Our Top 10 Vegan Letterbox Gifts

The best selection of vegan letterbox gifts to share a little sustainable love with those just out of reach.

Whether it’s a birthday gift or a baby shower present, there’s something special about giving a little something to show we care. When words sometimes fail us, gestures of love are always there to fall back on. Giving a gift that you know will make their day all that more special is a gift in itself. However, if for whatever reason giving presents can’t be done face to face then there’s no need to worry because at Wearth we have a whole collection of pressies that can be delivered straight through their door.

From pamper kits to baked goods, here is a range of some of our favourite letterbox gifts that can help bring joy to the lives of loved ones no matter how near or far.



Know someone that you think could do with a little hug? Well, if in this case, they’re slightly out of reach, why not send them one through their letterbox with Fruits of the Nut Tree DIY face mask trio and body scrub. Inside the box, your gift recipient will receive three facemasks: organic linseed, organic raw cacao, organic raw camu camu powder. It also features a body scrub, made from organic raw cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and organic coffee, to energise and invigorate the skin. You can also leave a personalised message for that extra special touch.

Price: 33.50



This zero-waste kit is the starter package for any eco-friendly enthusiast. If you are looking to encourage someone into sustainability, then Battle Green has you covered. Packed into an aesthetic little box are the tools that are needed to make those everyday life swaps for an easy route into sustainable living. These include a green GOTS certified organic cotton string shopping bag, a cream GOTS certified organic cotton produce bag, FSC certified bamboo cutlery set in a handmade organic cotton pouch, and last but not least, a bamboo straw and metal straw cleaner with coconut husk. There are also a range of colour selections for gift wrapping to tailor to their suited style.

Price: £19.96



Packed with spices and recipes, the Vegan Recipes Gift Box is the perfect present for someone who loves getting creative in the kitchen. With 5 main recipe cards and accompanying spice kits, this little box packs a punch. Pulling flavours from all over the world, there is a recipe for vegetable chilli, butternut squash curry, creamy coconut dal, Mexican quinoa, and a spice aubergine bake. These mouth-watering recipes are all easy to follow, making it also a great gift for anyone who has recently transitioned to vegan or would like to try vegan cooking but isn’t sure where to begin.

Price: £13



We all want to make sure those that we love are taking the time to take care of themselves. In such busy schedules, it can be hard to find a moment to do just that, but this Plastic Free Self-Care Kit certainly makes things a lot easier. Each of the plastic-free kits includes four items: a clay face mask sachet, a 100g slice of natural soap, a vegan lip balm tin, and a mini natural deodorant tin. There’s also the option to pick from 3 different scents: floral, fruity, or fresh so that you can be sure to give something unique to them.

Price: £19.96



What better gift is there than an indulgent sweet treat, that’s good for the planet? We are struggling to think of one. Each Cake Or Death luxury gift box is filled with 6 delicious brownies that can be shared (or not shared) to bring a smile to anyone’s face. All brownies are made from organic and natural ingredients and are of course vegan. They come in a range of flavours, including Oreo brownie, Sea Salt x Salted Caramel x Biscoff, and peanut butter. A generous gift too good not to share.

Price: £17- £19



Shoreline Shaving has created a sleek and elegant shaving kit, that will help create an effortless shave whilst also protecting the ocean from plastic. The kit comes in a range of colours such as matte black, rose gold, silver, mint green, or pastel pink, giving a wide variety to tailor to individual taste. Each razor is suitable for face and body, providing a high-quality shaving experience for all.

Price: 29.99

baby gift set


One for the smallest of eco-dreamers is this Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set. As many of us well know, newborn mothers can often struggle to find the time to shower let alone catch up with friends. So, if you’re struggling to squeeze in the right time to bring a baby gift, save all the pressure and send a little box of love through their letterbox. This baby gift set features inside a cloud teether, a reversible cotton bib, 2 x mini muslin cloths, and a natural pacifier chain and clip. All the essentials needed to help the littlest of friends on their way into sustainability.

Price: £29.99



Just in case brownies aren’t their sweet treat of choice, fear not because Nummy also offers up a host of delectable goodies such as these vegan dark and white chocolate doughnuts. 6 perfectly baked, moreish doughnuts are glazed with your choice of topping- either dark chocolate and vanilla, white chocolate, or both. There’s also a variety of gift boxes to choose from that also come cleverly packaged to slip through any letterbox.

Price: £19.50



For a slightly more matured palette, if cakes and bakes aren’t quite to their tasting, then The Teaspoon club has an ulterior option- a little tipple. This vegan-friendly drinks kit is perfect for a friend or family member to try out. The kit contains enough spices and mix for two bottles of wine, or two litres of cider and comes with all the essentials for making a heart-warming spiced wine or cider. The kit lasts for roughly a year so doesn’t need to be used up all in one go.

Price: £3.70



A limited-edition box made up to show dads, grandad’s, and stepdad’s all a little love and cuddle. The Moon and Back Box has been made up of all our favourite men’s essentials because we love them to ‘The Moon and Back’. Packed into a letterbox fitting gift-box, is a whole range of products from shaving soap and beard wash to space socks, to a sentimental keyring engraved with the words “love you to the moon and back”. Also inside the box is a complimentary hand-written greetings card, which can feature a personalised message of whatever you choose.

Price: £42

At Wearth London, we have hundreds of options for eco-friendly gifting. So, if you liked our letterbox gift ideas, why not take a look at our sustainable luxury gift guides for him and for her.