What Is Self Care? The Growing Lifestyle Trend Which Can Help You Be You

With the importance of promoting health and wellbeing continually gaining traction, the practice of self care is starting to be recognised as a key way of improving one’s lifestyle. But what is self care? In this blog post we explore what really is self care and ways in which you can practice it with examples of activities and products which promote self love.

‘Self-care is how you take your power back’

According to a new report global study, the ‘world is angry and stressed’, this is not surprising considering what is going on in the world right now. It can seem very easy to not feel in control of your own destiny and end up walking through life without fully considering the interest of your self.  As wellness speaker, Lalah Delia, says ‘Self-care is how you take your power back’. It is about being conscious of the needs of your mind and body that serves to promote your best self. This shouldn’t be confused with selfishness, instead it is about being more conscious of yourself and working towards improving both mentally and physically. Likewise, self-comfort is also different in it that can involve doing things which may not be in your best interest but may have a short-term benefit, greasy food and that extra glass of wine being two vices that happen to come to mind.

Ok that is the spiritual and conceptual element of self-care briefly explained, it is best explored further through highlighting some of the main activities of self-care which provide a good start of creating a self-care plan which works for you, after all it is a lifestyle movement based on doing.

You hour

Take an hour everyday, whether its in the morning or the evening to do something you love doing and don’t normally have the time to do. For example, you could start learning guitar, doodle to your hearts content, spruce up your garden or whatever makes you escape everyday life whilst doing something constructive.

Several studies have shown how having a hobby can increase wellbeing and although it is very easy to think that there’s not enough hours in the week, if you can get in a good routine it soon will be easy to balance things whilst not becoming overwhelmed. Having said that, a good way of building up is starting with say half an hour of you time or doing it every two days instead and going from here.


self love journal


A key aspect of self-care is the practice of reflection and a good way of doing this is keeping a journal, this can be an in-depth diary or a simple weekly list of the things you were grateful and were happy that happened over the week.

If like us you’re bad at journaling, check out this blog post by Bustle which gives 11 journaling tips for those who are bad at keeping a journal.


This is an obvious one but one very worth still noting as self-care is not only about mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing is equally as important. If you’re not big into the gym or the sporty type, fortunately nowadays there are lots of different opportunities to get the blood pumping from boogie bounce jumping on mini-trampolines, going to a dance disco (they’re on a comeback!) or even just walking instead of other transport when possible on your commute.

lady doing yoga with a dog


Or try dog yoga if you have a furry friend!

Spending more time with the best people in your life

An important element of self-care is surrounding yourself with the people in your life who are supportive of you and help you become the best you. Doesn’t mean you need to go unfriending your whole social network but is about trying to actively spend time with those that really care about you.

Giving and receiving help

A good example of how self-care isn’t about selfishness is this idea that you should be open to receiving help and vice versa. In the UK it feels that people are reluctant to accept help, either out of Britishness or not wanting to feel inadequate, but there is nothing wrong with accepting it. Life is hard, sometimes we need support from others and if everyone was more accepting of help, society would become a nicer place.

Treat yourself

After all self-care is about you, sometimes when s**t hits the fan or you just fancy something, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. If you are able to get into a good routine, exercise more, eat well and work on you on a weekly basis, why not have the occasional treat. The key thing is ensuring that treat doesn’t come a habit as it is what you do often which is most important.

Alongside examples of lifestyle, a range of brands and products have been created to help promote a self-care lifestyle. These are of course not essential to a self-care lifestyle, but are a nice way of helping people get to where they want to be.

Self Care Notepad

selfcare notebook


As the name would suggest, this daily planner notepad is designed specifically with self-care in mind. The idea behind the design is to easily write down what you have to do that day and in the self-care you can write down things you are going to do to take care of your before or after a long day.

Alongside doing, self care is also about resting when needed and this beautiful handmade soy candle has a range of relaxing scents which help to escape the busy day of spend some down time.

organic sleep set

Following on from the rest aspect of self-care, these handmade sleep gift made from a choice of organic cotton and bamboo silk. The eye mask helps to get in a quick power nap or can help better sleep over night and block light out in the morning. The set also includes a herbal sachet filled with calming lavender which you can place under a pillow or on night-stand. Lavender can naturally help to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

cork yoga mat

Get into the exercise routine with this ethical cork yoga mat made with non-slip cork. Alongside being a great exercise companion, Cork Yogis help empower human trafficking victims in India with every sale.

We hope that you have found this blog post interesting and helpful, you know yourself your best and self-care is really about listening to what you need so take these tips with a pinch of salt, here’s to an empowered and happier year!