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Oflo Reusable Sanitary Pads - Charcoal


Charcoal coloured reusable sanitary pads made by hand in UK using eco-friendly bamboo fleece and organic cotton. 

These cloth menstrual pads are designed and made using non-toxic and natural fabrics and with no plastic at all, making these an effective zero waste and environmentally alternative to conventional sanitary products. 

They are fully washable sanitary pads and are made with the highly absorbant material, Zorb, which is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton and absorbs 10x its weight in in moisture at rates nearly 20 x faster than normal cotton, bamboo and hemp. With this material there is no need for a PUL layer, a polyester fabric commonly seen in cloth pads.

There are three different sizes:

7" x 2.5" (fastened):

Perfect for everyday use, alongside a cup or for super light/spotting days.

Made using natural and organic materials, the liners consist of a top layer of organic cotton jersey and a backing of absorbent organic cotton and bamboo fleece, with another layer of fleece inside for more absorbency. 

9" x 2.5" (fastened):

These pads are most like a standard sized disposable and are the most popular option! 

Three options for 9" pads are available as follows:

Light  – Simply the top jersey, fleece backing and 1 layer of Zorb. Great for light days.

Moderate – Top jersey and fleece, a layer of bamboo towel and zorb, with an extra piece in the center – this not only gives more absorbency but cuts down on end bits of waste from cutting pieces – win win! 

Heavy – Top and bottom layers, with 2 layers of Zorb and the extra piece also. 

12" x 2.5" (fastened):

Designed for heavy days and night time.

Two options for 12" pads:

Moderate  – Top jersey and backing fleece, a layer of bamboo towel and zorb, with an extra strip of zorb.

Heavy – Top and bottom layers, with 2 layers of Zorb and an extra strip of zorb.

Each panty liner marked with lines of stitching on the back of the wing to indicate which absorbency it is. Super light = no line, Light = 1 line and Light Plus = 2 lines.  

Care instructions - Pads should be soaked in cold water for at least an hour as soon as possible – once rinsed they can go in a normal wash, but please don’t use fabric softener – this can effect the absorbency of the pads. 

Ingredients/Materials & Product Packaging

Materials - Organic cotton jersey, organic cotton and bamboo fleece, organic cotton Zorb absorbant material, organic cotton thread, metal nickel free, rust proof fastening.

Product Packaging - Wrapped in recycled brown tissue paper with paper tape. 

Brand Story

Oflo was created by Zohreh and her small team with the mission of making organic and reusable sanitary products which are affordable, good for your health and good for the planet. Shocked by the fact that each packet of conventional sanitary pads contains the amount of plastic as four carrier bags, they wanted from the outset to make their pads completely plastic-free from the buttons to the packaging. Each Oflo pad is carefully designed and individually handmade in Bristol using premium materials.

Delivery Information & Packaging

Delivery Packaging - Recycled and reusable card envelope and a care card.

As pads are typically handmade to order, delivery time is 5-7 working days.

Please note if you order from more than one brand expect to receive separate delivery packages.

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