Best Vegan Gifts For Her – Vegan Gift Ideas Guide

It can be difficult to find the perfect vegan gift online for your friend or loved one, which are high quality & cruelty-free.

To make it easier to discover the best vegan gift ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular and unique presents for vegans & vegetarians. These gifts are perfect for any special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

All of our products featured here are made in the UK by conscious brands and can be combined to make a lovely vegan birthday gift box or hamper for someone special!

Raspberry Organic Sleep Gift Set – £33.50

organic sleep gift set

This organic sleep gift set is the perfect natural gift set for those that love their sleep! This set comes with a vegan-friendly organic cotton eye mask which is hand dyed using forest berries, creating a beautiful soft pink colour.

It also comes with a herbal sleep sachet filled with calming organic lavender which can be placed under your pillow to help you blissfully fall asleep.

Natural Skincare Gift Set – £40.00

skincare gift set

This natural beauty gift set comes with a range of skin-friendly products, all handmade in Devon using plant-based ingredients. The set includes organic rosehip facial oil, large oatymylk soap, cleansing grains and a hand knitted face cloth made from recycled cotton.

This product has been created with sensitive skin in mind. This also makes it a good gift for teenagers, or for those who find conventional beauty products too harsh on their skin.

Himalayan Salt Gift Box – £24.99

Himalayan Salt Gift Set

This luxurious Himalayan Salt gift box includes a candle holder and 200g rose & shea body scrub. Himalayan salt brings a number of health benefits, including boosting your mood, soothing allergies, and cleaning the air in your home.

This gift is packaged in a recyclable aluminium tin within a solid white gift box made from 40% recycled boxboard. This is truly the perfect handmade gift to help someone relax.

Heart Charm Rope Bracelet – £20.00

heart charm rope bracelet

This beautiful rope charm bracelet is handmade in the UK by independent ethical jewellery brand, Smoke and Ash. There are a range of nautical-themed charms to choose from and each charm is made from recycled silver – a great alternative to carbon-intensive newly mined silver.

Often rope charm bracelets are made with leather. Instead, these are made from organic cotton, making them a great alternative for vegans.

Free Hugs Ceramic Pot – from £13.50

Ceramic Plant Pot

This cute free hugs ceramic pot comes with the cactus and makes for a fun gift for a friend. The pot is handmade in England with the free hugs messaged stamped on to the side. There are four different colours available, and you can order the pot with or without a cactus or succulent.

Personalised Good Intentions Necklace – £48.00

personalised silver necklace

This beautiful necklace can be personalised with your own phrase. Our personal favourite is this ‘Be Kind’ version. Each necklace is individually made by hand in West Sussex by independent jewellery designer, Kate Wainwright.

This gift is made from eco silver with the message hand stamped, making each necklace unique. A truly thoughtful gift for your eco conscious friend or loved one.

Soy Wax Scented Candle (Rose Gold) – £8.00

rose gold soy candle

Candles are always a great present and these natural soy wax candles are handmade in the UK using vegan-friendly premium essential and fragrance oils. They offer a great way to fragrance your home naturally and are a lovely non-toxic alternative.

There are a range of seven natural scents to choose from – perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Gold Star Ring – £48.00

Gold star ring

This contemporary gold ring with an imprinted star is handmade in London using recycled gold. It has an adjustable ring size making it the perfect gift as you won’t have to know their ring size. The ring is designed to be worn daily and is classic addition to any jewellery collection.

Natural Sea Salt Body Scrub Gift Set – £18.95

sea salt body scrub gift set

The sea has amazing healing properties for skin and these sea salt scrubs harness this power. Made only with active natural ingredients, these scrubs leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

The gift set comes with three vegan friendly body scrubs, which you can choose from a range of scrubs, as well as a gift tote bag.

Paper Bag Backpack – £35.00


The perfect gift for someone who loves adventure, this ethically sourced backpack has a contemporary brown paper bag finish. Over time the bag gains a patina like leather, providing added character.

It is also a very practical rucksack, as it is washable and is large enough to fit a laptop and all your daily bits and pieces. This is the perfect vegan gift for someone on the go.

Naked Shave Razor Kit – £26.99

Eco friendly shaving kit

This naked shave razor kit is made from wood and stainless steel. It includes a cruelty-free shaving soap that’s packed with essential oils. The safety razor offers a great way of shaving whilst reducing waste from disposable plastic razors.

Organic Room Fragrance Spray – £20.00

room fragrance sprays

Conventional room sprays often contain nasty chemicals. This fragrance spray is completely organic, containing pure essential oils which are hand blended in London to create this room spray.

There are three luxurious scents to choose from. We absolutely love the scent Inika, which has notes of relaxing lavender and healing rosemary.

French Lavender Bath Salts – £14.00

Lavender bath salts

These French lavender bath salts are a wonderfully soothing vegan gift for her. They contain a blend of pure lavender essential oil, traditionally harvested french sea salt and powerful Epsom salt.

It leaves your skin beautifully fragranced and your mind wonderfully calm. This gift comes in a glass jar with cork lid and wooden spoon.

Soap on a Rope – £9.00

Soap on a rope

This vegan soap on a rope is handmade in Devon using high quality locally sourced ingredients. There are a wide range of scents to choose from, including Oatmylk, Black Pepper & Ginger, and Coffee & Raw Cacao – the ideal scent for coffee lovers! This soap comes with a handy waxed rope which is perfect for hanging in the shower.

Personalised Interlinking Rings Necklace – £70.00

personalised interlinking rings

This stunning interlinking rings necklace  can be personalised on the inside of each ring with 15 characters per ring.

One of the favourite personalisations we’ve seen so far was ‘Friends’ on one ring then ‘Not Food’ on the other ring! The 20″ sterling silver chain necklace is handmade in England with the rings cast from ethical recycled silver.

DIY Wax Food Wrap Kit – £15.00

vegan DIY wax wrap kit

This vegan-friendly wax food wrap set makes for a great green gift idea for those who love making their own DIY products. The kit contains everything you need to make reusable food wraps. It includes three cotton squares for for waxing, instructions, a wax bar (candelilla wax, pine resin, and jojoba oil), and a wooden spreading spatula.

Food wraps are an effective eco-friendly alternative to cling film and aluminium foil, making this a perfectly practical gift.

Facial Ritual Kit – £29.00

Facial Kit

Plant-based skincare doesn’t get much better than this all-natural beauty gift set with all products handmade in the UK. The kit includes a range of travel size products, including a lavender and chamomile cleansing oil, wild rose toning mist, wild rose facial elixir, and a two-faced organic cotton cleansing cloth ideal for removing makeup and facial products.

If you haven’t found the ethical gift that you are looking for. You can check out our entire range of vegan gifts for her. Here we have a wide range of cruelty-free natural beauty sets, ethical jewellery & stylish homeware pieces. Moreover, all of our products at Wearth are vegan-friendly, so be sure to check out all of our eco-friendly products.