All our deliveries are carbon neutral šŸŒ³

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We are pleased to announce that all our deliveries are now carbon neutral! Not only that but we are mitigating twice much as CO2 as is produced by our shipments. This means with every order you make our deliveries will have an overall positive impact on the environment. We have also backtracked this initiative to cover the whole of 2020. 

Independently verified by ClimatePartner, we have carefully mitigated the carbon footprint of our shipping with the following steps:

  • Estimated the average weight by brand for deliveries. 
  • Calculated the delivery distance for each order between the brand and the customer from post code to post code. 
  • Calculated the average level of co2 emitted per order and extrapolated this out for the rest of the year with a 10% safety margin.
  • At the end of the year we will review the amount offset compared to the estimate to adjust where necessary.

We will be supporting a range of projects over the coming years through this initiative, the first is the EcomapuĆ” forest projection project in Para, Brazil. This Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) & Social Carbon Standard project conserves over 90,000 hectares of lush & diverse Amazon rainforest whilst providing skills & training for the 94 resident families to help create sustainable forms of income. 

You can track our climate neutral initiative and the projects we'll be supporting by clicking here.