Why Recycled Metals Are The Future Of Jewellery

Our sentimental charms are a love language spoken by many, but when we take a deep dive behind where our beloved jewels have come from, the industry doesn’t seem quite so sparkly. Luckily for us, jewellery designers are innovating new methods like using recycled materials to build a better industry for all.

As jewellery has become more accessible and affordable over the years, shoppers are becoming more aware of its impact on the planet. Just like fast fashion, fast jewellery is damaging the environment.

This year, if you are not asking where your favourite jewellery has come from, now is the time to start. When building a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe, don’t forget to include the jewels. It’s time to pay attention to our accessories collections. Our precious gems don’t just need to sparkle they also need to come beautifully packaged with ethics and sustainability in mind.

There is a new wave of modern and conscious consumerism entering the accessories department. Now reaching mainstream media, jewellery that is designed and made with the planet in mind has become a movement that we can all get behind.

This year, choose jewellery pieces that share your values.

Why is traditional jewellery making so bad for the planet?

From mining materials to carbon emissions, the environmental impact of mining metals and precious stones can be devastating. The methods to mine diamonds or gold leave a trail of pollution. The destruction of land, use of chemicals and toxic waste and human rights violations, mean new jewellery is often highly unethical and unsustainable. When it comes to traditional jewellery making, these practices can be damaging to people and the planet.

Mining for natural resources often occurs in the poorest places on the planet, meaning traceability and accountability are difficult to find. This means child labour violations, unsafe working conditions and practices that harm the land.

Organisations such as the Responsible Jewellery Council begin to set up and invite a more transparent and ethical industry, however for traditional jewellery making there is still a long way to go.

So, buying recycled, vintage and ethically sourced jewellery should be your next investment piece.

The new era for recycled jewellery

From chunky rings, delicate bracelets or statement earrings, when you next browse for your latest jewellery addition make sure it’s recycled and sustainable. Opting for recycled materials such as gold is one of the most ethical options to choose from. The use of recycled metal off-cuts or spare pieces are melted down to form new accessories, creating a more circular industry.

Jewellery makers from across the globe are innovating new techniques and practices that help reduce their impact on the environment. Using recycled materials is how the industry can become more environmentally friendly.

From eco-silver to recycled gold and Fairmined or lab-grown gemstones, the industry is evolving to ensure a safer and more sustainable place for all. Choosing sustainable and recycled jewellery has never been more important and helps keep the industry shifting towards positive change.

At Wearth, we stock gorgeously ethical jewellery brands that design and create accessories in the UK using recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces.

Luxuriously minimalistic, this adjustable bangle reflects the beauty of sustainability that Toke envision. Founded by Luisa Howe in 2019, Toke jewellery is consciously driven by sustainability. Using recycled materials and handcrafted in Cambridgeshire, this recycled eco-silver bracelet makes a timeless addition to your accessory collection. This bracelet makes a beautiful gift for the bangle lover you know.

Price: £65


For those who love to have a little fun, these three-tier daisy stem hoops bring an effortless charm to any occasion. Crafted using recycled eco-silver, these Atypical Thing earrings are lovingly handmade in the heart of Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. These statement drop earrings make a perfect gift for your eco-conscious loved ones.

Price: £25

Gold necklace

Gorgeously minimalistic, this necklace was handcrafted in Kate Wainwright’s workshop in West Sussex using recycled gold. This timeless and classic piece makes a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Designing all items by hand and using ethically sourced gemstones and recycled materials, Kate’s jewellery is for those who love to shop with a conscience.

Price: £200

chunky ring

This chunky silver ring is a unique and thoughtful gift for all. Individually hand-carved, Studio Adorn has mastered the art of minimalistic and inspired jewellery that’s kind to the planet. Based in Norwich, Studio Adorn use organic and recycled materials to ensure their collections are as eco-friendly as possible. So you can shop with a clear conscience.

Price: £56

Gold hoop earrings

Give the gift of fine jewellery with these delicately textured and handcrafted hoops. Using recycled and Fairmined gold, sustainability is at the heart of April March Jewellery. These gorgeously golden hoops make a perfect present for those who love their jewellery to do all the talking. Inspired by nature, April March jewellery is handcrafted in a Brighton studio where all materials are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Price: £45


This delicately feminine knot ring is an elegant addition to anyone’s jewellery box. Designed with the planet in mind, Nodo jewellery is handmade in London and uses traditional craft techniques. Using recycled materials, this sustainable ring makes a timeless piece for your loved one to cherish.

Price: £26

If you make one small swap this year, choose recycled and sustainable jewellery, so you can sparkle with joy. Discover more of our recycled jewellery here at Wearth.