Our Mission

At Wearth, our aim is to create an online community for both our brands and customers that promotes sustainable living in a contemporary way. By bringing together a range of independent UK brands with similar environmental values we have been able to build an eco-conscious platform that allows companies to sell to a larger consumer base. We work closely with our brands to ensure they are happy with our service and to create a great experience for our customers.

Brand Onboarding selling on wearth

Why Sell on Wearth ?

By joining Wearth, you will benefit from our expertise in promoting conscious brands through a range of dedicated marketing channels that we have developed. This includes:

Social Media

Across social media platforms, we have over 100k followers. These platforms have allowed us to created a community for Wearth where we are able to promote our brands and their products. We also do Instagram giveaways which has significantly increased our brands own following.

Eco-friendly dental care

Eco Inspo

Content creation is key for promoting our marketplace and our products, as a result we have created our Eco Inspo blog. Here there is a wide range of sustainable lifestyle blogs written by our team, the most popular blog posts are our product guides, e.g. best vegan gifts, ethical homewares and brand story pieces.

Eco-friendly products


We understand how difficult it can be as a small brand to get your products featured in both digital and print media. We have got our brands featured in a range of both international and national level outlets, some examples of these include Vouge, Elle Decoration, Vegan Food & Living and many more.

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Bloggers / Influencers

We have built up a large network of bloggers and influencers who we work with to promote our brands. In terms of bloggers, we have collaborations every week with the top UK sustainable and ethical blogs/social media platforms.


Joining Us

If you are interested in selling on Wearth London get in touch with us and we can discuss which of your products we would like to sell on our store.

Once we have agreed the products and stock levels to be sold on WEARTH London,you provide us with all the product information we need to upload to products to our site including photos, descriptions, ingredients and packaging used.

When we have received the product information form we will send you the supplier agreement (that incorporates this handbook) via email for you to sign using Signable.

Once we have received all the information and photos, we will then upload the products ourselves and promote your joining of Wearth on our social media platforms.

We look forward to working with you.

Wearth Founders

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