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Wearth Fashion: Our Values


Here at Wearth we want to complement the growing movement of second-hand clothing with our collection of sustainable fashion, which can be combined with pre-loved pieces to create the ultimate ethical wardrobe. Whilst shopping second-hand is always preferable, it is not always possible and our collection supports independent UK fashion brands whose conscious clothing & accessories are the next best option. 

In a bid to slow fashion down, our brands either make their clothing & accessories in small batches or the items are handmade to order, helping to reduce waste and the impact on our planet. Our garments & accessories are made with a range of sustainable, upcycled & vegan-friendly fabrics including organic cotton, linen, bamboo and innovative materials such as pineapple leather & recycled ocean plastics.

Our new eco-friendly fashion department features a range of contemporary pieces without a luxury price tag. We are working with a range of ethical labels where their minimal and timeless designs alongside superior quality mean they will far outlast their cheaper alternatives. Making them ideal for combining with second-hand fashion which have already stood the test of time. 

Imogen & Ed x

P.s. our new fashion collection is a work in progress, we’ll be adding lots of new brands covering a range of styles and sizes soon!