2 Billion Disposable Razors End Up In Landfill Every Year – Here’s How You Can Help Address The Issue With Zero Waste Razors

The level of waste created when shaving is clearly not sustainable, with literally billions of plastic razors languishing in landfills and many more ending up in our waterways and oceans, 2019 needs to be a year where we adopt a more environmentally-friendly shaving routine. One of the main issues with the mass produced razors we all become used to is that they are not recyclable, why you may ask? Although the handles may be recyclable (although some of types of plastic used are not), the main difficulty is that razors can’t be recycled due to health and safety reasons at recycling units as well as the potential for the blades to damage machinery.

plastic razor pollution

Credit – Enric Sala.

Its not all doom and gloom, fortunately there is an easy zero waste razor alternative which reduces waste whilst even saving you money over time. Like with many green alternatives, evolution actually takes the form of adoption of more traditional products before we relied on plastic goods. This eco razor saviour (bit of a tongue twister for you there) is the trusty safety razor.

What makes using a safety razor the eco-friendly option? Firstly, the handle is reusable and with well-designed stainless steel and bamboo razors lasting a very long time, this already amounts to a lot of plastic being made and ending up in landfill. Furthermore, the blades used are made from metal and as they are detachable, unlike disposable razors, you can be recycled over and over at specialist recycling unit. As a result using safety razors is the clear winner if you are looking for a plastic-free razor.

One of the main things, however, which is arguably holding back this eco-friendly shaving alternative is the perception that safety razors are more difficult to use. Fortunately safety razors have come a long way since their and there are helpful guides out there if you are new to safety razors. Likewise, safety razors are increasingly being adopted by women as well as more men with disposable razors even being argued as sexist.

Now on to options out there, next we highlight some of our most popular eco friendly razors, all made by independent UK zero waste shaving brands using sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

plastic free razor


This eco razor is a great starter kit for anyone looking to make the switch to a safety razor. This kit includes a plastic-free safety razor, shaving soap made with pure essential oils and 5 replacement blades. Each blade lasts around 6 shaves so the kit should keep you going for long time before you need to buy replacements. It is made by Naked Necessities, a UK brand which was founded to help protect our oceans from single use plastic.

plastic free razor


‘Reduce waste and save money’

Bamboo is a wonderful sustainable material, it grows quickly and easily, making it a renewable resource. This unisex reusable safety razor is made by Bambuka with the aim of making beautifully designed razors which reduces waste whilst helping you have a better shave. It comes in a cardboard gift box with the saying ‘reduce waste and save money’ inscribed inside, making it a great green gift idea

plastic free razor


This reusable razor is made with the steel, brass and chrome all sourced from Sheffield and handmade in the UK by Norse. The quality of this double edged safety razor means if looked after it should last a lifetime, maybe not quite as long as plastic razors which will outlive all of us!

plastic free razor


Another popular eco-friendly shaving kit is this limited edition blue razor kit, also by Naked Necessities. To shave you do not need to apply a lot of pressure, simply just let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you a close and smooth shave.


plastic free razor


This stylish razor has an ivory handle is made from recycled plastic and makes for a great plastic-free shaving gift idea for her. It includes 5 x razor blades in the set and there is also an ebony version available as well.

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