Vegan Food And Drink Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a time for coming together with loved ones, giving to others, and spreading joy to those around you. It’s a period of festivities and kindness, but if we’re being honest, Christmas is most of all a time for eating and drinking till your heart’s content.

vegan gift guide

The entirety of Christmas day is centred around Christmas dinner, a meal that spans over the course of hours and leaves you in a food coma, nodding off whilst Miracle on 34th Street plays in the background. Not to mention, there’s the endless mince pies, Christmas cake, gingerbread men, (vegan) cheese and crackers, all kinds of fondue’s, roasted chestnuts, the list is endless and that’s only scratching the holiday surface.

Let’s not forget the festive tipples that also accompany the holiday season. The smell of mulled wine and cinnamon filling pubs and London street markets. A time for indulgence and many glasses of Bailey’s hot chocolate, because it’s Christmas and no one can say otherwise.

So, when you’re thinking of the perfect gift to give a loved one or a colleague or an awkward uncle who is impossible to shop for, what’s the best gift to go for you ask? An edible Christmas treat, obviously!

From merry mince pies to island rum for warming the soul, here is a selection of our favourite vegan victual Christmas gifts, to help you on your present hunt (just try not to order it all for yourself, we know it’s tempting).

christmas doughnut

For anyone with a sweet tooth, this box of 6 adorable snowman doughnuts is the perfect gift idea. Lovingly made in the UK, they are each handmade to give a personal touch. These doughnuts also contain no refined sugar or flour, as well as being completely vegan, so dare we say it… are almost healthy. They also are naturally coloured using beetroot and charcoal powder, so no artificial colourings are included. Don’t worry, healthier doughnuts do not mean these delightful little snowmen are missing out on flavour. These light and fluffy doughnuts also feature a chocolate, date, truffle nose that will melt in your mouth. If kept in the fridge, the vegan doughnuts should be consumed within 5 days. Although, we don’t think you’ll need more than an hour to work your way through this gift box.

Price: £20.50

apple fudge muffins

This Vegan baking kit is filled with Christmas cheer to share with any family member who enjoys putting their hand to something in the kitchen. With clear instruction and pre-prepared packets and muffin cases, this baking gift box is great for all ages and ability levels. Apple and cinnamon-spiced muffins will have any home filled with the smell of Christmas, and as it makes 8 muffins, there may just be one left over to give back to you.

If that wasn’t enough, the Vegan and Apple Fudge Baking Kit also come with delicious vegan fudge made by Chef Dani, as well as an array of carefully selected artisanal teas. To make it that extra bit special, Mix & Rise also offers the option of adding a personalised gift tag, completely free of charge.

Price: £20

small beer gift

If like us, your father is the most difficult individual to shop for at Christmas, we have got something for you this year. Saving your beloved father from another year of unwrapping pants and socks, why not offer him a gift that he’ll love- the Small Beer Gift Pack.

This award-winning vegan beer gift box features Small Beer Brew Co.’s organic Larger, Session Pale, Steam & Dark Larger, and 2 half-pint glasses. With a range of light and dark beers, this gift pack is the perfect taster for any beer lover. Best of all these vegan beers are all below a 2.8% alcohol level, maximising the tasting experience without the dreary-eyed headache the next day.

Price: £19

vegan mince pies

The Ultimate Christmas dessert, snack, breakfast, whatever you want them to be, mince pies are an absolute Christmas classic. Filled with currents and warm spices, each bite from a mince pie is a festive treat all in itself. Well, this Vegan Mince Pie Gift Box is jam-packed with the ultimate vegan mince pies. Filled with sultanas, dates, cranberries, hazelnuts, and spices on an oat base, these tasty treats are an ideal Christmas gift for all. Free-from alcohol, the vegan mince pies are also family friendly and free from refined sugar, refined flour, palm fat, and vegetal fat. A vegan must-have to anyone’s Christmas gift list.

afternoon tea

A gift for the whole family, this family afternoon tea is filled with all your quintessential favourites, except this time they’re all vegan. A delightful selection of vegan cakes and goodies means that this is a great gift to give to keep everyone and anyone happy. The pre-prepared box of afternoon tea gives anyone the luxuries of high tea from the comfort of their own home.

The afternoon tea gift box includes fruit scones, three cakes, four brownies, and three Bird and Blend loose leaf teas, all of which are vegan, gluten-free and eco-friendly. Filled to the brim with tasty goodies and accompanying teas to wash them down with, this gift box is filled with everything necessary for the ideal afternoon tea, so all that’s left to do is to sit back and enjoy this delectable gift.

Price: £35.45

four island rum

As much as we love the cold weather and Christmas lights, sometimes at Christmas, there is no better present than that which transports you to a warmer climate. Well, that’s exactly what this Lost Years Four Island Rum will do. Cleverly crafted, this bottle of rum captures the essence of the Caribbean, featuring two base ingredients- sugar cane and molasses.

This award-winning Rum is a unique blend of world-class, single estate Caribbean rums. Gluten-free and vegan, this rum also comes with an ethical attribute as every bottle sold saves up to ten baby sea turtles. Whilst promoting sustainable values, this ethical rum has experienced great success through critics. If transportation to a warmer, sunnier climate is all that someone is looking for this Christmas, this magnificent rum should do just the trick. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than a holiday.

Price: £39.45

tea set

We know that alcohol might not be everyone’s cup of tea (pardon the pun). So, for those who prefer a gentler drink, to keep warm in the winter this Organic Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set is perfect. A British favourite tea undoubtedly is the beverage of all beverages. Just received bad news? Cup of tea. Long day at work? Cup of tea. Struggling to digest 13 roast potatoes and need something to wash it down? Cup of tea. Tea is the nation’s solution to all of life’s inconveniences, so what better gift to give this Christmas to a loved one?

This prettily packaged gift set contains two teas of choice, from a range of herbal blends that are carefully combined to provide wellbeing benefits. Also included inside are a bamboo weaved basket tea infuser, a pair of bamboo tea tongs and spoon, two reusable unbleached cotton tea bags, and two sample tasters of different loose teas to try also. A wonderful gift for any sustainable tea-lovers.

Price: £25