07 Jun Make Your Beauty Routine Zero Waste With These UK Plastic-Free Beauty Brands

2018 marks a growing trend towards people ditching the plastic and making their beauty routines zero waste. This is no surprise considering the growing awareness around the impact plastic has on our environment and the need for eco-friendly alternatives. The global cosmetics and beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year, with the majority of this not recycled, this leaves a big question mark over the sustainability of the beauty industry.

From clogging up our waterways to endangering marine animals, the devastating impact plastic is having on our planet is one of the reasons we decided early on when starting Wearth that beauty had to be an important department for us. In this blog, we highlight some of our favourite zero waste beauty brands which are at the forefront of the green beauty movement, using innovative methods to create high quality natural skincare & bodycare products which don’t cost the earth. As well as being environmentally conscious, all of these independent brands are vegan and cruelty-free.

White Witch

At the heart of Irish ethical skincare brand, White Witch, is protecting the environment with their motto being ‘harm none’. As a result all of their packaging is completely plastic-free, using glass & cork lids for all of their organic skincare products. Their entire range is handmade on the Irish coast using locally sourced & wild ingredient and they have created products for specific skin types including young sensitive skin & mature skin.

Product Example – Organic Exfoliating Face Cleanser, £18.99

Gentle face cleanser with natural exfoliating properties with only 5 carefully formulated ingredients which cleanse the skin’s surface without removing the natural oils which are vital for maintaining healthy skin.

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The Salt Parlour

This ocean-inspired bodycare brand has created the world’s first salt and sulphur body scrubs. As a result, their scrubs are packed with natural vitamins and minerals which help to nourish and uplift skin. In keeping with their love of the ocean, they use environmentally-friendly aluminium packaging which can be easily recycled or reused.

Product Example – Coffee Body Scrub, £15


Designed with coffee lovers in mind, the scrub is made with fair trade coffee and organic cold-press coconut oil. The caffeine from the coffee helps to stimulate blood flow, making it particularly effective on troubled skin as well as stretch marks.

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Soap Daze

Soap Daze is an independent beauty brand based in Devon, they make a range of handmade soaps with natural ingredients and all of their products are both kind on your skin and the environment. Soap Daze do not only make soaps but have a lovely range of skincare products as well as beauty accessories.

Product Example - Washable Cleansing Pads, £4.95

Wet wipes are one of the main items being washed up on to our beaches and the Marine Conservation Society has seen a 400% increase in wet wipes found along our coastline over the last decade. These eco-friendly cleansing pads are a great zero waste alternative for makeup removal which can be washed and reused over and over again, saving lots of money over time.

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Divine & Handmade

Divine & Handmade have a passion for creating handmade bodycare products using traditional techniques with a modern twist. All of their products on our store are plastic-free and they use an array of natural skin-friendly ingredients.

Product Example – Orange & Lime Natural Sugar Scrub , £5.90

Scrub bars can be used instead of body wash which typically come in plastic packaging. This one is made with Orange & Lime essential oils and has cocoa butter for added hydration.

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The final brand on our list is natural dental care brand, Georganics. Toothpaste tubes are very difficult to recycle and conventional brands typically have harsh and unnecessary chemicals as ingredients. With this in mind, Georganics have create a range of organic toothpastes and mouthwashes which solve this problem with active ingredients that clean your teeth naturally. The packaging is metal and glass and even the the seal wrapped around their jars made from biodegradable cellulose.

Product Example - Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, £6.90

This toothpaste has activated charcoal which naturally whitens teeth and organic peppermint essential oil which has a sweet liquorice aroma. It is also fluoride & glycerine free.

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On Wearth you can also shop completely plastic free across our range of departments either using our plastic-free filter or using our shop by values page here

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