Customer Service


How do you ensure your products are sustainably and ethically made?

Our first step before contacting a potential brand is looking at their products and values and assessing whether they are suitable for our platform. Once we have contacted the suitable brands there is then a vetting process where they provide all the relevant information we need to ensure that their values are aligned with ours and that they are selling eco-friendly and ethical products that you will love.

How does the delivery work?

If you are ordering from more than one brand expect to receive separate delivery packages. Our standard UK delivery fee is £3.50. This does not include free UK delivery brands as well as products which have specific delivery charges such as larger items. Delivery time may vary depending on the brand, for example if the products are handmade to order, we clearly state the delivery time for each product in the postage and packaging section of each product description. You can find out more details about this on our delivery information page

Do you ship internationally

If you are located in Europe, please contact us and we maybe able to ship to you subject to international delivery rates.

Are your products Vegan-Friendly?

Yes!  All of our products to be vegan-friendly as we want to ensure that everything sold on our site is cruelty free and ethically made. If you see a product described as vegan friendly this doesn't mean the rest of our other products aren't, this is just for products which might not typically be vegan, e.g. beauty products and soft furnishings. 

What is your Shop by Values pages about?

We want to make it easy to shop by values you may have, e.g. supporting products with recycled materials or to make it easier to shop zero waste those which are completely plastic free. You can check out our values page as well as see our visual tags on the product pages.

Are my payment details personal and secure?

We take your privacy and data protection seriously, our payment process is very secure and you can use any Mastercard, Visa or Maestro cards as well as PayPal. We also do not share your personal data to any third parties. Here you can find out more about your privacy.

What do I do if I want to return an item I ordered?

We try our best to ensure you will love the items we sell but if you are unhappy with your order or it has arrived damaged please check out our refund policy.

We hope this is helpful for you but if you have any other questions please contact us.