes slow living around a number of topics including green parenting, outdoor living, slow fashion as well as insight into life living in their home set in nature.


Last but certainly not least is this wonderful green parenting and conscious living blog by London, Emma Ross. With two young kids, Emma manages to find the time to write a wide range of blogs on motherhood, being sustainably-minded around the home and zero waste travelling adventures.